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Author Topic: § FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3  (Read 410271 times)
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« Reply #34 on: Sep 11, 2012, 11:53:58 PM »

FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3

It's dunk or die for "Slash" !

Who said cheerleaders can only dance and cheer? Well think again, as those girls can also seriously pray.

Or at least that's what it looked like when Emil Olszewski, aka "Slash", the winner of Madrid's dunk contest, jumped over them.

But they had nothing to fear, as it turns out, as Slash showed his impressive jumping skills and acrobatics.

When asked if he has a special life insurance, he confirmed he didn't and said that he followed a simple "dunk or die" philosophy.

Well, things must be going really well for him, as he looked pretty healthy and will hopefully continue to wow the crowds with his sick slams !

Please, Refresh the Page if You Can't watch the Preview and the Videos !

Insane dunk contest winner Emil "Slash" Olszewski explains that he has no
 life insurance to cover the risks he tales. His life motto? "Dunk or Die."

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Cambodia 69
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« Reply #33 on: Sep 06, 2012, 10:38:15 PM »

3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Madrid last 3x3 World Tour stop before Miami Final

Tomorrow Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September, 15 teams from all around Europe will do battle at Madrid’s famous Plaza de Toros to book the two places on offer for the Miami Final of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour.

Following stops in Sao Paulo, Vladivostok, New York and Istanbul, the 3x3 World Tour moves on to Spain’s capital, where all the action will take place in front of the iconic Las Ventas bullring.

With the teams drawn into three pools of five, the first round will see each team play the four others in their respective pool, with the top two from each pool going through to the Quarter-Finals alongside the two best third-placed finishers.

On Friday, 26 pool games will be played as well as the Dunk Contest qualifier. The action gets underway at 15:00 local time (CET), lasting until 20:00.

Things will also tip off at 15:00 on Saturday, with the last remaining pool games taking place. The Quarter-Finals will be followed by the Samsung Shoot-Out Contest, the Semi-Finals, the Dunk Contest Final and the Final Game (19:30 CET).

Spectators, who can enter for free, will get to see some of the best 3x3 players from across the continent, with 14 teams having qualified through 3x3 FIBA Endorsed tournaments as well as an all-star Madrid wildcard team.

The Madrid team is composed of 1999 EuroBasket silver medallist trio Ivan Corrales, Roger Esteller and Iñaki De Miguel, as well as former Real Madrid player Roberto Nuñez.

Spanish legend Jorge Garbajosa will also make a guest appearance, chairing the jury of the Dunk Contest.


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« Reply #32 on: Aug 26, 2012, 11:13:19 PM »

3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 – Semi-Finals set for FIBA 3x3 World Championship

Fans planning to attend the last day of the FIBA 3x3 World Championship are in for a treat, with the third day of competition having set up an exciting climax, with the Finals of all six competitions scheduled to take place on Sunday.

Saturday started with the conclusion of the first round group games. Egypt's men's team won a nail-biting do-or-die battle with Turkey, while Bulgaria won a straight playoff against Estonia, condemning the Baltic nation to an early exit.

If Bulgaria squeezed through to the knock-out round, their place looked very much deserved as the pushed the USA all the way to overtime in the pick of the men’s Eight-Finals.

“I’m proud of my team," said Bulgaria's Vaselin Vaselinov afterwards.

"They are only 20 years and under.

We are a wildcard here and only found out we were going to play on Monday.”

What the Bulgarians failed to do, the Serbians pulled off in the quarters.

Coming out the faster, Serbia built an early lead. Trailing 7-14 the Americans went on a crazy run, which included a massive dunk by Adesanya Adetayo followed by an alley-opp by Ira Brown. But the Serbians held on.

“We knew they would do that,” said Serbia’s Dusan Bulut about those two big plays.

“But we said it’s just one point; just after we scored for two.”

“We also were a bit lucky on one.”

Ironically, after the Bulgaria game, Adetayo had pointed out that playing the USA usually raised opponents game.

“We always get everybody’s best game, we have noticed that,” he had said.

Ukraine, having upset neighbours Russia will face the French, while Israel, after blowing out Venezuela, play France.

The french emerged victorious over Greece having held steady for a narrow 16-15 win.

