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Author Topic: • Buying or Selling Basketball Books & DVDs • Buscando, Comprando ó Vendiendo Libros & DVDs de Baloncesto  (Read 144375 times)
CChambo 212
Jr. Member
Posts: 249

« Reply #20 on: Oct 13, 2012, 01:00:59 AM »

Searching, Buying or Selling Basketball Books & DVDs • Buscando, Comprando ó Vendiendo Libros & DVDs de Baloncesto

Does anyone have any of the following titles in your collection that you would be interested in selling or trading. I'd be willing to buy originals or copie.

The Stack Offense - Jerry Petitgoue
Adjustments For The 23 Scramble - Dan Ninham
The Vertical Jump School - Five-Star Basketball
Zone Offenses to Counter Any Zone Defense - Five-Star Basketball
Essentials of Guard Play - Five-Star Basketball
Pick, Pop & Roll Offense - Five-Star Basketball
Becoming a Champion Basketball Player: Creating Open Shots and Improving at the Line
15 Drills for Rebounding - Five-Star Basketball
Becoming a Champion Basketball Player - Five-Star Basketball
Ball Control Drills - Five-Star Basketball
Mandatory Moves - Ed Schilling
Mandatory Drills - Ed Schilling
Scoring In Transition - Lason Perkins
Encyclopedia of the Box Offense - Lason Perkins
Tempo Control & Delay Sets - Lason Perkins
Girls Can Jump
Mastering The Ball Screen - Ganon Baker
Dribble Triple Threat - Ganon Baker
The Complete Guide to the Triangle and Two Defense - Rick Majerus
Footwork Drills - Cathy Inglese
Shooting Fundamentals and Drills - Fred Hoiberg
Ultimate Guard Development Drills - Steve Alford
Running to Extremes - Dave Arseneaul
1-2-2 Match-Up Zone & 1-2-1-1 Full Court Press - Joanne McCallie
The Encyclopedia of Full Court Pressure Defense - Bruce Pearl
Dominating 1-3-1 Zone Defense - Steve Klass

Contact= Coach Carlos

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Charles 32
Sr. Member
Posts: 651

« Reply #19 on: Jan 11, 2012, 10:07:41 PM »

Searching, Buying or Selling Basketball Books & DVDs • Buscando, Comprando ó Vendiendo Libros & DVDs de Baloncesto

DVD's: All originals, prices include shipping !
Basketball Fundamentals- Rick Pitino $20
Basketball:  The Don Meyer Way (2 disc set)  $40
Better Shooting:  Rick Torbert  $20
Quick Scoring Transition Game- Bruce Pearl  $22
94 Foot Motion Offense- Mike Brey  $22
Power, Speed and Quickness for Basketball- Troy Wills $22
Five Defensive Principles for success- Brian Gregory $22
12 quick hitters for the flex offense- Leon Rice(gonzaga)  $22
10 variations of the flex offense- Tubby Smith  $22
Setting your defense inside of 3- Dave Odom $22

VHS: all $15 includes shipping, all originals !
Man to man offense- Quin Snyder
4 out motion offense- Donny Daniels
Drills for the 4 out 1 in motion offense- Donny Daniels
Man to man offense- Bobby Knight
Zone offense- Bobby Knight
Aggressive Defensive Conditioning Drills- Tarkanian
Building the transition game-Fran Franschilla
Combo shooting drills for motion offense- Phil Martelli
Zone offense for high school- Rick Majerus
Big Man moves- Pete Newell
Drills for the 4 out motion offense- Mike Adras
Defensive footwork- Mike Brey
Offensive footwork- Mike Brey
Conducting a pressure practice- Bo Ryan
Championship Practice- Coach K
Team Defense- coach K
Flex for success- Mark Few
Flex offense- Dick Davey
Big Man development- Dick Davey
Offensive philosophy- Roy Williams
2-3 zone- Jim Boeheim

Contact= Bill McWhinnie at

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Canberra 131
Full Member
Posts: 449

« Reply #18 on: Jan 11, 2012, 06:00:40 PM »

Searching, Buying or Selling Basketball Books & DVDs • Buscando, Comprando ó Vendiendo Libros & DVDs de Baloncesto

