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Author Topic: § African Tournaments, News, Stories & Events • Competencias, Noticias, Historias & Eventos del Baloncesto Africano  (Read 141343 times)
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« on: Jan 12, 2011, 06:13:42 AM »

African Tournaments, News, Stories &  Events • Competencias, Noticias, Historias & Eventos del Baloncesto Africano

FIBA Africa Zone 3 constitutes body

FIBA-Africa Zone-3 has constituted its executive body that will run the affairs of the zone until the next congress of the regional body in 2014.

The zone headed by a Nigerian, Muktar Adamu Khaleh, has Coffi Tonon Pierre of Republic of Benin as Secretary General, Nigeria’s Segun Ikuesan as Administrative Secretary, while Joseph Gérard Amon of Cote d’Ivoire is to over-see the zone’s Technical Commission.

The Competition Commission will be under one time president of the zone, Mamadou Belem from Burkina Faso; Ghana’s Gamal Idrisu is in-charge of Junior/ Development Council, Togolise federation; Lawson Nadouvi heads the Medical Council, while Pratt Fred of Liberia takes charge of the Media Council.

Patricia Lorougnon from Cote d’Ivoire is a Co-opted member. The President of the zone, Khaleh, who was elected last July during the Congress of the Africa ruling body, FIBA-Africa in Bamako, Mali, known as ‘Malone’ is to preside over the Zone in all its activities.

Khaleh have held several positions both in Nigeria and at the continental level. In Nigeria, he is the 1st Vice-President of the Nigeria Basketball Federation, NBBF, where he is the chairman of the Nigeria Technical Commission and also serves as the head of Nigeria DSTV Premier League Board. He is a FIBA-Africa certified Match Commissioner.

The Zonal Secretary-General, Pierre is the Secretary-General of the Benin Basketball Federation and recently qualified as FIBA-Africa Match Commissioner, while the administrative-secretary, Ikuesan, is the Media Officer of the Nigeria Basketball Federation, NBBF and also a Correspondent for FIBA-Africa website and the world body’s, FIBA World and

Ikuesan is also a commentator with African leading pay-television, SuperSport and Media/ Communications crew member of FIBA- Africa Secretariat. Amon is a certified FIBA-World Match Commissioner and key figure in Africa basketball, Belem is the zonal former president and a FIBA- World Match Commissioner, while Idrisu is the Vice-President of Ghana Basketball Federation and one-time international referee for both continent and the world.

Dr. Nadouvi is the President of Togo Basketball Federation while Fred is the Secretary-General of Liberia Basketball Federation and Lorougnon, is a former national team player of Cote d’Ivoire and now works at the Secretariat of FIBA-Africa.

The zone made up of eight West Africa countries, Benin republic, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Niger Republic, Nigeria and Togo is saddled with the responsibility of developing, promoting the slamming and dunking game thus complimenting the role of FIBA-Africa.

Julio Chitunda from FIBA

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