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Title: § FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3
Post by: dollypen on Aug 14, 2009, 05:25:45 AM
FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3

European Basketball Championship 2009
Campeonato Europeo de Baloncesto Masculino

( para Traducción al Español= Ver a Continuación )

The European Basketball Championship of 2009, universally referred to as EuroBasket 2009, will be the 36th regional championship held by FIBA Europe. The competition will be hosted by Poland from September 7 to September 20, 2009. This will be the second time the competition is held in Poland, the first time was in 1963.

The draw for the groups of the Final Tournament, as well as for the order of the games of the Additional Qualifying Round and the Relegation Round took place in the Capitol Theater, in Warsaw, Poland on 8 November 2008. The official mascot of the tournament is Mieszko, a European bison.

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Campeonato Europeo de Baloncesto Masculino
European Basketball Championship 2009

La edición XXXVI del Campeonato europeo de baloncesto masculino, comunmente conocido como Eurobasket 2009 se celebrará del 7 al 20 de septiembre de 2009 en distintas ciudades de Polonia, siendo la sede principal Katowice, ciudad en la que se celebrará la final. Polonia será por segunda vez el país anfitrión de este torneo, ya que acogió la edición de 1963.

De los 16 equipos participantes 8 obtuvieron la clasificación directamente. Las otras 8 selecciones se deciden tras dos rondas de clasificación que empezaron a disputarse en agosto de 2008. El sorteo para decidir los grupos de la primera ronda tuvo lugar el 16 de agosto de 2008 en Venecia (Italia)

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Title: Basketball tournament - - Pre-Easter Slam - - March 26-28 for Boys and Girls
Post by: ver_mouth on Jan 27, 2010, 10:54:43 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Torneos de Baloncesto

Jump Athletic/Just4Hoopin Tournament Series

Another highly competitive tournament coming your way from the Jump Athletic/Just4Hoopin tournament series -- the  Pre-Easter Slam, March 26-28. Play against top teams in the state and surrounding areas.
See the  highlight video  from the recent MLK tourney in Phoenix.

How will your team stack up against the competition ?
Will your team make it into the next JumpCenter video ?  

Boys Grade Divisions:

    * 3rd
    * 4th
    * 5th
    * 6th
    * 7th
    * 8th

Girls Grade Divisions:

    * 7th
    * 8th

This tournament is being held at two locations:
North High School, Phoenix & Salvation Army Youth Center, Phoenix, USA

email with any questions to (

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Title: World Basketball getting ready for Youth Olympic Games, starting on 14th August
Post by: sin_drom on Jan 31, 2010, 11:56:25 PM
Basketball Tournaments • Torneos de Baloncesto

Basketball getting ready for Youth Olympic Games

The 2010 FIBA calendar is loaded with World Championships, but the summer will also provide basketball fans with something a little different. FIBA 33, FIBA’s 3on3 basketball format will be among the sporting events to be played at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore later this year.

Starting on 14th August, 40 teams of young basketball players from 38 countries will come together in Singapore to fight for the gold medals in the first edition of the men and women’s YOG basketball tournaments.

The YOG are a celebration of sport for young people, balancing athletic performance, culture and education. The sports programme for this first edition of the summer YOG will encompass all 26 sports of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

In order to promote the event, the IOC has set up a promotional campaign centred on new media and social networking tools. This includes an innovative website, known as the Cube, which allows visitors to discover all facets of the games, thanks to a revolving 3D cube.

With 200 days to go until the Games get underway, the IOC has launched the event’s visual identity based on the concept of “YOG – DNA”. With a youthful new logo that will be used to promote this and future editions of the games, the label and accompanying campaigns encourage us to look within ourselves to find our YOG-DNA, in other words the Spirit of the Youth Olympic Games.

This Spirit is consistent with the key values in 3on3 basketball, which is inspired by several forms of streetball played all around the world. In this exciting format, which encourages the players to express themselves on court with displays of skill and trickery, two teams of three players face off on a standard half-court.

Games will be played in periods of five minutes, with the first team reaching 33 winning the game. If neither team has reached 33 points after the second and final period, the team with the highest score wins the game.

So with the format of play tailored to allow young players to express themselves as freely as possible, expect some breathtaking entertainment.

As the teams descend on the Youth Olympic Games and the tournament unfolds, the courts in Singapore are certain to bare witness to some amazing basketball action. So keep your eyes open this August for the next generation of hoops superstars.

To visit the homepage of the Youth Olympic games, click here (
For the complete rules of FIBA 33 basketball rules, click here (

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Title: FIBA Americas - FIBA Americas U18 Champ for Women returns to Colorado Springs
Post by: TransiT on Feb 05, 2010, 12:05:11 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Torneos de Baloncesto

FIBA Americas U18 Champ for Women returns to Colorado Springs

FIBA Americas and USA Basketball today announced that the United States Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will be the site of the 2010 FIBA Americas U18 Championship for Women to take place from 23rd to 27th June.

The announcement marks the event’s return to Colorado Springs, where it was previously held in 2006.

“USA Basketball is excited to again take on the responsibility of hosting the FIBA Americas U18 Championship for Women. This is a great event that will feature many of the best young players from our zone,” said Jim Tooley, CEO/Executive Director of USA Basketball.

The 2010 FIBA Americas U18 Championship for Women will feature eight national teams: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the USA. Only athletes 18-years-old or younger (born on or after 1st January 1992) are eligible.

The top four finishing sides will earn qualifying berths for the 2011 FIBA U19 World Championship for Women scheduled to be played from 21st to 31st July next year. Chile and Latvia are bidding to host that tournament and the FIBA Central Board is due to make a decision on the matter in Puerto Rico on the 17th-18th April of this year.

