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Author Topic: • Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions • Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres  (Read 578302 times)
BGA John Volger
Hero Member
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« Reply #17 on: Oct 20, 2012, 05:08:18 AM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions
Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

(para la Traducción al Espeñol= Ver el Siguiente Mensaje)

• Uncertain TikiWiki or Guaranteed MediaWiki is our Dilemma !
• Why the Tiki.Org Consultants Give Up in the Middle of the Work ?

To all the users of our eBA sketball Encyclopedia ( Article UPDATED with the last Facebook Comments ! )
eBA Great DEBATE: Basketball Advanced Statistics OR / AND / WITH  Conventional Statistics... !
The Uruguayan company 'Logos Consulting SRL', Official Technical Consultants from Tiki Org. ( developers of TikiWiki ), which was entrusted with the TikiWiki software upgrade on which is based the eBA Encyclopedia, suddenly disappeared leaving the job half done with the consequential problems.
The following emails: Alfonso Vicente ( email: ) and Logos Consulting SRL (email: ) that until a few days ago we were communicated, are today bouncing our emails ...

If anyone can communicate with those emails to say they left a job half done for our eBA Stats Group, we thank you a lot !

Luckily for us, we had not paid anything because we had already a problem with another Official Technical Consultant from Tiki Org. ( developers of TikiWiki ), who, after 4 months !, also left the job half done !

Our apologies to all the users of the eBA sketball Encyclopedia, that is now working on perfection thanks to the ability of an Argentine computer technician who IS NOT a consultant of Tiki Org. ..."

( Read and post your comments at our Status at eBA on Facebook ! )

Comments Summary from our eBA on Facebook:

"... 091312 ~ Miguel Millan Werber said in Facebook... I'm Uruguayan and I know well this "company"... How did you get caught in the trap of these incompetent people ?  ..."

"... 091312 ~ John Telmes said in Facebook... Why You've elected TikiWiki ? TikiWiki is known to be a program full of bugs ... MediaWiki is infinitely superior with the guarantee of the Wikipedia ! ..."

"... 091412 ~ Daniel G. Díaz said in Facebook... We are currently using tiki-wiki on our website. But I heard it isn't that secure and is an unreliable program and I am planning to change that by Media-Wiki which is somehow my favorite, as it is used by Wikipedia ! ..."

"... 091412 ~ Brian F. Sierra said in Facebook... You'll not find a friendly hosting for your TikiWiki available to support your site ! And at Tiki org there is no tech support and the forums are attended by novice and incompetent members... as the consultant who gave up with your upgrade ! The more clever guys became Consultants which support your problem in enchange of a lot of Euros, Dolars or Yens... It makes no difference how you'll pay, but You'll pay A LOT ! ..."

"... 091512 ~ Sylvia Fundmossing said in Facebook... I've just found in Freelancer that Rick Sapir, from the USA, also an Official Consultant of Tiki Org., declined his bid and refused to do the job when he saw that is one of your websites... Can Tiki Org refuse to help, including paid works ? Luckily for me, that does not happen in MediaWiki, where I have my sites ! ..."

" 091612 ~ Deborah F. Volger said in Facebook... I have used Tiki extensively, and agree with all of the above criticisms. However, the problem WAS that there were no other... till now: MediaWiki is impressively superior, also the program and the support are MORE PROFESSIONAL THAN TIKIWIKI ! ..."

"... 092012 ~ Louis F. Denver said in Facebook... From JJFerrero on the Spanish Version: "...Here I found two links to the discussions of the eBA guys with the Support Contultants of Tiki.Org (than the eBA Team do not want to publish !) Showing that THAT support DOES NOT EXISTS!

In those five months that the Encyclopedia was unable to work regularly because an incompetent consultant (you can see who is in the forum threads ... hurry to read them, because they can delete the threads...), and lost more than 150 registered members. Registered members are already returning, but Tiki.Org's support will continue TO BE THE WORST ! ..."

"... 092612 ~ Jean F. Mirsov said in Facebook... You must file against those consultants of Tiki Org a civil suit for damages ! ..."

"... 092712 ~ Sandra Mossinsson said in Facebook... I think that there should be no a Civil suit but a Criminal one ! Those unable consultants of Tiki Org did us a lot of damage ! ..." "... 092712 ~ John G. Gallardi said in Facebook... The damage caused by the Tiki Org unable "consultants" was significant, but the encyclopedia is working now as ever ! And there is more than 100 registered members every day ! ..."

