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Author Topic: § FIBA World Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto Mundial FIBA & Comentarios Libres  (Read 475884 times)
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« Reply #21 on: Feb 16, 2012, 11:08:16 PM »

FIBA Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto FIBA & Comentarios Libres

Draw results for FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women

With just over four months to go until the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) for Women, the draw was held in Ankara on Wednesday 15 February.

Attending the draw were a large number of officials, dignitaries and media, as well as delegations from six of the participating countries.

During the ceremony, the 12 teams that will compete for the five remaining places on offer for the 2012 Olympic Basketball Tournament for Women, were divided into four groups.
Group A: Japan, Puerto Rico, Turkey

Group B: Argentina, Czech Republic, New Zealand

Group C: Croatia, Korea, Mozambique

Group D: Canada, France, Mali
The group stages will see each team play the two others in their respective groups in a standard round robin format (12 games in total). The top two teams in each group will progress to the Quarter-Finals, that are to be played as follows:

A1 v B2
B1 v A2
C1 v D2
D1 v C2

The four winning quarter-finalists qualify automatically for the London Olympics, while the four losing teams will play for the last remaining place as follows:

Loser [A1 v B2] v Loser [C1 v D2]
Loser [B1 v A2] v Loser [D1 v C2]

The two winning semi-finalists will go head to head for the 12th and final Olympic berth.

The OQT for Women takes place in Ankara from 25 June to 1 July 2012.

About the FIBA and the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament

The Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) was first introduced in 1960, while the first Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women was held for the first time in 1980. Both the men’s and the women’s OQTs were played according to a variety of formats before being discontinued after 1992.

They were reintroduced in 2008, with Belarus, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Spain and Latvia taking the five women’s spots, while Croatia, Germany and Greece were the three final men’s teams to qualify for the Beijing Olympics. The 2008 men and women’s OQTs took place in Madrid, Spain and Athens, Greece respectively.

For further information about Olympic Basketball visit, or our social networks, and

FIBA ( – the world governing body for basketball – is an independent association formed by 213 National Basketball Federations throughout the world. It is recognised as the sole competent authority in basketball by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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« Reply #20 on: Feb 07, 2012, 05:48:01 PM »

FIBA Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto FIBA & Comentarios Libres

Can American teams beat the Europeans in the qualifier?

In 2008, Puerto Rico was the only American team to condemn at least one European team to a defeat in FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Men in Greece.

Carlos Arroyo scored 17 and distributed five assists to lead the Caribbean team beat Slovenia 81-70 in the Quarter-Finals and earn their chance to play two conclusive games to make it to Beijing, both lost to Greece and Germany.

The European superiority was so evident four years ago we have to ask ourselves if the American teams can beat the Europeans in the 2012 OQT in Venezuela.

Croatia, Greece and Germany were the three teams to earn the spots to play in the Wukesong Stadium, in Beijing, with the big teams such as the USA, Spain, Argentina and Lithuania.

The facts that Venezuela will host the tournament, that Puerto Rico will present an experienced team and that Dominican Republic will definitively be one of the most talented teams of the tournament could change the panorama.

It could be early for a precise tournament analysis as is still unknown which players will be in the tournament. However, there is enough information to check which way each of the three American teams should cover in order to change the last OQT’s results.

Puerto Rico will play in Group A together with Greece and Jordan.

Group B will be interesting as well. Lithuania, Nigeria, Venezuela will fight for the two quarterfinals spots.

Here comes the nice part: PR is supposed to beat Jordan after they have defeated Greece to top the group and avoid the other group's top team, which is expected to be Lithuania.

“It’s better to face Greece earlier than later. We knew we would face a European team in the Group and we have always done well against them”, said Puerto Rico’s coach Flor Meléndez.

On the other hand, Venezuela will count on home support in looking to achieve the same goal as Puerto Rico - to avoid facing Greece in the Quarter-Finals.

American born Venezuela’s coach Eric Musselman knows two of the best weapons he counts on are Greivis Vasquez and hosting the tournament.

“Our crowd will be very important for the players as we will need their enthusiasm in what we will expect to be two hard fought games”, said Musselman.

Even better would be if the two American teams top their respective groups and make it to the Quarter-Finals without losing a game.

Should the two teams keep the streak and qualify to the semifinals, London would see at least one more American team to join the USA, Argentina and Brazil.

Dominican Republic will be the only American team to fight for a Semi-Final spot on the other side of the draw.

Korea and Russia will be DR’s opponents in Group C, while Group D teams will be F.Y.R. of Macedonia, New Zealand and Angola.

Dominican Republic have many problems to solve before worrying about their opponents.

First of all, DR will wait for Al Horford recovery from a shoulder injury that could make him miss the rest of the NBA season.

And before that, Dominican managers are expected to choose a coach, even though most of the applicants will depend on their best player’s situation.

Nevertheless, would you bet against a team from the Americas grabbing one of the three remaining Olympic places?