“We want to thank USA Basketball and the US Olympic Committee for coming forward to organise this event that features the top U18 women athletes in our region,” said FIBA Americas Secretary General Alberto Garcia. “The US Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs has magnificent installations to meet all the requirements of the participating teams.”

The tournament format will see the eight national sides divided into two preliminary round groups consisting of four teams each. The preliminary round will be played from 23rd to 25th June, with each team facing the other three in its preliminary group.

The top two teams in each preliminary round group will then advance to the medal round semi-finals on Saturday 26th June and battle it out for the top four places. Meanwhile, teams who came in third and fourth in each preliminary round group will play consolation semi-finals to determine places five through eight.

The FIBA Americas U18 Championship for Women gold and bronze medal games as well as the 5th-8th place games will all be held on Sunday 27th June.

Originally known as the FIBA Americas Junior World Championship Qualifier, the FIBA Americas U18 Championship was held every four years from 1988 through 2004, and is now contested every other year.

Sites of prior FIBA Americas U18 Championships for Women include: Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008); Colorado Springs, USA (2006); Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (2004); Mar del Plata, Argentina (2000); Chetumal, Mexico (1996); Guanajuato, Mexico (1992); and Sao Paulo, Brazil (1988).

FIBA Americas (

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Title: 2010 FIBA World Champ. ~ Dreams of double glory in Brazil, Spain, USA, Argentina
Post by: renem on Feb 18, 2010, 12:33:34 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

2010 FIBA World Championship
Dreams of double glory in Brazil, Spain, USA and Argentina

Imagine the mood of a country if more than one of its national teams were to win a world title in the same year.

It’s unlikely, but not impossible.

At least such a scenario does not seem out of the realm of possibility this year.

Consider Brazil. They are always among the best teams in football and will travel to the World Cup in South Africa as one of the favorites. As FIBA Americas Championship winners last summer, there is reason to believe they can be contenders at the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey, too.

Argentina are also a proud football nation that is always among the contenders for World Cup glory.

Gold-medal winners in the men’s basketball tournament at the 2004 Olympics, Argentina are the number one team in the FIBA Rankings.

In Spain, there is talk of that the country’s football team – the champions of Euro 2008 – winning the World Cup in South Africa and following that up with a title at the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

Spain won the 2006 FIBA World Championship in Japan and Pau Gasol, the MVP of that event, and of last year’s EuroBasket in Poland after firing Spain to their first gold medal in that competition, offered some thoughts to the Brazilian website, lacenet.

"This summer, we could be world champions in basketball and football,” Gasol was quoted as saying.

“It would be madness in Spain …

“To be honest, the national (basketball) team is at its best time and the football national team as well. I really hope both can win the World Championships.”

In Turkey, Team USA will go into the tournament as the pick of most experts to lift the title although there are plenty of good teams that will be ready to challenge them.

“I think Brazil can be among the top four,” Gasol said.

"I think Argentina, USA and Spain will be candidates for the title although Greece, Russia, Serbia, France and hosts Turkey will be very dangerous teams.”

Some people are predicting a rematch of the 2008 Olympic gold medal game in which Team USA beat Spain.

Team USA has been a nemesis for the Spanish in basketball the past several years, beating them 102-94 in the Quarter-Finals of the 2004 Olympics in Greece and then overcoming them twice at the Beijing Games – including a 118-107 victory in the gold-medal game.

Maybe no one should write off the United States doing a double because while they are awesome in basketball, the football team is pretty good, too.

Team USA certainly won Spain’s respect last June when they beat them 2-0 at the Confederations Cup in South Africa.


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Title: U.S. to host pre-worlds tourney at Madison Square Garden-New York, in mid-August
Post by: Coach Uno on Mar 05, 2010, 03:04:49 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

U.S. to host pre-worlds tourney in New York

The specific formula is not yet official, but plans are far enough along to speculate with great certainty Team USA will headline an international doubleheader at Madison Square Garden in mid-August prior to the FIBA World Championship that commences later that month in Turkey.

China and France also are scheduled participants. The fourth national team is unknown (to me, anyway) at this time, but it's not Spain, Lithuania or Greece, since Team USA already is programmed to play exhibitions against all three en route to Turkey.

While the Garden doubleheader is exceptionally appealing (I'll never forget seeing the original Dream Team perform before it proceeded from New York to Rome where it dominated its 1960 Olympic competition), numerous events are being planned before and after to enthrall fans of all ages.

For two weeks, New York City will become a basketball festival. Aside from the doubleheader, Team USA's practices will be in town (site remains undetermined) and some may even be open to the public.

What's more, the Pete Newell-coached 1960 team (Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Jerry Lucas, Walt Bellamy, Terry Dischinger, Bob Boozer, Darrall Imhoff, Adrian Smith, Les Lane, Allen Kelley, Jay Arnette and Burdette Haldorson), and the Chuck Daly-coached '92 team (no refresher course is necessary, I suspect) will be duly honored in various ceremonies.

All three delegations of dignitaries will take a timeout and travel to Springfield, Mass., for the Aug. 13 induction of the '60 and '92 teams whose nominations are a committee away from certified culmination . . . along Karl Malone and Scottie Pippen and, confidently the majority of other deserving individuals under consideration — Dennis Johnson, Jamaal Wilkes, Gus Johnson, Bernard King, Tex Winter, Chris Mullin, Jerry Buss, Cynthia Cooper, Richie Guerin and Bob Hurley, Sr.