"... 092712 ~ Edward Bendjuya said in Facebook... Tiki Org is worldly recognized to be one of the worst software programs and support teams ever ! ..."

"... 100212 ~ Brian Denver said in Facebook... Tiki Wiki is the worst in the market of wikis !!! Without a doubt !!!! And of course, that the consultants are unable nonprofessionals !!! ..."

"... 100312 ~ Jean F. Mirsov said in Facebook... Just go to the TikiWiki forums to see how many problems TikiWiki have, that's the reason why they often release new versions with patches for bugs !!! MEDIAWIKI !!! ..."

"... 100512 ~ Roberto Bedjuya said in Facebook... Undoubtedly MEDIAWIKI exceeds tiki org in all aspects, especially in the the consultants' area !!! ..."

"... 100612 ~ John Telmes said in Facebook... Oh ! I was just to donwload TikiWiki !!! Thanks for these advices...changed for Mediawiki ! ..."

"... 100912 ~ Jorge Sebastiani said in Facebook... In the Tiki Org Forums I discovered the name of the unable consultant who did all the mess: Torsten Fabricius from Germany ! ..."

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HBC Brian Denver
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« Reply #16 on: Oct 12, 2010, 10:29:48 AM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions
Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

(para la Traducción al Espeñol= Ver a Continuación)

Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love

Did you know that blocking ads truly hurts the websites you visit? We recently learned that many of our readers did not know this, so I'm going to explain why.

There is an oft-stated misconception that if a user never clicks on ads, then blocking them won't hurt a site financially.
This is wrong. Most sites, at least sites the size of ours, are paid on a per view basis. If you have an ad blocker running, and you load 10 pages on the site, you consume resources from us (bandwidth being only one of them), but provide us with no revenue...

By Ken Fisher ~ Read the full article in Ars Technica

Por qué el bloqueo de anuncios arruina los sitios que a  Usted le gusta ?

Sabía Usted que bloqueando los anuncios publicitarios realmente daña los sitios que Usted visita? Recientemente nos dimos cuentga de que la mayoría de nuestros lectores no tenía conocimiento de ello, entonces voy a explicar porque.

Existe una concepción equivocada de que si el usuario nunca pulsa sobre los avisos publicitarios, entonces bloqueando esos avisos ellos no dañan al sitio económicamente.
Esto no es cierto. Muchos sitios web, por lo menos los sitios de nuestra magnitud, son retribuidos en base a vistas de esos anunciosare. Si Usted tiene un bloqueador de anuncios funcionando en su navegador, y Usted a recorrido 10 páginas en el sitio, Usted consume recursos de nuestro sitio (el ancho de banda - bandwidth - es solo uno de ellos), pero no nos proporciona ninguna retribución...

Por Ken Fisher ~ Mientras completamos la traducción de este artículo. lea el artículo completo en Inglés en Ars Technica

Cheesy  Traducción & Enlaces: ebastats - el foro de las estadísticas del baloncesto

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Richard Blank
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Richard Blank

« Reply #15 on: Jun 04, 2010, 01:07:46 PM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions
Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

After reading a few threads,I wanted to introduce myself to this community and look forward to sharing ideas with other forum members.

Best regards,


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« Reply #14 on: Feb 26, 2010, 06:57:10 AM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions
Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

Argentina - Who inspired Manu? The answer begins in Bahia Blanca

Steve Smith, the former Spur, recently counted down his Top 10 plays of the season (so far) below the rim. Only one player makes two appearances in the NBA TV video. It's not LeBron. It's not Kobe. It's Manu Ginobili.

In a sequence against New Orleans, Ginobili drives to his right, away from the basket. Then he shakes Emeka Okafor with a wicked crossover, slices left, soars toward the rim, twists his body, raises his left arm and finishes with a reverse layup.

In a sequence against Minnesota, Ginobili chases an errant pass and catches it with one hand. Then, as he stumbles out of bounds, Manu flings the ball behind his back into the hands of DeJuan Blair for an assist, a play ESPN calls the best of the last 10 years.

That's Manu at his manic best – creating plays that prompt even some peers to ask: How'd he do that? A better question might be: From whom did he get those fearless, out-of-this-world moves, the kind that enable him to dunk on Yao and whirl past Kobe?

"All that stuff is just about watching games as a kid," says former teammate Bruce Bowen. "He's taken things he's seen and incorporated them on the floor."