Martín Seldes from FIBA

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« Reply #19 on: Jan 27, 2012, 05:19:32 PM »

FIBA Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto FIBA & Comentarios Libres

2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup officially launched in Madrid

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) on Thursday officially launched the 2014 edition of its flagship tournament by revealing its brand new name, the FIBA Basketball World Cup, at a special event in the Spanish capital.

There was a distinct national flavour to the evening as the logo of the FIBA Basketball World Cup was unveiled and the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) formally presented the six host cities – Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Granada and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann explained the thinking behind the name change of the biggest international basketball tournament from ‘FIBA World Championship’ to ‘FIBA Basketball World Cup’ in front of the more than 400 guests which included eminent members of Spanish society, political institutions and the business world.

“The new name is short and catchy. The term ‘World Cup’ is known by people all over the globe and resonates in different languages: Copa del Mundo, Coppa del Mondo, Coupe du Monde,” he said.

“This new name reflects the prestige that our tournament has as a premier international competition and allows for it to be recognised as what it truly is: one of the biggest global sporting events, along with the FIFA World Cup, the Rugby World Cup and the Cricket World Cup.”

The logo for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup was unveiled with a special contemporary Spanish ballet performance. It is inspired by the concept of “the basketball dance”. Two hands, symbolising the body part most directly involved in both basketball and Spanish dance, create a dynamic graphic that blends expressive gestures. The colourful design – inspired by the palette of colours found in the FIBA logo – pays tribute to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

José Luis Sáez, the President of the Spanish Basketball Federation, provided in-depth information on the six host cities and venues before the event concluded with the impressive unveiling of the logo.

“Our commitment and desire is to organise the FIBA Basketball World Cup for everyone. The best way to do that is by giving it a global dimension which, starting in September 2014, will become a true legacy for the whole society,” he said.

“That is why we want to come out of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup with Spain as a platform for the promotion of basketball and the transmission of its great values as a sport, a focus of economic activity and a tool for social transformation.”

FIBA President Yvan Mainini thanked the Spanish Basketball Federation for its hospitality and said the huge turnout of dignitaries – which included greats Oscar Schmidt, Dino Meneghin and Juan Antonio San Epifanio – reflected just how highly-regarded the tournament is in Spain and all around the world.

“It’s a huge honour to have with us three of the biggest legends in international basketball. These men are symbolic with world class basketball. Having them here and so many others confirms that we made a good choice in attributing the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup to Spain,” he said.
You can find high resolution images of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup logo as well as photos of the event on (username: public; password: gallery) and

Go to for all the latest on the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup including information on the host cities and venues and history of the tournament.

About the FIBA Basketball World Cup

Known as the FIBA World Championship from 1950 until 2010, the FIBA Basketball World Cup is the flagship event of the International Basketball Federation.

The first-ever FIBA Basketball World Cup took place in Argentina in 1950 with the host nation prevailing in the final against the USA.

Since the first staging of the tournament in Buenos Aires where six teams did battle, the field has grown exponentially to feature the 24 best teams from around the world.

Yugoslavia have won gold in five of the 16 editions of the FIBA Basketball World Cup, while the USA account for four and the Soviet Union for three.

Since 1998, the winners of the FIBA Basketball World Cup get to celebrate their crowning moment by holding aloft the Naismith Trophy, named after the inventor of basketball, Dr James Naismith.

The FIBA Basketball World Cup has been the centre stage for some of international basketball’s biggest stars – from Oscar Schmidt and Nikos Galis to Pau Gasol and Kevin Durant and many in between.


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« Reply #18 on: Jan 14, 2012, 05:06:13 PM »

FIBA Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto FIBA & Comentarios Libres

FIBA - USA, Lithuania head U17 Men's groups, event logo unveiled

The draw for the second edition of FIBA's U17 World Championship took place in Kaunas, Lithuania, on Tuesday with the ceremony also serving as a platform to officially launch the event's logo.

The 12 qualified teams were divided into two groups of six.

Here are the results of the draw:

Group A: Australia, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, USA

Group B: Argentina, Canada, Croatia, Korea, Lithuania, Spain

The 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship will be played in Kaunas from 29 June-8 July.

In the First Round, each team will play the other five in their respective groups.

The top four teams from each group will advance to the Quarter-Finals, at which point the competition continues through to the Final – on 8 July – in a standard knock-out format.

The draw was conducted by FIBA in collaboration with the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LBBF), with FIBA Hall of Fame inductee and LBBF President Arvydas Sabonis in attendance as well as Senior Men's National Team player Jonas Maciulis.

The FIBA U17 World Championships for Men and Women were created by FIBA in order to boost the development of the sport among the younger age categories.

The first editions of these tournaments were held in 2010 in Hamburg, Germany (Men) and Toulouse/Rodez, France (Women).

The USA are the reigning champions having beaten surprise package Poland in the Final two years ago.