From (

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Title: College Basketball ~ List of international-students heading into March Madness
Post by: march_madness on Mar 18, 2010, 12:31:57 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

List of all international-students heading into March Madness

A big hello to my global basketball-fans!

I just thought to give you a compilation on all imported talent from across the globe that will be part of the NCAA Tournament, which is actually starting today.

I already filled out my bracket and I got Kansas going for the championship.Who do you think will be champs this year?

Here is the list:


Brice Massamba (Sweden) UNLV
Bandja Sy (France) New Mexico State
Kenneth Van Kempen (Netherlands) Ohio University
Ivo Baltic (Bosnia) Ohio University
Nikola Kecman (Serbia) Ohio State
Zisis Sarikopoulos (Greece) Ohio State
Greg Somogyi (Hungary) UC Santa Barbara
Elias Harris (Germany) Gonzaga
Deividas Dulkys (Lithuania) Florida State
Jeffery Taylor (Sweden) Vanderbilt
Ilija Milutinovic (Serbia) Oakland
Rod Tishman (Israel) Florida
Max Groebe (Germany) Cornell
Dogus Balbay (Turkey) Texas
Carmel Bouchman (Israel) Temple
T.J. DiLeo (Germany) Temple
Domas Rinksalis (Lithuania) Wofford
Matthew Bryan-Amaning (United Kingdom) Washington
Karolis Petrukonis (Lithuania) Clemson
Catalin Baciu (Romania) Clemson
Deniz Kilicli (Turkey) West Virginia
Nikola Knezevic (Serbia) California
Davis Martens (Germany) Siena
Gerald Lee (Finland) Old Dominion
Dragan Sekelja (Croatia) Baylor
Hugh Barnett (United Kingdom) Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Andy Buechert (Germany) Winthrop

Latin America

Greivis Vasquez (Venezuela) Maryland
Jaime Serna (Mexico) UC Santa Barbara
Jonathan Tavernari (Brazil) BYU
Juan Fernandez (Argentina) Temple
David Cubillan (Venezuela) Marquette
Jorge Gutierrez (Mexico) California
North America & Caribbean

Carlos Lopez (Puerto Rico) UNLV
Hernst Laroche (Canada) New Mexico State
Mangisto Arop (Canada/Sudan) Gonzaga
Bol Kong (Canada/Sudan) Gonzaga
Kelly Olynyk (Canada) Gonzaga
Robert Sacre (Canada) Gonzaga)
Denis Clemente (Puerto Rico) Kansas State
Luis Colon (Puerto Rico) Kansas State
Eloy Vargas (Domincan Republic) Florida
Ivan Aska (U.S. Virgin Islands) Murray State
Dwight Miller (Bahamas) Pittsburgh
Andre Wilkins (Canada) Cornell
Marc Van Burck (Canada) Cornell
Craig Williams (U.S. Virgin Islands) Temple
Junior Cadougan (Canada) Marquette
Samardo Samuels (Jamaica) Louisville
Edgar Sosa (Dominican Republic) Louisville
Edwin Ubiles (Puerto Rico) Siena
Marco Cooper (Bahamas) Sam Houston State
Gilberto Clavell (Puerto Rico) Sam Houston State
Antonio Pena (Dominican Republic) Villanova

Australia & Oceania

A.J. Ogilvy (Australia) Vanderbilt
Tai Wesley (Samoa) Utah State
Trian Iliadis (Australia) Old Dominion
Josh Duinker (Australia) Richmond
Ben Allen (Australia) St. Mary's
Matt Dellavedova (Australia) St. Mary's
Jorden Page (Australia) St. Mary's
Clint Steindl (Australia) St. Mary's
Mitchell Young (Australia) St. Mary's


Lamine Diame (Senegal) New Mexico State
Makhtar Diop (Senegal) New Mexico State
Abdoulaye N'doye (Senegal) New Mexico State
Adetunji Adedipe (Nigeria) Ohio University
Solomon Alabi (Nigeria) Florida State
Festus Ezeli (Nigeria) Vanderbilt
Steve Tchiengang (Cameroon) Vanderbilt
Georges Fotso (Cameroon) Murray State
Talib Zanna (Nigeria) Pittsburgh
Charles Abouo (Ivory Coast) BYU
Kenny Kadji (Cameroon) Florida
Victor Ojeleye (Nigeria) Kansas State
Alexis Wangmenge (Cameroon) Texas
Michael Eric (Nigeria) Temple
Youssoupha Mbao (Senegal) Marquette
Vassy Banny (Ivory Coast) Montana
Bak Bak (Sudan) California
Modou Niang (Senegal) Utah State
Ekpe Udoh (Nigeria) Baylor
Arthur Zulu (Zambia) Sam Houston State
Mouphtaou Yarou (Benin) Villanova
Mezie Nwigwe (Nigeria) Robert Morris


Ali Farokhmanesh (Iran) Northern Iowa
Max Zhang (China) California
I'm out like regional basketball.

Kris Santiago ( from FIBA (

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Title: Women’s NCAA Tournament: Auriemma’s UConn Huskies storm into Final Four
Post by: orlando_coach on Apr 01, 2010, 09:49:48 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

Auriemma’s UConn Huskies storm into Final Four

Geno Auriemma will this summer lead the United States at the FIBA World Championship for Women.
There is a very good chance he'll show up in Ostrava fresh off another title-winning campaign with the University of Connecticut.
Auriemma's Huskies improved to 37-0 this season and won their 76th game in a row by destroying Florida State 90-50 on Tuesday to book a place at the Women’s NCAA Final Four.
Tina Charles, who is in the United States' preliminary squad for the FIBA World Championship, had 20 points and 14 rebounds for the Huskies.
She had 16 points and 11 rebounds at the half.
Another future USA star, Maya Moore, had 22 points and eight boards.
"My teammates say as long as I do my part, they'll deliver it to me," said Charles.
The 40-point win in Dayton, Ohio, was the largest margin of victory ever for a Regional Final.
Auriemma's Huskies, the defending champions, will play in their eighth Final Four since 2000.
They will take on Baylor on Saturday night.
Oklahoma defeated Kentucky 88-68 in the Kansas City Final and will take on Stanford in the Final Four.

