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Author Topic: § FIBA World Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto Mundial FIBA & Comentarios Libres  (Read 475080 times)
Coach Marty
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« Reply #1 on: Sep 02, 2010, 06:17:39 PM »

FIBA Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto FIBA & Comentarios Libres

FIBA and UNECE launch Road Safety Campaign
to coincide with the 2010 FIBA World Championship

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and have launched a new information campaign on road safety to coincide with the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

The campaign carries the motto “We play and drive by the rules” and has been developed to inform people around the world – especially the young people who are basketball fans or play basketball themselves – and to encourage respect for the rules, on the road as well as on the court.

Every year some 1.3 million people die as a result of road traffic crashes worldwide – amounting to more than 3,500 deaths each day. More than half of the casualties are pedestrians, cyclists or other road users not traveling in a car.

Please, Refresh the Page if You Can't watch the Preview and the Videos !

Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young people aged between five and 29. In addition, on average 20 to 50 million people sustain non-fatal injuries from road traffic crashes each year. These injuries are a significant cause of disabilities worldwide.

Experience shows that these are not accidents, but events that can be prevented through daily action and awareness raising. There is ample evidence in many countries in the world that respecting basic road safety rules dramatically reduces the risk of suffering a crash and, should a crash happen, dramatically reduces its adverse consequences.

The “We play and drive by the rules” campaign is organised with the support of the Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) which is hosting the championship, the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) and the Turkish National Police (TNP), which is in charge of road safety enforcement in the host country.

The campaign includes video clips with José Calderón, a world champion with the Spanish National Team in 2006, Kerem Tunçeri of Turkey’s National Team and Turkish legend Harun Erdenay.

These clips are being broadcasted in the arenas during the games and on the television channels broadcasting the games.

Information booths are also displayed in the arenas in the four cities hosting the games: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Kayseri.

A Declaration for road safety, signed by officials of UNECE, FIBA, TBF and TNP, is displayed in the arenas to invite the players of the various teams to join the campaign and declare: “We play and drive by the rules”.

Ján Kubi, UNECE Executive Secretary, said: “The need for action to improve global road safety has been acknowledged by several resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly and by the First Ministerial Conference on Road Safety held in November 2009 in Moscow. We hope that this joint campaign at the FIBA Basketball World Championship 2010 will contribute to spread the road safety message across the world and help save lives”.

Patrick Baumann, FIBA Secretary General, said: “The basketball family has already lost a lot of its members on the road – famous stars as well as amateur players who travel by road every other week to play with their team. This is a needless, shocking and tragic loss of life which needs to be tackled urgently. With this campaign, FIBA hopes to hammer home the message that we want everybody, both in and out of the sport of basketball, to play and drive by the rules.”

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« on: Aug 22, 2010, 04:43:56 AM »

FIBA Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto FIBA & Comentarios Libres

FIBA Hall of Fame: FIBA announces 2010 Hall of Fame Class ~
17 New Inductees Full List

(para la versión en Español= Ver a Continuación )

A total of 17 outstanding basketball personalities from 12 different countries will be inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame on 12th September during the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Istanbul, Turkey, FIBA announced on Friday.

National icons Oscar Schmidt from Brazil, Arvydas Sabonis from Lithuania, Dino Meneghin from Italy, Vlade Divac and Dragan Kicanovic from Serbia are among the inductees for the 2010 Class of the FIBA Hall of Fame.

Two of the best female players of all time, Cheryl Miller from the USA and Natalia Zassoulskaya from Russia, complete the list of players.

A combined 14 Olympic medals and 15 FIBA World Championship medals underline the prominence of the seven players and three coaches inducted.

The selected referees and contributors were at the top of the game for decades and belong to the most decorated in their field.

“The 2010 Class has stardom, character and countless merits for the promotion of our game,” said FIBA President Bob Elphinston.

“The inductees were and still are brilliant on and off the court. We are very proud to host the 2010 ceremony in the presence of all these great women and men during the FIBA World Championship and give them the public platform they deserve.”

Here is the full list of the 2010 FIBA Hall of Fame Class.

Divac, Vlade (Serbia)
Kicanovic, Dragan (Serbia)
Meneghin, Dino (Italy)
Miller, Cheryl (USA)
Sabonis, Arvydas (Lithuania)
Schmidt, Oscar (Brazil)
Zassoulskaya, Natalia (Russia)

Gaze, Lindsay (Australia)
Gomelsky, Evgeny (Russia)
Novosel, Mirko (Croatia)

Bain, Jim (USA)
Dimou, Konstantinos (Greece)

Killian, George (USA)
Otto, Hans-Joachim (Germany)
Segura de Luna, Ernesto (Spain) (posthumously)
Seye Moreau, Abdoulaye (Senegal)
Ramsay, Al (Australia)*

* Al Ramsay was selected for the 2009 Class, but will officially be enshrined in 2010.

The complete profiles of the 2010 FIBA Hall of Fame inductees can be found on

The enshrinement ceremony for the 2010 Class of the FIBA Hall of Fame will take place on 12th September at the Swissôtel in Istanbul and during an on-court presentation at the Final of the FIBA World Championship at the Sinan Erdem Dome on the same day. All inductees will be present. A media availability session will be organised in the afternoon of 12th September.

About the FIBA Hall of Fame

The primary goal of the FIBA Hall of Fame is to reflect the history of the sport and its protagonists. The key criterion for selection into the FIBA Hall of Fame is outstanding achievement, at the international level, to the development and status of the sport of basketball.

