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Author Topic: § Basketball World Events, Celebrations & Anniversaries • Celebraciones, Aniversarios y Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto  (Read 164740 times)
Kadur Sal
Jr. Member
Posts: 201

« Reply #18 on: Aug 14, 2010, 04:07:14 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

FIBA Online and the World Championship: Join in the Action

Record numbers expected with international basketball more accessible than ever

In 15 days the FIBA World Championship gets underway and the many websites of the online family are already hotting up, with traffic increasing on a daily basis.

FIBA pages on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are buzzing with excitement ahead of the Championship. These three sites have not only helped reach out to fans, but have also provided much needed feedback on the developments and the challenges in basketball today.

Passion is the word which best describes the discussions that animate the FIBA run social networking and community sites. Proud of your National Team? The many thousands of custom made jerseys that have created using the My FIBA Jersey Facebook application give a sneak preview of the level of support teams will enjoy this summer. The players are even getting on board, as Argentina's Andres Nocioni created the number 13 shirt he will be sporting.

News spreads like wildfire thanks to FIBA's tweets, and our followers' re-tweets. Tens of thousands of basketball fans discovered within minutes – much to the delight of their ear-drums - that there would be no vuvuzelas in the arenas of Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Kayseri. Updates to rosters and pre-tournament warm up game results are all only a tweet away.

But the event website will obviously be THE place to go for all the information on this summer's Giant Get-Together. With specific event-related information – travel tips, guides to host cities, detailed game reports and a home page for each participating team – it is designed to help travelling fans, while ensuring that those who can’t attend nevertheless feel at the heart of the action.

Watching the action will just not be enough for certain fans, while others will be stuck in the office with no TV in sight. They can turn to FIBA’s always popular – and revamped – Live Stats will cover every part of the court and scoreboard.

When we talk about Live Stats, we don’t just mean boxscores. Every imaginable statistic is obtainable thanks to customisable modules, while you can also see who has attempted what shot from where thanks to the court map. E-mail services that are offered when you register (for free) with FIBA Live Stats include quarter-by-quarter and post-game statistics as well as our very popular Daily Newsletter, which delivers all the day’s news straight to your inbox.

For fans on the go, the lightweight version is ideal for mobile devices, giving them access to what they want, wherever and whenever they want it. And it is giving basketball fans access to the sport that is one of FIBA's main aims in all its online activities. will stream all FIBA World Championship games live, allowing those fans living in countries where the event is not being broadcast, to follow all the action for only a small fee.

With such an extensive list of online services providing instant information about the tournament, the question is not ‘will you be following the FIBA World Championship ?’ but ‘How will you be following the FIBA World Championship ?’.

From FIBA Today

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Posts: 68

« Reply #17 on: Aug 13, 2010, 04:01:08 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

'Why Basketball?' Survey holds contest to send two lucky fans to Turkey

FIBA's online basketball survey will be sending two lucky basketball fans to Turkey to attend two FIBA World Championship games.

The 'Why Basketball?' project is collecting data among fans and players about how they were introduced to the sport, what the sport means to them and what they like/dislike about basketball. The gathered data will be used to gain additional insight into some of FIBA's key stakeholders.

A book detailing and analysing the results of the survey is also planned.

Up for grabs for one lucky fan is a pair of tickets to the FIBA World Championship Eighth-Final games played on 4th September 2010.

All participants having completed the survey by 21st August will automatically be entered into the draw. The names and answers of the lucky winners will be published on and on

The prize also includes return flights for two people from the winning entry's closest international airport, double room accommodation in a three star or better hotel in Istanbul on the nights of 3rd and 4th September and local transfers.

So visit for a chance to attend the biggest event in World Basketball.

From FIBA Today

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Coach Cambiazzo
Jr. Member
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« Reply #16 on: Aug 10, 2010, 04:07:33 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

FIBA World Championship in Turkey 2010 ~ World Premonitions

I've closely been following the preparation games for the upcoming World Championship in Turkey and I am convinced that when the dust settles we will see USA, Spain, Turkey and Brazil in the semi-finals.

They will be accompanied by Serbia, Greece, Australia and France in the quarters even though Croatia, Slovenia and Argentina have the potential to qualify too!

This means that USA and Brazil will both qualify out of group B and no team will make the semis from group A.

The mega-matchup between Spain and USA whould happen in the semi-finals which resembles the memorable USA-Greece semi in 2006 in Japan.

A Turkey-Brazil semi-final duel would pit the strong home team(only lacking Mehmet Okur) furiously supported by their rabid fans, against the most intriguing squad, Brazil, a rare team that can count on all of its stars present for a unique chance at a medal led by a renowned and successful coach.

