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Author Topic: ¶ Basketball Professional Players News & In Search • Noticias y Bolsa de Trabajo de Jugadores del Baloncesto Profesional  (Read 562778 times)
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« Reply #24 on: May 12, 2011, 07:45:04 PM »

Basketball Professional Players • Jugadores del Baloncesto Profesional

Bahía Blanca busca urgentemente un 5 ó 4

Hola, un club de primera división del torneo local de Bahía Blanca busca urgentemente un 5 ó 4 que pueda jugar de espaldas. Ofrece 3000 pesos por mes, casa y comida. El torneo termina en diciembre.

Comunicarse con

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« Reply #23 on: Apr 06, 2011, 04:45:54 PM »

Basketball Professional Players • Jugadores del Baloncesto Profesional

Club Atletico Temperley busca 3 buenos jugadores Sub 19

Entrenadores, Dirigentes, Jugadores, Periodistas etc.

En el Club Atletico Temperley estamos buscando 3 buenos jugadores Sub 19 (Nacidos en el años 1992 o 1993) para  traerlos a nuestra institución y que puedan hacer una experiencia en el básquet de capital. ese jugador estará y jugarà en 3 divisiones (en Sub 19, en Sub 23 y en la primera división). Se ofrece alojamiento, comida y sueldo.

Nuestro club es una institución muy importante dentro de la zona sur del gran buenos aires, proyectado durante muchos años al futbol y ahora enfocada al básquet de primer nivel.

Buscamos además alguna institución con nos preste jugadores de estas divisiones para que esos chicos se desarrollen y puedan crecer en nuestro club.

Los jugadores serán muy bien atendidos con padres, entrenadores y familiares de primera línea. La próxima semana probamos jugadores Lunes-Miercoles y Viernes, los interesados deberán escribirnos a

Si conocen algún jugador que este interesado en venir por favor comunicarmos a la brevedad por que en 10 dias cierra el libro de pases.

Proyecto del club Temperley:

·         Con un nuevo proyecto deportivo + Cancha nueva + staff de técnicos nuevos + 1 licenciado en entrenamiento deportivo + reclutamiento de jugadores/as de la zona y de diferentes lugares del país + medico + kinesiólogo etc. Temperley apunta al reclutamiento y abre las puertas del club para aquellos que están interesados, que quieran estar y ser parte de nuestra familia gasolera..


·         Además si te venís a estudiar a Bs As o jugas en algún club de los alrededores y queras venir a probarte TE ESPERAMOS.

·         Te invitamos a sumarte a este nuevo proyecto deportivo, en todas nuestras categorías: Escuela, pre mini, mini, sub 13, sub 15, sub 17, sub 19, sub 23 y Primera División.

Días LUNES-MIERCOLES y VIERNES (Te acercas al club y hablas con los profesores)


·         Todo el Staff Técnico del club son profesores de Educación Física

Nuestros sitios WEB para información:

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« Reply #22 on: Apr 01, 2011, 11:31:04 PM »

Basketball Professional Players • Jugadores del Baloncesto Profesional

"Just Do It" Biyombo

The Nike Hoop Summit is supposed to be about the celebration of gifted young players who are going to be the stars of tomorrow.

Sadly for Congolese center Bismack Biyombo and ACB play-off chasers Fuenlabrada, it's proving to be the source of a dispute that isn't going to have a happy ending.

The Nike Hoop Summit is an annual game that is played between college-bound American high school players and those of similar talent from around the world.

Milan Macvan, the Serbia international who plays for Maccabi Tel Aviv now, was playing professionally in Serbia in 2009 when he left to play in the event at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon.

Greece’s Nikos Pappas also played in that team, along with current Benetton Treviso forward Dontas Montiejunas and France international Edwin Jackson.

They led the World Select to victory.

Eighteen-year-old Biyombo hoped that one day, he’d have a chance to play at the Hoop Summit as well when he signed a contract with Fuenlabrada before the 2009-10 campaign, a contract that said he would be allowed to go if chosen.

Fuenlabrada now admit that at the time, they believed Biyombo would be playing with their youth team and not the senior side.

How wrong they were!

The 2.04m pivot was so dominant that he made the first team this season and that, along with the emergence of Mexico national team center Gustavo Ayon, has given the club a couple of awesome talents in the low post.

They are two giant reasons why Fuenlabrada are challenging for a top-eight finish and a place in the end-of-season play-offs.

Their development was so rapid that Fuenlabrada agreed to sell Uruguayan international Esteban Batista to Caja Laboral.

Well, as fate would have it, Biyombo was chosen to play for the World Select at next month’s Hoop Summit.

It probably helped that Fuenlabrada had increased his exposure by allowing him to play in the ACB and show his potential at center.

He informed the team that he would leave for America and be away from April 3-11.

Now Fuenlabrada have issued a statement to say that if Biyombo does go, he could lose his place in the first team.

The coach of Fuenlabrada, Salva Maldonado, has also said publically: "What I am announcing in public, I have already said to the player in private, exactly the same thing.

"If Bismack Biyombo gets on that flight to play that exhibition game in the USA, he can forget about playing in the first team of Fuenlabrada.