The FIBA Hall of Fame was officially inaugurated on 1st March 2007. The FIBA Hall of Fame, built with the help of the city of Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain) and upon initiative of Mr. Pedro Ferrándiz, legendary coach of Real Madrid, founder and president of the Foundation that carries his name and member of the 2009 Class of the FIBA Hall of Fame, is a five-floor building that covers 2.000 square meters.

On 12th September 2007, the first class was inducted and included such famous names as Mr. Bill RUSSELL (USA), Mr. Nikos GALIS (Greece), Ms. Hortência MARCARI (Brazil) and Ms. Uljana SEMJONOVA (Latvia).

On 22nd September 2009, the second class was inducted and included basketball celebrities such as 1960 Olympic Gold medal winners Oscar ROBERTSON and coach Pete NEWELL from the USA, and the captain of the first FIBA World Champion, Mr. Ricardo GONZÁLEZ from Argentina.

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Salón de la Fama FIBA: Se Anuncia la Clase del 2010 ~
Lista Completa de los Nuevos 17

Un total de 17 extraordinarias personalidades del baloncesto de doce (12) países van a ser exaltados al Salón de la Fama FIBA el 12 de septiembre durante el Campeonato Mundial FIBA 2010 en Estambul. El anuncio fue hecho por FIBA en la tarde de hoy.

Íconos nacionales como Oscar Schmidt de Brasil, Arvydas Sabonis de Lituania, Dino Meneghin de Italia, Vlade Divac y Dragan Kicanovic de Serbia están entre los que van a entrar a la Clase del 2010 del Salón de la Fama FIBA.

Dos de las mejores jugadoras femeninas de todos los tiempos, Cheryl Miller de Estados Unidos y Natalia Zassoulskaya de Rusia completan la lista de jugadores.

Un total de 14 medallas Olímpicas y 15 medallas en Campeonatos Mundiales FIBA subrayan la prominencia de los siete jugadores y tres entrenadores exaltados.

Los árbitros y contribuyentes estuvieron en su mejor momento por décadas y pertenecen al grupo mas decorado en su campo.

"La Clase del 2010 tiene estrellas, carácter e innumerables méritos para promover nuestro juego", dijo el Presidente de FIBA, Bob Elphinston.

"Los exaltados fueron y siguen siendo brillantes dentro y fuera de la cancha. Estamos bien orgullosos de hacer esta ceremonia del 2010 en presencia de estas grandes mujeres y hombres durante el Campeonato Mundial FIBA y darle la plataforma pública que merecen".

A continuación la lista completa de la Clase 2010


Divac, Vlade (YUG)

Kicanovic, Dragan (YUG)

Meneghin, Dino (ITA)

Miller, Cheryl (USA)

Sabonis, Arvydas (LTU)

Schmidt, Oscar (BRA)

Zassoulskaya, Natalia (RUS)


Gaze, Lindsay (AUS)

Gomelsky, Evgeny (RUS)

Novosel, Mirko (CRO)


Bain, Jim (USA)

Dimou, Konstantinos (GRE)


Killian, George (USA)

Otto, Hans-Joachim (GER)

Segura de Luna, Ernesto (ESP) (póstumo)

Seye Moreau, Abdoulaye (SEN)

Ramsay, Al (AUS)*

*Al Ramsay fue seleccionado en la Clase del 2009, pero va a ser oficialmente exaltado en el 2010.

Los perfiles completos de los exaltados al Salón de la Fama FIBA del 2010 los pueden conseguir en

La ceremonia de exaltación de la Clase 2010 del Salón de la Fama FIBA se va a celebrar el 12 de septiembre en el Swissôtel en Estambul en la cancha durante la final del Campeonato Mundial FIBA el mismo día. Todos los exaltados van a estar presentes. Una sesión para la prensa se va a organizar en la tarde del 12 de septiembre.

Sobre el Salón de la Fama FIBA

El objetivo principal del Salón de la Fama FIBA es reflejar la historia del deporte y sus protagonistas. El criterio principal usado para ser seleccionado al Salón de la Fama FIBA es grandes logros a nivel internacional y del desarrollo y estado del deporte del baloncesto.

El Salón de la Fama FIBA se inauguró el 1 de marzo de 2007. El Salón de la Fama FIBA, construido con la ayuda de la ciudad de Alcobendas (Madrid, España) y por iniciativa del Sr. Pedro Ferrándiz, entrenador legendario del Real Madrid, fundador y presidente de la Fundación que lleva su nombre y miembro de la Clase del 2009 del Salón de la Fama FIBA, tiene cinco pisos con 2,000 metros cuadrados. El 12 de septiembre del 2008, la primera clase fue exaltada y tenía grandes nombres como el Sr. Bill RUSSELL (USA), Sr. Nikos GALIS (Grecia), Sra. Hortência MARCARI (Brasil) y Sra. Uljana SEMJONOVA (Letonia).

El 22 de septiembre de 2009 la segunda clase fue exaltada y tenía a celebridades como los medallistas de oro de las Olimpiadas del 1960 Oscar ROBERTSON y el entrenador Pete NEWELL de Estados Unidos y el capitán del equipo que ganó el primer Campeonato Mundial FIBA, Sr. Ricardo GONZÁLEZ de Argentina.

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