Even without Pau Gasol, Spain can give mucho headaches to a Team USA lacking international experience and inside strength in their eventual semi. The formula for the competition means passionate elimination games starting in the round of 16 with extra days of rest guarantee a higher quality of play throughout.

For a spot in the top eight, France should profit from being second in a rather weak group D, whereas the group C appears the most competitive. France has lost Tony Parker and Roddy Beaubois at the playmaker spot which will load lots of responsabilities on the shoulders of Nicholas Batum, their best player, Boris Diaw their veteran captain and Michael Gelebale back in the fold after a long absence as newly crowned French league champion and MVP of the final!

Like Team USA, France will be hoping for some breakout performances from their inexperienced centers Ian Mahinmi and an improved and more muscular Alex Ajinca after regretting once again the absence of the Bull's Joakim Noah logically afraid to risk injury if he hasn't signed a lucrative contract extention with Chicago.

Unfortunately Chicago feels it's in their interest to slow the negotiations so that Noah doesn't go, while I would think they would realize that Noah would improve his game vs. top flight international competiton. Eternal conundrum, because Chicago could respond, look at Beaubois' broken foot or Parker's multiple injury problems last season!

Of couse surprises could come from a great young Serbian generation or a not so young Greek squad as well as from Australia reinforced by Alex Maric but to me a Spain-Turkey or USA-Brazil final seems more probable.

In general, the World Championship is up for grabs between the aforementioned teams and the competiton should be really exciting but the absence of so many big stars makes us wonder if the new NBA collective bargaining agreement shouldn't start with a shortening of the NBA season to leave a little more wiggle room for international competition and increase the importance of NBA regular season games but this is a subject I've covered in other articles over the years and hope is slim.

For instance, it's honest to suggest that Germany and Lithuania are not fielding teams truly deserving of a wild card because so many stars are missing.

I'll end up by reiterating other probably pious wishes concerning worldwide rules uniformity and more fluid movement between Europe and the NBA for young players under contract in order to improve the overall quality of basketball competitions around the world!

I'm waiting for your comments here !

George EDDY from FIBA

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Jr. Member
Posts: 299

« Reply #15 on: Aug 04, 2010, 12:08:55 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

Power rankings ~ already updated ! : Turkey 2010 FIBA World Championship

See, BiE secretly knew this would happen … you break down, make a few fearless predictions online and bam! The inconvenient fact of a loss – two losses in fact, one particularly egregious – goes down and you suddenly have to rework the whole damn post on 2010 FIBA World Championship power rankings.

In the egregious loss previously referenced, the proclamation that Team Canada would “surprise a few people” proved prophetic, but not in the way assumed. Over a squad that FIBA was forced to label a “Canadian developmental team” did Spain romp for a final score of 84-38. Those who’ve doubted the star power of Team Spain can note Felipe Reyes, Rudy Fernandez and Carlos Suarez all going for double-figures in limited team plus probably with one arm tied behind their backs.

And Team Slovenia was no doubt downloading BallinEurope’s original power rankings to use as fodder to beat up on Australia, 71-60. No depth, judged BiE? “Ha!” responded the Slovenes, who brought Sani Becirovic to put up 20 points and unleashed The Dragon for Goran Dragic to add 13. (BiE told you the Aussies would never get above no. 10 for the remainder of the tournament.)

Ah no matter … we knew these things were flexible, right? Plus, BallinEurope gets to splash a big “updated” across the post, like a real cutting-edge producer of news and opinion. BallinEurope’s official 2010 FIBA World Championship Power Rankings run below the break.

1. Spain. The defending champions immolated Canada, proving they’ll probably be able to sleepwalk through pool play. Sergio Scariolo has removed Pablo Aguilar for contention from the final squad, Sergio Llull may be next for the ax due to his injury, and it barely registers a blip in talent-level dropoff.

2. USA. BiE’s been accused of overrating European players, and it was presciently pointed out to BiE today that Team USA will possess one distinct advantage in this tournament, i.e. for the first time the three-point line has been moved to the American standard for FIBA tournament play. But they’re staying here until they get to beat up on some Canadians or something.

3. Greece. No reaction from the Greek contingent for placing Team Hellene a mere third? Disappointing that no one can tell me how Greece can beat Team USA … come on, there’s got to be someone out there…

4. Brazil. South American champion team members Murilo Becker and Nezinho Santos joined Team Brazil in practices today, making the (impressive) extended 14-man roster the following: Becker, Santos, Hatila Passos, Anderson Varejao, Maybyner Hilario, Tiago Splitter, Marquinhos Vieira, Guilherme Giovannoni, Marcelinho Machado, Leandro Barbosa, Alex Garcia, Marcelo Huertas, Paulo Boracini and Raul Togni Neto.