The Cardinal advanced after a thrilling 55-53 win over Xavier.
After Xavier missed two wide-open lay-ups, Stanford got the rebound and called timeout with four seconds remaining.
When play resumed, Jeanette Pohlan received an inbounds pass and dribbled the length of the floor before making a lay-up at the buzzer.


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Title: EUROCUP – Stakes high as teams travel to Eurocup Finals in Spain
Post by: Kevin Kevin on Apr 17, 2010, 06:48:28 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

EUROCUP – Stakes high as teams travel to Eurocup Finals in Spain

Several players that will be at the FIBA World Championship later this year are facing their biggest weekend of the season at the Eurocup Finals in Spain.
Power Electronics Valencia take on Panellinios in one semi-final and Bizkaia Basket Bilbao go up against Alba Berlin in the other.
The Eurocup winner will qualify for next season’s Euroleague.
Australia international Matt Nielsen, who plays for Valencia, expects a battle against Panellinios.
He said to "We need to come with the right attitude and with our heads in the game and we could do something special.
“I think it depends on the way we approach these games and how hard we go."
Valencia have several players headed to the FIBA World Championship.
There are France pair Florent Pietrus and Nando De Colo, Serbia center Kosta Perovic, Nielsen and Spain high-flier Victor Claver.
For Valencia’s coach, Neven Spahija, the year could not have been much better.
His team had to overcome a 15-point first-leg deficit in the Qualifying Round against Dexia Mons-Hainaut to just to reach the Eurocup.
"I'm really happy, proud of this group of players, especially with their attitude,” Spahija said to
"I think at this moment, we're doing a little bit more than our real quality.
"We made it because of our chemistry and our good attitude."
For Panellinios, it’s a case of flying the Greek flag.
“Of course in Greece the fans are feeling great about this, it's normal,” said Panellinios coach Ilias Zouros.
“As you know in Greece, basketball is big and we have to try to do our best not only for ourselves but for Greek basketball, also.”
Steffen Hamann, the Germany national team player guard of Alba, is gearing up for his team’s semi-final against Bilbao.
“It is great to be here, because making it to the Eurocup Finals is a great achievement for us. It wasn't easy but at the same time, we deserved it.”
Alba, who also have Germany internationals Phillip Zwiener and Lucca Steiger, and Slovenia center Jurica Golemac, had to overcome a first-leg deficit in their quarter-final tie against Hapoel Jerusalem to reach this stage of the competition.
Bilbao will be, without a doubt, Alba’s hardest game so far.
The Spanish outfit has the likes of Spain international Alex Mumbru in their talented side.

“The atmosphere around us is telling us that we can do something big but we must stay focused because first we will have to beat Alba Berlin,” Mumbru said.
“We have to concentrate and focus on the semi-final only."



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Title: 2014 FIBA World Basketball Championship • Mundial de Baloncesto de 2014
Post by: Pablo Bahia on Apr 20, 2010, 08:53:50 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

2014 FIBA World Championship to be played in Barcelona, Spain

( para Traducción al Español= Ver a Continuación )

The city of Barcelona has been confirmed as sixth and new venue for the FIBA World Championship to be
played in Spain in 2014. The games will be held in the 20.000 seat Palau San Jordi.

The decision was made during today's FIBA Central Board meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Barcelona will host half of the Eight Final Round, Quarter Final Round and Semi Final Round games. Madrid will host the other half of those games and the gold and bronce medal games.

The games of the First Round will be played in Bilbao, Granada, Las Palmas, and Seville as was already announced during the assignment ceremony in Geneva last year.

FIBA President Bob Elphinston is excited about the news: "This is a positive change to what has been proposed to us in an already excellent bid. Barcelona is the cradle of Spanish basketball and we therefore gladly accept the proposal."

Barcelona can look back at a rich tradition in organizing top FIBA events, amongst them the 1992 Olympics with the legendary Dream Team and the 1997EuroBasket.

Jose Luis Saez, President of the Spanish Basketball Federation worked hard on including the Catalan capital: "We are very happy to present Barcelona as a new 2014 venue for the 2014 World Championship. There is a rich tradition and also a great passion for our sport and our organization will profit from

More information on FIBA (

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Mundial de baloncesto de 2014, en Barcelona, España

La FIBA anunció este sábado la elección del Palau Blaugrana, en la ciudad de Barcelona, como sexta sede del Mundial de baloncesto de 2014, que se celebrará en España, tras la reunión mantenida en la capital de Puerto Rico, San Juan, del Comité Central del organismo.

La sede será el Palau, con capacidad para 20.000 espectadores, y que ya ha sido utilizado para otros eventos de similar magnitud. De esta forma, la Ciudad Condal será el escenario de los octavos de final, de los cuartos y de la semifinal de la competición mundialista.

La final se disputará en Madrid, como ya estaba establecido, así como los partidos restantes pertenecientes a las fases de partido único. Los encuentros de la primera ronda se disputarán en Bilbao, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria y Sevilla, como ya fue anunciado durante la ceremonia de asignación celebrada el año pasado en Ginebra.