In the women's tournament, Germany beat Angola in overtime in another straight head-to-head for a place in Eight-Finals, while with the same at stake, Greece demolished Slovakia 16-3.

Next up for the Greek girls were Russia. Trailing by one with seconds to play, the Greeks won the defensive rebound and passed it out to Afroditi Kosma. Completely open, she steadied before nailing an inch-perfect buzzer-beater from beyond the arc to bring the scores to 16-15.

The packed bleachers went wild.

In the Quarter-Finals, Australia dismissed Czech Republic to set up a Semi with the USA, winners over Hungary.

Ukraine beat Greece, meaning they are - with the French who brushed aside Chinese Taipei and whom they will face - the only country remaining with teams in the men’s, women’s and mixed competitions.

"We are very happy," said Lyubov Alyochkina.

"Our boys won like we did. Now we are going to rest and prepare fro the next game.

"We are still in all three competitions," she grinned.

Adesanya Adetayo (USA), Deivi Añanguren (Venezuela), Georgi Bojanov (Bulgaria) and Omotayo Ogedengbe (England) qualified for the Dunk Contest Final.



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The Marker
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« Reply #31 on: Aug 25, 2012, 03:10:49 AM »

3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Great start to inaugural FIBA World Championship

Baking sun, full bleacher and great basketball were in aAbundance on the first day of the FIBA 3x3 World Championship in front of the Zappeion in Athens.

With a total of 60 games played there was a little bit of everything.

Early defeats by Greece's men's and women's teams did nothing to dissipate a growing crowd, that spilled beyond the centre-court bleachers throughout the evening.

The centre-court crowd, watching Greece's men will have missed the first upset of the tournament as Spain, who arguably boast the most famous player of all 192 present in Jorge Garbajosa, fell early to Serbia, led by their 3x3 specialist Dusun Bulut.

Bulut expressed his delight not only at the win, but also the whole atmosphere.

"It's very interesting because there are people from all around the world," he said.

"It's very nice to see all these different people in the same place who all share this passion of streetball."

Spain and Garbajosa recovered to clock-up two wins, including by the narrowest of margins.

Trailing 14-15 with less than a second to go, Garbajosa was fouled on what was generously judged to be a shot from long range. He would score both to for the win.

Another highlight of the day was France Karim Souchou's beating Argentina on the buzzer from long range.

Sitting unbeaten with three wins are Australia and France in the women's, and Slovenia and Russia in the men's, while a large number of teams are unbeaten with a pair of wins.

Even in defeat players and teams found enjoyment, as was the case for Angola's Artemis Alphonso.

"For me I am having a really good day," she said.

"We lost only by two to Bulgaria, the second game, we played the USA and we lost like you know...

"We keep fighting, we want to make good results, to have fun and play good basketball.


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The Dutch King
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« Reply #30 on: Aug 22, 2012, 09:09:33 PM »

3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Dutch team books place for Madrid Masters

JR 4 BALL from The Hague won the 3x3 World Tour Challenger held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Saturday to clinch the berth on offer for the Madrid Masters.

JR 4 Ball beat another team from The Hague, ST4R Ballers, 18-12 in the final of the 3x3 tournament that was held as part of the "Basketball Experience", a side event at the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship for Women.

The team that will represent The Hague in the Spanish capital on 7-8 September consists of Rafael Haas, Gideon Nicastia, Ferdy Luydens and Chip Jones.

"It means a lot to win this and go to Madrid," said Haas.

"Several times we were champions of the NBB Streetball Masters but we haven't won the last two years so we wanted some revenge. Now we got it and we're going to Madrid.

"It means a lot that we got an invitation from the NBB and FIBA to participate in this tournament and win it.

"This was a really good and high-intensity competition. There were only eight teams but they were eight great teams. So it was perfect."

Haas talked about what makes his team special.

"We've got good diversity: we have an inside-outside game, we've got strength and quickness and shooting. Today our shots were off but we did it off of determination."

Looking ahead to Madrid, JR 4 BALL's captain has just one thought in mind.

"We have to get in shape again and we're going for it," he said.

The two finalists at the Madrid Master will qualify for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final taking place in Miami, USA on 22-23 September.


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