It wouldn't be accurate to say Ginobili was born with a ball in his hand. But he's been cradling one for as long as he can remember. It was once reported that Jorge Ginobili taught his son to dribble between chairs when the kid was 2-years-old. Manu says that's not true.

"I was three," he says. "And it was my coach – not my father – who taught me."

No, Manu didn't have a personal trainer in pre-school. But in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, he had a father who'd been a point guard and ran a basketball club, Bahiense del Norte. He had two older brothers – Sebastian and Leandro – who were budding stars. And he had a house full of coaches who often stopped by to eat, hang out and talk hoops with the family.

One coach, Oscar Sanchez, taught 3-year-old Manu to dribble with his head up and his free arm bent at the elbow to protect the ball. "He made me dribble balls around the house," Manu says. "He coached me in the kitchen."

Another coach never trained Leandro and Sebastian without bringing an extra ball for their baby brother. "My brothers were five and seven years older than me," Manu says. "I wanted to be like them. Every time they were on the court, I was following them around or keeping their stats."

As a boy in soccer mad Argentina, Manu studied the basketball moves of Sebastian, an exceptional passer, and Leandro, a lights-out shooter. Manu also studied Juan Alberto Espil, an off guard who led Argentina to the gold medal at the 1995 Pan American Games.

"I used to watch him play in Bahia Blanca," Manu recalls. "He was a pure shooter. But he also played well without the ball."

Young Manu became a fine student of the game. But no one considered him an elite prospect. At 15, he failed to make the local All-Star team. Though he loved to attack the rim, Manu was too small to get noticed. But then he began to grow. By the time he sprouted to 6-foot-6 and turned pro, his drives had become ferocious, unpredictable, artistic. Fans thundered their approval. His mother, Raquel, looked away.

"She'd say, 'Don't dunk. Stay out of the paint. Why don't you just shoot threes,'" Manu says. "She was afraid I'd get hit by one of the big fellas."

Manu kept driving and joined a team with his middle brother. "When we played together," Sebastian says, "I realized that he was different, that he could do things on the court physically, with and without the ball."

Later, Manu found inspiration in Italy. He incorporated moves from Sasha Danilovic. Other moves Manu simply made up. That wrap-the-ball-around-the-waist trick he likes to spring in the paint -- Manu didn't get it from his brothers or anyone in Europe. He got it out of necessity. "People were slapping at the ball," he says. "And I had to protect it as I took it to the rim."

Back in Bahia Blanca, Raquel Ginobili still can't bear to watch. When Manu's on TV, she'll read a book or disappear into another room. If Manu's not diving headlong for a ball into a row of cameras, he's throwing his body into a thicket of elbows and knees. They don't call him El Contusion for nothing. "To this day," Manu says, "she can't handle it."

At 32, Manu remains a SportsCenter staple, a diving, driving, dunking wonder who creates magic on the fly. Some of it comes from the family tree in Bahia Blanca. Some comes from nowhere in mid-air.

Once, all Sebastian could see was a pesky, little tag-along brother. Today, he sees an artist who moves with on-the-spot, spontaneity, like riffs of improvisational jazz.


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Jr. Member
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« Reply #13 on: Feb 24, 2010, 11:21:10 AM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions
Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

FIBA and FIBA Americas to help Haiti

Following the deadly earthquake that hit Haiti on 12th January and with the country still devastated in the aftermath, FIBA Americas Secretary General, Mr Alberto Garcia, is scheduled to travel to the island to lend his support and visit with the President of the Haitian Basketball Federation, Mr Guy Joachim.

In view of the restricted access to the Port au Prince Airport, which is currently limited to flights providing humanitarian relief, Garcia will travel to the Dominican Republic, where he will meet up with Rafael Uribe, Treasurer of the Dominican Basketball Federation, before the two of them make their way together to Haiti.

The objective of the visit is to meet with the authorities of the Haitian Federation to assess the damage and consequences caused by the earthquake to the island as well as to the Federation offices and facilities used for basketball.

Mr Garcia’s subsequent report   will help FIBA - in coordination with their five zones and 213 affiliated federations - to support basketball in Haiti at a time when the values conveyed by sport are as important as ever.

According to Garcia - and in light of conversations held with FIBA Secretary General, Mr Patrick Baumann - the visit constitutes a vital show of support, and the report will be submitted to the FIBA Central Bureau meeting on 17th-18th April in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in order to  determine what steps will be taken to coordinate the help.

FIBA & FIBA Americas

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