El presidente de FIBA, Bob Elphinston, mostró su satisfacción por la noticia. "Es un cambio positivo con respecto a lo que se nos propuso en un proyecto que ya era excelente. Barcelona es la cuna del baloncesto español y por ello aceptamos encantados la propuesta", indicó.

Por su parte, José Luis Sáez, presidente de la Federación Española de Baloncesto (FEB) destacó la tradición baloncestística de Barcelona. "Estamos muy contentos de presentar a la ciudad de Barcelona como nueva sede para el Mundial de 2014. Hay una gran tradición y también una gran pasión por nuestro deporte y nuestra organización se aprovechará de ello", apuntó.

Más información en FIBA (

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Title: British Basketball women's coach Tom Maher picks first squad
Post by: eng_zone on Apr 28, 2010, 02:20:43 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

British Basketball women's coach Tom Maher picks first squad

GB Standard Life women's head coach Tom Maher has selected a strong roster for his debut campaign leading the senior team as they look to qualify for the Eurobasket Championship which will be held in Poland in 2011.

Maher who has an impressive coaching pedigree at club and international level, leading Australia, New Zealand and China to Olympic Games - including a silver and bronze for Australia in 2000 and 1996 respectively and a fourth place finish for China in Beijing in 2008.

The roster includes a mixture of experience and emerging talent ahead of what will be a tough campaign where they will play Slovak Republic, Germany and Ukraine home and away.

Experienced campaigners like Rosalee Mason, Meagan Hoffman, Stephanie Collins and Kim Butler will be joined by such players as Johannah Leedham, who was picked 27th in round three of the WNBA draft, and Scottish born Rose Anderson.

"I have now been in the position long enough to enable me to assess the roster and work out what I needed to bring in for the forthcoming campaign. I think the balance we have between experience and emerging talent should provide us with the correct mix for what will be a challenging summer programme. It is disappointing we have recently lost Yemi (Oyefuwa) to injury as she would have made the roster this season, however we wish her well for a speedy recovery." said Maher.

In preparation of the campaign, camp will commence on 4 June at a training base in Stirling before a number test games, two of which will be at Surrey University, and away fixtures in Belgium, Holland and Israel. All the test fixtures will supersede the competitive Eurobasket schedule which gets underway on 14 August at home to Slovakia.

Advertisement - article continues below »

"We have brought the roster in earlier than usual so we can get as much time together before the games get underway. This is an important summer for the team, so we need to be 100% prepared for what is going to be an intensive summer of basketball" continued Maher.

It was announced last week that for the first time, the Standard Life men's and women's team will stage two double headers in Birmingham and Liverpool on the 14 and 26 August. The other women's game will be hosted at the new basketball venue at Surrey University.

GB Standard Life women's roster:

Anderson, Rose - University Central Oklahoma, USA
Butler, Kim - Panionios, Greece
Butters, Kate - UWIC Archers, EBL
Collins, Stephanie - UWIC Archers, EBL
Gandy, Stephanie - City of Sheffield Hatters, EBL
Handy, Chantelle - Marshall University, USA
Hoffman, Meagan - UWIC Archers, EBL
Hutchinson, Lisa - City of Sheffield Hatters, EBL
Leedham, Johannah - Franklin Pierce University, USA
Mason, Rosalee - City of Sheffield Hatters, EBL
McKay, Sarah - Unattached
Page, Julie - Pays d'Aix Basket 13, France
Stewart, Azania - Florida University, USA
Johnson-Thomas, Lauren - Marquette University, USA
Wade-Frey, Jeneya - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA
Claydon, Jo - Leeds Carnegie, EBL
Wood, Joanne - Sandringham Sabres, Australia


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Title: Plenty to savor in Europe ! ~ Has there ever been a better time to watch basketball in Europe than now ?
Post by: ballwomen on Feb 03, 2011, 02:31:13 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