Im cleaning up my collection and have the following original DVD's for sale.  Email me at if interested.  All prices include shipping
Defensive Progression Drills and Techniques- Jay Wright  $18
Basketball the Don Meyer Way(2 discs)  $40
Quick Scoring Transition Game- Bruce Pearl $18
Complete Guide to Motion Offense(2 discs) Bob Knight $40
Quick Strikes and warmup drills- Tom Izzo $22
5 Defensive Principles for success- Brian Gregory $18
Mastering the flex offense- Gary Williams $18
10 Variations of the Kentucky Flex offense- Tubby Smith  $18
Team Drills for mental toughness- Bob Huggins $22
Closeouts and defending special situations- Seth Greenbert $22
94 foot motion offense- Mike Brey  $18
Attacking the zone- Coach K  $22
Practice Drills for mental toughness(2 discs) Bob Knight  $40
The "A" set international offense- Full Court Basketball  $22
Michigan 1-3-1 zone defense- Dennis Felton  $22
Competitive Drills for man to man defense- Ben Jacobson  $22
Special Situations I & II- Hubie Brown $22
Scramble Drills for Transition offense and defense- Brian Gregory  $22
All Access Chris Mooney- $70(regular $119)
Winning with the Princeton Style Offense- Len DeForrest  $22

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Posts: 49

« Reply #17 on: Mar 22, 2011, 05:58:17 PM »

Searching, Buying or Selling Basketball Books & DVDs • Buscando, Comprando ó Vendiendo Libros & DVDs de Baloncesto

Hello Coaches-

I am trying to thin out my DVD/VHS collection. If you are interested in any of the titles, please send me your mailing address and the title you want. All are the originals. Payments can be made through Paypal. Send payment to

DVD's are $20.00. VHS are $15.00. Price includes Shipping


- Basketball Fundamentals - Rick Pitino
- Up-Tempo Practice - Bob Hurley
- 30 Fundamental Drills - Ben Braun
- Clinic IV Zone Offense - Bob Knight
- Purdue Intensity Drills - Gene Keady
- Full Court Press Skills and Drills - Michael Meek
- Duke Team Defense
- 20 Competitive Drills - Bruce Weber
- Being Tough With The Basketball - Jim Blaine
- 8 Core Defensive Drills - Jim Blaine
- Designing a Flexible Motion Offense - Lance Randall
- Zone Attack - Brad Soderberg


- Defense and Rebounding Drills - Tom Izzo
- Motion Offense - Larry Gibson
- Transition and Shooting Drills - Sherri Coale
- Blocker-Mover Offense - Dick Bennett
- Drills to teach motion offense - Brian Angler
- Combination Shooting Drills For Motion Offense - Phil Martelli
- Post Player Versatility Drills - Ceal Barry
- Sooner Intensity Defensive Drills - Kelvin Sampson
- The Screening Motion Offense - Cheryl Burnett
- Inner City/All City Drills - Bernie Holowicki
- Return To Drill 2 - Dennis Scheibel
- 5 Man Motion Offense - Bruce Weber
- Drills for Developing Motion Offense - Sherri Coale
- Motion Offense Clinic II - Bob Knight
- Take it to the rim - Forrest Larson
- Universal System Of Attacking Presses - Will Rey
- Keeping the fun in fundamentals - Heidi Vanderveer
- UConn Fast Break Drills - Jim Calhoun
- Competitive Team and individual practice drills - Bruce Weber
- Motion Offense Drills - Larry Gibson
- Conducting a Pressure Practice - Bo Ryan
- Eliminating Turnovers - Mike Heideman
- Swish Shooting Method - Tom Nordland
- Motion Offense - Russ Pennel
- 4 out 1 in Motion Offense & Transition - Lisa Stone
- Attacking Zone Defense - Sherri Coale
- Post Player Development - Mark Few
- Conditioning With The Ball - Steve Smith
- The High/Low Motion Offense - Bill Self

Contact=  Brad Shutter

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Posts: 42

« Reply #16 on: Jan 12, 2011, 10:26:52 PM »

Searching, Buying or Selling Basketball Books & DVDs • Buscando, Comprando ó Vendiendo Libros & DVDs de Baloncesto

"Man for Man Pressure Defense: West Coast Style" by Bud Presley

A coach is looking for this book, "Man for Man Pressure Defense: West Coast Style" by Bud Presley.

If anyone has the book and is willing to sell contact me and I'll put you in touch with the buyer.

Visit: The eBA Basketball Statistics System BOOK
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