From FIBA Today

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« Reply #17 on: Jan 06, 2012, 03:42:47 AM »

FIBA Basketball & Free Comments • Baloncesto FIBA & Comentarios Libres

Eleven of 2011

Lists never seem to fall out of fashion. You can't avoid them and especially at the turn of a new calendar year. So, adding to the lengthy list of lists already out there and in no particular order, here are my eleven reasons why you had to love women's basketball worldwide during 2011!
Elena Danilochkina
In what was the ultimate Cinderella story for an individual player at the top level, Elena Danilochkina arrived in Poland as a promising bench player for Russia but left as the Queen of EuroBasket Women clutching a gold medal in one hand and the MVP trophy in the other.  
During a remarkable rise to prominence, Danilochkina showed why she has the nickname of 'Golden Hand' with some devastating shooting. She also gracefully glided around the court making smart decisions for her team in her capacity as a combo guard.
The unassuming way she collected her MVP award and look of surprise in her face epitomized the level-headed and composed approach of a player who is blooming late and only just beginning to realise just what an impact she can make in the women's game.
Women Ballers In Somalia
Of the hundreds of stories I managed to write during the year, no others can come even close in terms of inspiration to the bravery shown by women players in Somalia who have defied death threats from religious militants trying to intimidate them into giving up the game they love.
Their bravery in continuing is absolutely heroic to us basketball lovers who could never imagine having to go through this kind of horrific scenario.
When relative minnows of Montenegro made history by stepping out EuroBasket Women for the first time, few people could have anticipated what was to follow as they posted one of the most impressive tournament debuts in memory.
Not only did they rack up a momentous victory in their first game, they set the competition alight by winning their first six tournament games. It was an absolutely stunning streak and while they eventually faded in the last round, it couldn't dilute what was a remarkable accomplishment.
Bamako in Mali was the setting for another piece of history during 2011 when Angola took clinched first ever FIBA Africa Championship crown. Impressively they bounced back in terrific fashion after being routed in an early game against favourites Senegal.
Not only did they recover to reach the semi-finals where they squeezed past second favourites and hosts Mali in front of their partisan home fans, Angola showed the strength and belief to defeat Senegal in the final and claim both gold and a first Olympic Games berth.
Tom Maher Meets Boris Sokolovsky
In what was probably the best post-game conference I have ever attended, the exchange of words between these two play-callers after a brutally ugly clash between their respective teams on the court at EuroBasket Women was terrific. Sokolovsky referred to the game as being more akin to an ice hockey game between the Bruins and Canucks while Maher took umbrage and responded with some classic lines and retorts of his own.
Consequently it will be absolutely fascinating if Russia and Great Britain lock horns again in London.
Puerto Rico
After arguably under-achieving time and time again in the FIBA Americas Championship, Puerto Rico made amends by qualifying for the Pan-American Games for the first time in more than 30 years and then surprised everyone by finishing top of the podium.  
With the men's team also winning gold, it secured the first double since the USA in 1983 and further joy was to come when Cuba withdrew from the Olympic Qualifying Tournament with the Puerto Rican women taking their place.
For every coach who bemoans bad luck or injuries, take a look at Croatiahead coach Stipe Bralic and go figure.  Far from an elite nation and with expectation not exactly sky high, Croatia was hit by an appalling injury crisis both ahead of and during EuroBasket Women. Most people (including myself) wrote them off completely.
With three of their top six players all suffering serious injuries, they didn't complain but simply dug deep and found a way to grind out the wins needed to defy the doubters and surpass all expectations by some distance to finish fifth and qualify for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
Astou Ndour
She's one of the most exciting 1994 born prospects anywhere in the world and the Dakar born Spanish youth player continued to develop at a rapid rate, particularly at club level where her numbers have been epic.
Having averaged 1.8 points and 2.2 rebounds per game for Gran Canaria in EuroCup Women during 2010, she has posted a mind blowing 17.3 points and 10.7 rebounds per game this season. Her performances in Liga Femenina have also been phenomenal while she finished in the All-Tournament Team at the U18 European Championships too.
Lucas Mondelo
Few people tipped Perfumerias Avenida to reach the Final Four of EuroLeague Women and virtually nobody gave them a chance of winning the title. But, led by coach Lucas Mondelo, they were crowned champions during what was his first season at the helm and he also delivered an array of other silverware into Salamanca's trophy cabinet. He also guided the Spanish Women to gold at the U20 European Championship in what was a brilliant year for a truly talented coach.
Miao Lijie
The MVP of the FIBA Asia Championship led China to gold and to the Olympic Games to yet again underline just why she is still a truly inspirational player. Not that any of us could forget with such a glittering resume to her name. Lijie will be one of the players to watch yet again when all eyes focus on London.
The centre of the women's basketball universe seems to just be gravitating more and more towards Turkey. This almost magnetic force gathered strength having been initially sparked with the award of the 2014 FIBA World Championship. This was followed up in 2011 with the award of the 2012 EuroLeague Women Final Eight and then the award of this summer's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Meanwhile in addition to a number of world class players packing out the Turkish league and the eye-popping Diana Taurasi to Galatsasary saga which created such huge publicity, the national team lit another major fire under women's basketball in Turkey by taking silver at EuroBasket Women with some gutsy and stirring displays.

Paul Nilsen from FIBA

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