Plenty to savor in Europe

Has there ever been a better time to watch basketball in Europe than now?
The answer is absolutely, unequivocally no.
It’s not about following Europeans in the NBA, but watching leading players here on the old continent, be it in national team tournaments or club competitions.
One hotbed is Lithuania.
Italy coach Simone Pianigiani called Lithuania “a nation that breathes basketball” after Sunday’s EuroBasket draw in Vilnius.
A country that paid particular attention to the hoopla was Slovenia because in two years, that nation will host the EuroBasket.
Slovenian fans turned out in force to watch their team reach the Semi-Finals of EuroBasket 2009 in Poland, and they travelled in huge numbers to Turkey for the 2010 FIBA World Championship.
Right now, in their brand spanking new Stozice Arena, 13,000 fans show up to watch Union Olimpija play their home games in the Euroleague.
So it's not just Lithuania where there's a craze.
"I can say that in this moment, basketball is the national sport of Slovenia," said the recently appointed Slovenia coach, Bozidar Maljkovic, who was in Vilnius for the draw.
Last week in Istanbul, it was like the World Championship all over again.
It was hard not to get swept up in the excitement of the Euroleague Top 16 game between Fenerbahce Ulker and Power Electronics Valencia.
There were 15,600 fans jammed into the Sinan Erdem Dome to watch Fener edge Valencia, 75-73.
"It was a crazy atmosphere," Valencia big man James Augustine said.
"This is why you play the game. We loved it. It’s a shame we didn’t win because we would have been in a very good position."
In Vitoria, Caja Laboral – aka, Saskia Baskonia - hosted one of the most exhilarating contests of the year, a clash that Vilnius giants Lietuvos Rytas won 79-76 when Khalid El-Amin hit a long three-pointer at the buzzer.
How spoiled are the more than 9,000 spectators that turn out to watch games at the Fernando Buesa Arena, where greats like Luis Scola and Tiago Splitter played before leaving for the NBA?
The fans that watched El-Amin throw in the dagger returned four days later to see Brazil international Marcelo Huertas score on a last-second drive for a 76-74 Caja Laboral win over Unicaja Malaga.
Okay, so big names come and go. They leave for new challenges in the NBA, but there's plenty more to see.
Just look at Spain’s ACB.
Exhibit A: Bismack Biyombo; Exhibit B: Victor Claver; Exhibit C: Nikola Mirotic.
Congolese Bismack Biyombo is just 18 years old and plays at Fuenlabrada. The way he’s been blocking shots, it’s like the second coming of Dikembe Mutombo.
Claver, Mr Nice guy, the Power Electronics captain, is a high-flier now thriving under the tutelage of Svetislav Pesic.
He and his teammates and their remarkable turnaround have turned Valencia into a basketball city.
In the Spanish capital, they are witnessing the birth of greatness.
Real Madrid's 19-year-old Mirotic is at the beginning of what could be a spectacular career.
He had 13 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter to lead Madrid past Montepaschi Siena in Italy last week, and Mirotic hit two clutch three-balls on Sunday as Madrid beat Manresa 62-61.
"I have many dreams," Mirotic said.
"I have the whole of my career ahead of me. My dream is to win as many titles as possible.”
Mirotic’s emergence contributed to the club’s decision to put Spain international Jorge Garbajosa on the transfer list.
That would have been unimaginable at the start of the season.
Mirotic played for Spain at the U20 European Championship last year in Croatia.
One can’t help but think that Mirotic summed up the feelings of so many that are involved in the game in Spain, and Europe overall, with his final words.

"Basketball is my life,” he said.
“I don't think I would be the same person.
“It gives me everything."

Jeff Taylor ( from FIBA (

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Title: I think that Next Season Could be One of the Most Surprising Ever in International Basketball at the Club Level
Post by: jkl323 on Aug 03, 2011, 09:28:59 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

Haves and have nots

Since my last article a lot of things have occurred which make me think that next season could be one of the most surprising ever in international basketball at the club level.

Poor worldwide economic conditions have accentuated the disparities between the haves and have nots, starting with the NBA franchises themselves! I feel that the length of the lockout will now boil down to two major issues. First, how much salary will players be willing to sacrifice to help the twenty or so money-losing franchises from the smaller markets reach profitability. Second, how much are the big market, money-making franchises willing to sacrifice, notably from their lucrative local TV contracts, to help their weaker partners achieve profitability like the NFL has done in the last few years.

This revenue sharing between the teams seems logical unless you want to go back to an NBA with just 12 teams which certainly wouldn't be in the players' or the owners' best interest!

All owners have made stupid contract decisions (some more than others!), but when it happens to a small market team like San Antonio or Utah, it's a lot more painful to the bottom line than for the Knicks or the Lakers. In '99, I was one of the few experts who said a maximum salary scale was necessary to the survival of the NBA. Most observers said that a private enterprise like the league would never accept that, but it did!

Now the franchises are no longer worried about cost certainty but dream instead of profit certainty through a new deal which drastically penalizes the players for the next ten years. My gut feeling is that the players realize that they are highly privileged employees compared to most but they will expect the richer teams to make the same type of sacrifice in order to reach a fair agreement for everyone. The time has come for revenue sharing between the teams, the same way max salaries were the key in the '99 lockout resolution.

David Stern's legacy as a master marketer and negotiator are at stake and we should all hope that he goes toward his retirement in a blaze of glory! His numerous  past successes give us good reason to hope for a rapid and positive outcome. He, more than anyone, must be pained to see the league and franchises laying off employees.

Outside of the NBA, there has been a major shift for the haves and have nots also, as the powerful economic clout of the elite Greek teams has shifted towards Turkish teams like Besiktas, financed by Turkish Airlines, which is also the top sponsor of the Euroleague. Seeing Deron Williams and Kobe Bryant in Turkish uniforms would be incredible and others are sure to follow.

Portland's Nicholas Batum has decided to play with Nancy if the lockout continues and he is the first of a long list of French NBA players including Boris Diaw who would play for Bordeaux or Kevin Seraphin who has several offers. How about Dirk Nowitzki with the shining new and flush with cash Bayern Munich club. Why not?

FIBA has announced that they will accept NBA players with lockout clauses but rumors are circulating that the Chinese CBA pro league will not.

Important clubs in Spain and Italy have also announced that they are not interested in players that might leave in the middle of the season. The lockout has also increased the cost of insuring players with NBA contracts when playing for their national teams this summer. France, Germany and Argentina are among the haves, insurance-wise, whereas Australia will not pay to insure Andrew Bogut's contract, a situation which would likely change if Australia qualifies for the London Olympics next summer.

Each club or national team will weigh the short term advantages with their long term goals. Anyway, as I stated earlier, this is shaping up as one of the most unbelievable offseason's in the history of the game !

by George EDDY ( from FIBA (

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Title: I Edición: MAXI +35 "JUNTANDOAMIGOS" en Villa Gesell. Argentina ~ 18 -19 y 20 DE Noviembre 2011
Post by: eBAstats on Oct 11, 2011, 11:51:24 PM
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18 -19 y 20  DE NOVIEMBRE 2011


INFORMES:  ELVIO JORGE: 0226715633555 CEL. 02255-467430 PART.