5. Serbia. No news remains good news for Team Serbia (in a way). Basically in a virtual tie for fifth place in the last BallinEurope 2010 FIBA World Championship Power Rankings, they’ll get to move up a spot thanks to an enviable lack of injuries. (See: Nocioni, Andres.)

6. Argentina. So what if Andres Nocioni’s injury is minor and that he’ll be off crutches by the opening game of this tournament? The lack of practice time and conditioning will surely hurt his game and this team.

7. Russia. BiE has also been informed that we’re overrating Team Russia going into this tournament … so why stop now? The truth is that Timofey Mozgov, still well on an upward swing after his breakout season with BC Khimki and his signing by the New York Knicks, has joined the squad. And that’s another plus.

8. Turkey. This impressive and perhaps underrated (by the general public, not BiE) squad is at full strength and head coach Bogdan Tanjevic is pleased with the team’s progress. So why do they lose a place in these power rankings? ‘Cause life’s unfair, BiE’s telling ya!

9. Slovenia. Right, BallinEurope is officially done with underestimating Slovenia. In fact, jettisoning pouty NBA stars seems to be the secret to Slovenia’s success. A few days after Beno Udrih left the team in a huff over playing time, the Slovenians just go out and dominate Australia, win a four-team tournament over three of the top teams of the Southern Hemisphere (Oz plus Asia’s top two, Iran and China) and prove that they’ll survive pool play already.

10. France. Still no Joakim Noah, still no moving up in this chart.

11. Lithuania. Okay, the basketball-happy land moves up by pure dint of the U18 team’s inspirational play this weekend. That and the fact that these guys now essentially appear to be getting handed at least third place in Group D.

12. Croatia. A recent barrage of bad news from the Team Croatia camp: Mario Delas and Leon Radosevic are out, while Zoran Planinic’s knee surgery will keep him from full practice for a while yet. A win against Italy gets Croatia this high in the rankings, but this tournament figures to be an uphill battle.

13. Germany. Without Dirk Nowitzki for the tournament, in the short term Team Germany almost has a best-of-both-worlds advantage: The national team gets to break in a roster chockfull of young talent from Tibor Pleiss and Lucca Staiger on down from a group in which Germany has a puncher’s chance to advance.

14. Australia. Thoroughly spanked by Slovenia on Sunday, Australia has plenty of time to get just enough bottle up to advance out of pool play. (They’re better than Angola and Jordan, right? Right? Also: How much will Andrew Bogut’s stock increase by *not* playing in this tournament?)

15. China. Coming in third place in a four-team tournament and you move *up* in the BiE Power Rankings? Yes, for two reasons: 1. They barely lost to Australia and 2. They should advance from Group C … unless it’s Puerto Rico…

16. Canada. Who knows why after the 84-38 at the hands of (a real team) Spain? This spot could well be occupied by Liberia or New Zealand … perhaps Group D should be called “The Group of Life.”


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Posts: 56

« Reply #14 on: Jul 29, 2010, 04:47:51 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

Excitement grows for FIBA World Championship with one month to go

Before you know it the biggest event in world basketball will be thrilling spectators, tv audiences and basketball fans all around the globe.

Every Championship tries to BUILD-UP its COUNT-DOWN. Whether "one year to go", 100 days, three-full moons or the number of hours equal to the sum of the points scored in last edition's final, countdowns are a a feature of the run up to any Championship.

But we are not going to make a big deal about today's date. However, we ARE going to make a big deal about what we can all look forward to between 28th August and 12th September.

So (with one month to go), here are a few things you can look forward to:

- A Championship more open than ever, with at least 10 teams having a chance to bring home gold
- Passion from Turkish host fans that rivals that of any other country in the world
- Unprecedented spectator and media response
- Fan tailored coverage on FIBA's online channels
- Brand new basketball arenas that look superb and of course the monster Final Round Sinan Erdem Olympic dome
- Sports building bridges in the first round games USA vs Iran and Turkey vs Greece
- The birth of new heroes of the game: Kevin Durant? Ricky Rubio? Joakim Noah? Nick Calathes? Patrick Mills?

- Gold, Silver and Bronze medals; another major chapter in basketball being written
- Bascat - the coolest mascot of 2010 - getting up to mischief as he visits the four host cities
- Hoops, dunks, 3-pointers, alley-oops, buzzer-beaters
- Blocks, steals, nasty rebounds
- and plenty more

So remember the date. On 28th August the 2010 FIBA World Championship gets underway., Now don't tell us we didn't warn you.

from FIBA

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