"He has to think of the consequences his actions can have and know that upon his return nothing will be the same."

Both Biyombo has a strong cases to argue.

He will never get such an opportunity again.

The Nike Hoop Summit puts players in the international spotlight and, for a player of his talent, the event shown on national television serves as a window for NBA scouts.

Then again, the Los Angeles Lakers are among those who have already travelled to Madrid to watch Biyombo and Ayon play.

The NBA teams already know a lot about Biyombo.

There is nothing wrong with Biyombo wanting to take part in that game, though, especially when he has seen so many others from around the world go.

It’s also not his fault that he was so good that Fuenlabrada promoted him to the first team.

He will also know, however, that his team in Spain needs him.

There is no margin for error in the ACB, and especially for Fuenlabrada.

Should Biyombo go, he would miss two vitally important games in the final stretch of the season against Menorca Basquet and Asefa Estudiantes.

That is the argument of Maldonado and it, too, is understandable.

Fuenlabrada would be without a 17-minute-per-game player for vital games.

A contract is a contract, though, so to threaten to take Biyombo’s place away in the team is heavy handed and should be frowned upon.

Why don’t Fuenlabrada take advantage of this opportunity, send a representative from the club with the player and help promote Biyombo, and the club?

It could be a useful marketing tool, a chance to tell the world that Biyombo has gotten his chance to play at Fuenlabrada and that other great young talents should try and do the same.

But Fuenlabrada have decided otherwise.

What choice should Biyombo make?

It’s a tough choice, but Biyombo isn’t going to become a bad player if Fuenlabrada dump him.

He’ll play again and will do so for very good teams.

“Bismack,” I say, “Just Do It!”

By Jeff TAYLOR from FIBA

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« Reply #21 on: Dec 22, 2010, 04:41:18 PM »

Basketball Professional Players • Jugadores del Baloncesto Profesional

1st Annual Kingdom Hoops College Exposure Camp ~
NCAA DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA, & Prep School ~ April 23-24th

We cordially invite your college player prospects from the classes of 2012 and 2013 as well as all unsigned/uncommitted 2011 seniors to our 1st Annual Kingdom Hoops College Exposure Camp. This years' event will take place the weekend of April 23-24th. We are committed to putting on a great event for players to have Live Exposure in front of Midwest College Coaches from NCAA DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA, & Prep School.
Spots are going to be limited and on a first come first serve basis, so encourage your players to register as early as possible.
For our registration link click here.
For information on our camp, please click here !
If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. Directions to Kingdom Hoops & Fligg Fieldhouse as well as Hotel Accomodations will be added online to the above link in the very near future.
Thanks and we hope to see you on April 23-24th for what will be a fun-filled weekend with great exposure for players aspiring to play at the collegiate level.

Josh Hawton
Director of Player Evaluations & Recruiting
National Program Coach & Player Development Trainer

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Rony Seikaly
Posts: 72

« Reply #20 on: Dec 14, 2010, 06:51:56 AM »

Basketball Professional Players • Jugadores del Baloncesto Profesional

Basketball Professionals Players:
Rony Seikaly a Former NBA center plays to a different crowd, at his own little club

When Rony Seikaly was a young teenager in Athens, long before he grew into a 6-foot-11 all-American basketball player at Syracuse and a productive N.B.A. center, he built a small disco at home.

“I took a garage and turned it into my own little club,” said Seikaly, now 45. “I would save up money and I bought the record player, then a second record player, then a mixer. I built the whole disco myself, all the electricity, and I built all these kinds of colored lights and colored bulbs, and I’d make, like, a light show. I did that all myself.”

His interest in playing D.J. at the center of a party only grew, like his legs and his fame. Now Seikaly, more than a decade since his last game, has re-emerged as an up-and-coming D.J., playing a growing number of gigs at trendy clubs in places like Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, and Ibiza, Spain. He is starting to record his own music, too, and released a compilation of music this year.

“I’m not doing this to be a celebrity,” Seikaly said. “I’m not doing this to become famous. I’m doing this just to share the love, and to share the music.”

Last Saturday night — Sunday morning, actually, at 1:25 — a huge domed nightclub called LIV was filled with a pounding beat and beautiful people. Through the thumping of a party just getting under way, a voice introduced “Mr. Rony Seikaly.” And in the D.J. booth, Seikaly went to work.

There were four CD players, not two record players. There was a mixer, festooned in colored lights and covered in small dials. While a song throbbed through the club’s sound system, Seikaly listened to another in his headphones. He touched a dial, then another, then another, like a man adjusting the temperature of his bath water. He blended one song into the other, sometimes overlapping them for a minute or more, fine-tuning their beats into an electronic symphony.

Seikaly, a human metronome, bobbed his long, lean frame to the beat. The building vibrated as if it had a pulse. Topless models painted in Day-Glo colors slithered on a small stage across the vast room. Laser lights and strobes shot through downdrafts of machine-made fog. Hundreds of bodies pitched and swayed, stirring the dance floor into a dark and restless sea.

“I call it capturing the moment,” Seikaly had explained at his house in Miami Beach the night before. Born in Lebanon and raised largely in Greece, he has a hint of an indistinguishable accent.