INSCRIPCION: $450- POR JUGADOR. SEÑA $ 600-  CIERRE 19/10/2011





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Title: Basketball Tournaments: Worldwide Attention for 3x3 ~ The Future of Indoor Basketball Played Outdoors ... !
Post by: coach32primer on Jan 18, 2012, 09:22:53 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

Worldwide Attention for 3x3
The Future of Indoor Basketball Played Outdoors ... !

What makes 3x3 or Streetball so attractive is that it's played outdoors. However, bad weather makes playing outside a real nightmare.

GAM3, 3x3 promoters from Copenhagen have found the perfect alternative; StreetMekka.

"Essentially it's an indoor street and has a N.Y. State of Mind", said Simon Prahm, GAM3 director.

This project came about after two Copenhagen streetballers were getting tired of playing in the foul Scandinavian weather and spraining their ankles on bad courts.

After seven long years of perseverance and a four million dollar fundraising campaign, StreetMekka was opened to the streetball community in 2010.

Now "addicts" can play the sport that they love all year round, compared to only six months prior to this 3x3 basketball shrine.

Thus far the most memorable event that took place in StreetMekka was this year's GAM3 Finals. Rain showers forced the tournament to move indoors, this proved to be wonderful substitute.

It didn't take long for it to become a resounding success story. The people of Copenhagen voted it as the "Best New Initiative in Town".

With so much momentum, GAM3 is currently working on a plan to open four new StreetMekka facilities across Denmark within the next five years.

Who knows, if this all works out maybe you'll be playing 3x3 in your city's StreetMekka in the middle of winter.

Now it's the Danish Basketball Federation's turn to surprise the nation's 3x3 population.

Sunday 8 January during the halftime of the Men's League Cup Final, they held two games of 3x3. First the Ladies played after which they followed with a Men's game.

During both games they had someone speak and promote the 3x3 project in front of 2000 spectators.

What makes it even more striking is that this was all broadcasted on National television. After both games, short interviews were conducted to further encourage Danish basketball fans to start playing 3x3.

"We are using 3x3 to have more members and to come out with another way of playing basketball." said Thomas Jens Haaning, Danish Basketball Federation 3x3 project manager.

In a country where it's hard to find ten people to play a normal game of five on five, 3x3 is quickly becoming the new alternative to counter this handicap.

"Many clubs in Denmark are struggling to have enough players on a team, if you only need four players on a team then it is much easier for some clubs to survive." said Thomas.

3x3 is booming in this small nation which never ceases impress its basketball community.

From (

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Title: FIBA Asia: Both Lebanese Fadi El Khatib and Iranian Samad Bahrami... their absence will be a little too conspicuous !
Post by: Coach Jim K on Feb 09, 2012, 09:16:28 AM
Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto

Their absence will be a little too conspicuous !

This is a story about two of the greatest basketballers in FIBA Asia history neither of whom unfortunately will be seen in action in an international event – outside FIBA Asia – this year.

It is the first time in recent memory that both Lebanese Fadi El Khatib and Iranian Samad Bahrami will be together absent from a FIBA event, what with their National Teams – Iran and Lebanon respectively – fighting it out for only the fifth place in the 26th FIBA Asia Championship last year.

El Khatib and Bahrami are two of the most delightful players this part of the basketball world seen in recent times. Few will doubt this. Fewer can digest the fact that neither El Khatib nor Bahrami will be involved in any international competition outside of FIBA Asia this year.

But the absence of international action has in no way taken the sheen off their showing on court.

On the contrary, it has only spurred them to focus more on the job at hand, every time they take to court, and more so when pitted against each other.

“It doesn’t matter,” said El Khatib, whose popularity among the masses in Lebanon is something to be seen to be believed.

“Of course, it would have been fantastic if Lebanon were playing the Olympics or at least the qualifiers, but why should that stop me from giving my best. My job is to play and I will do just that,” said the talismanic Lebanese star, who turned 33 on New Year Day this year.

El Khatib currently averages close to 30 points per game in the high-profile Lebanese League which only adds credence to his words.

Bahrami too has almost similar statistics in the Iranian Super League, and his approach to the “absence” too is refreshingly almost similar.

“It just shows we have to play well consistently every time we play. That’s what I am aiming to achieve,” Bahrami said.

That neither El Khatib nor Bahrami will be present on any international stage is reflective of the crossroads that their corresponding National Teams are at.

The achievements of Lebanon and Iran in the last decade or so, and the resultant rise of basketball’s profile in their countries is part of folklore in this part of the world. No doubting that. Similarly there is also no doubt that both Lebanon and Iran have a lot of introspection to do to keep the momentum going for the next decade.

El Khatib and Bahrami both acknowledged this.

“It gets a little too predictable and monotonous. We need to infuse young and fresh blood,” says El Khatib commenting on the situation in the sport in Lebanon.

“We need to get the hunger back. Probably we got a little complacent somewhere down the line. But this is a good wakeup call,” says Bahrami.
Incidentally, both El Khatib and Bahrami have consistently brought on their best to the table when they are pitted against each other. And the respect each hold for the other is tremendous and mutual.

“He is a great player of our time,” Bahrami said about El Khatib.

“There is electricity in the air whenever he steps on court. As a fellow basketball player, I find it tremendously thrilling,” Bahrami added.

“He is no less a player. The way he fights for the team is a matter of inspiration for anybody,” lauded El Khatib of Bahrami.

Most recently, the two scorched the courts at the picturesque Maristes in Beirut as their clubs Champville and Mahram went into a head-on collision in the WABA League.