He explained how the night “morphs” at a club like LIV, in the Fontainebleau hotel. The first hour, he said, people get their bearings, “see who’s who, where’s where.” Loosened by drinks and music, if not the nocturnal sense that dawn is coming fast, they begin to move toward the night’s peak.

“The most important thing is to capture that moment where all of a sudden everybody is in a great mood, everybody starts dancing, and all of a sudden you feel it click between you and the crowd,” Seikaly said. “And as soon as that click happens, it’s not something that anybody else can feel except that person playing the music. As soon as you feel that connection to the crowd, then you know you’ve got them. And then you can take them on any journey you want.”

More than 25 years ago, Seikaly arrived in the sporting consciousness as a big, dark-haired freshman who helped Syracuse beat Georgetown and its star center, Patrick Ewing. As a junior in 1987, Seikaly led Syracuse to the national title game, which Indiana won on a late basket by Keith Smart. Seikaly’s No. 4 jersey is retired.

He was the first N.B.A. draft pick of the Miami Heat, chosen ninth over all in 1988. He spent the first 6 of his 11 N.B.A. seasons with the Heat, the best coming in 1992-93, when he averaged 17.1 points and 11.8 rebounds. For his career, which took him to Golden State, Orlando and New Jersey, Seikaly averaged 14.7 points and 9.5 rebounds. And his nickname, thanks to his low-post moves, was the Spin Doctor. It had nothing to do with being a D.J.

Most teammates knew little about Seikaly’s love of music. If anything, they teased him for his “Euro” tastes and his penchant for disco and pop. It was part of a well-rounded musical education that included trumpet lessons as a child. Seikaly’s parents filled the house with classical music on Sundays, and Seikaly’s wide-ranging preferences in the late 1970s included Kiss, Genesis and Barry White.

“Into the ’80s, believe it or not, we listened to a lot of Julio Iglesias,” Seikaly said. “More Latin, more love ballads. That was in. If your parents were cool, they’d listen to Julio Iglesias. As genres changed, I changed with it, until I found my niche, which is house music.”

House music is a nebulous descendant of disco, with ever-extending derivatives. It is, generally, electronic music dominated by strong, steady percussion. Vocals, often background chants or soulful wails, rarely prompt singalongs. Adherents of house music prefer the “know-it-when-you-hear-it” definition. Those who frequent dance clubs that do not play hip-hop or dabble in standards from previous decades — no Village People here — certainly have heard it.

“It’s music that you’re going to walk into a club and you’re not going to be saying, ‘Oh my God, we’ve got to get out of here,’ ” Seikaly said. “I play that music that you walk in and say: ‘O.K., I can put up with this. I may not like it, but it’s not offensive.’ ”

He laughed at the sound of that.

“It’s happy,” he said. “It keeps you there.”

Seikaly plays and creates what he called happy underground music. As a D.J., he takes pride in uncovering little-known tracks on the Web and avoiding dance-club anthems. And his original songs are electronically built atop steady, synthesized drums.

“When my mom tells me, ‘Son, your music sounds kind of all the same,’ I say, ‘That’s exactly what I thought about your classical music,’ ” Seikaly said.

Seikaly, who married and had a daughter with the model Elsa Benitez (the two divorced in 2006), has invested much of his time and money into the club scene in Miami Beach. He has had ownership stakes in a number of trendy hot spots, like Mynt, Bar None and Mokai. (He has no stake, however, in LIV.) On countless nights, he and close friends would retreat to his mansion’s “playroom” — a high-tech incarnation of the home disco he built as a child. (He has another such room, in a house he built in the 1990s in Beirut, where his parents live.)

The room feels like a mellow garage-size lounge, with dim lighting and a mirrored Buddha high on a shelf. The dark walls are lined with low couches. What looks like a bar holds CD players and a mixer, not drinks. The room is equipped with a hard-to-spot, club-level sound system.

Friends always wanted to bring more friends. Finally, in 2008, Seikaly agreed to D.J. for an expanded audience at Mokai, which he no longer owns.

“It turned out to be an amazing night,” Seikaly said.

Now he keeps a steady schedule at clubs around the world. He is scheduled to play at Lavo in Manhattan on Saturday; in Marrakesh, Morocco, later this month; and back in Miami Beach on New Year’s Eve.

He is focused on making his own music, too. Erick Morillo, one of the best-known house-music D.J.’s and founder of Subliminal Records, produced Seikaly’s first CD, “House Calls.”

“It’s a passion,” Seikaly said of his music career. “It’s a hobby. It’s a hobby on steroids because it’s no longer a hobby. You’ve crossed a line when you’re starting to make it into a business.”

The next night — morning, really — Seikaly was at work in that same D.J. booth, a 20-foot-long bar a few feet above one end of a dance floor increasingly crammed with bodies. He wore jeans and a long-sleeve T-shirt with the sleeves pushed above the elbows. His body bobbed and his fingers fondled the dials. In front of him, hundreds danced. Every once in a while, he pumped his fist to the beat and smiled.

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Seikaly was working the crowd again.

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