With little action outside of FIBA Asia, it might just turn out to be blessing in disguise for fans in FIBA Asia that the two will bring the best every time they appear on court in any game at any level this year.

Like the old adage goes, the sport can only get richer.

So long…

S Mageshwaran ( for FIBA Asia (

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Title: Basketball Tournaments: 3x3 - First Ever World Tour Bound Team Can't Wait for New York
Post by: Regent 212 on Apr 02, 2012, 03:06:58 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - First World Tour bound team can't wait for New York

There will be more than just Olympic basketball going on in 2012 as this summer also sees the first ever FIBA 3x3 World Tour. Five World Tour Masters will qualify teams for a grand Final held in Miami 22-23 September.

The first of 70 World Tour qualifying tournaments took place in Orlando, where 'Ohoops' were the winners of NBA 3x3 Jam session. The first of 80 teams to qualify for one of the five World Tour stops, the group composed of Gerrod Trylten, Jean Marc Olivier, Ricky Claitt and Nick Trapp will next take center stage in the New York World Tour Masters on Saturday 18 August. caught-up with Gerrod Trylten to ask him about his thoughts and impressions on qualifying for New York and 3x3 basketball in general.

FIBA: How does it feel being the first team to win a 3x3 World Tour Qualifier?

Gerrod Trylten: Being the first team to win a 3x3 Tour Qualifier is special.  We are hoping to continue in New York, Miami and internationally.  Qualifying first is a great feeling, being apart of an event that could potentially be Olympic bound - words can't describe how we feel.

FIBA: For how long have you and your teammates been playing 3x3 tournaments together?

Trylten: We haven't played in any 3x3 tournaments together; however, we do train, practice and play together on a regular weekly basis, sometimes two to three times a week.  We have built a strong chemistry on the court that we feel confident in and look forward to preparing for future tournaments.  

FIBA: Do you play five on five basketball?

Trylten: We do play in men's leagues around Central Florida, typically with friends and guys that have played high school & college basketball at a competitive level.  It is difficult for us to participate as much as we would like, due to our schedule; working is afternoon through the evening, which limits our opportunities.

FIBA: What makes 3x3 basketball different from normal five on five and what are its advantages?

Trylten: In five on five easier it is easier to determine weaknesses, pin point falters in the opposing teams offenses and defenses, it constantly creates mismatches.  3x3 - there's no time for mistakes, difficult to establish a comfortable lead, but with a strong scoring run - the game could be over.  3x3 is much faster paced, constant movement and the understanding of how basketball can truly be played in a five on five setting is based around a 3x3 game Phil Jackson has mastered that as a coach from all angles on the court.  

FIBA: What's the level of excitement for your team and you knowing that you'll play at the 3x3 World Tour in New York this coming August?

Trylten: We are focused.  The excitement between our team was and still is high as we are passionate about playing the game of basketball and with this opportunity to participate in this event, we are motivated to be in New York this August.  We have an understanding between us that not only brings our level of play up and excites us, but allows us to know each other's roles and what we are capable of doing as a team.  

FIBA: What would your ideal 3x3 team look like?

Trylten: The team we have now - 3 strong guards and a point/forward, that know and understand the game, play hard the entire game and have the excitement in every play, supporting and encouraging each other.  

from FIBA (

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Title: 3x3 Basketball Tournaments: FIBA 3x3 basketball partners with Connor Sport Court International
Post by: HBC John Telmes on Apr 08, 2012, 04:19:17 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

FIBA 3x3 basketball partners with Connor Sport Court International

FIBA has joined forces with Connor Sport Court International (CSCI), manufacturer of Sport Court® sports surfaces. The  partnership will see the American-based sports flooring company become exclusive suppliers with their patented outdoor courts for all of FIBA’s 3x3 basketball events until the end of 2014, including the FIBA 3x3 World Tour and the FIBA 3x3 World Cup.

FIBA Secretary General and IOC Member Patrick Baumann said: “We are delighted to bring on board our first major partner for 3x3 basketball ahead of our first full season. As we begin to host major events outdoors, there is a need for new surfaces adapted to different and varying conditions. It is great to work with such an experienced and innovative company as Sport Court.”

An official partner of the FIBA Study Centre since 1994, Connor Sport Court International is also a supplier of courts to the NCAA and the NBA.

Andrew Gettig, Vice-President of International Sales for CSCI, said: “Under FIBA’s guidance we have already seen 3x3 basketball begin to flourish around the world. Everyone now understands that although you can play basketball on almost any surface, there is a need for specialised courts to improve safety and performance, especially for high-level competition and international tournaments like the FIBA 3x3 World Tour and the FIBA 3x3 World Cup. Sport Court has spent over 30 years improving and developing the best outdoor courts in the world and we are thrilled to be supporting FIBA’s 3x3 efforts.”

The 3x3 basketball tournament at the first-ever Youth Olympic Games in 2010 and the inaugural FIBA 3x3 U18 World Cup in Rimini last year were both played on Sport Court outdoor court systems. For more information about Sport Court, visit

Mondo remains the official court supplier for all of FIBA’s official five on five events.

3x3 basketball
Exciting, urban and innovative, 3x3 basketball is inspired by several forms of streetball played worldwide. Endorsed by FIBA, the discipline sees two teams of three players face off on a standard half-court. It was played successfully for the first time in international competition at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, while the first-ever U18 World Cup was held in Rimini in 2011. The summer of 2012 will see the inaugural FIBA 3x3 World Tour and the first ever senior FIBA 3x3 World Cup.

From FIBA (

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Title: 3x3 & Basketball Tournaments: National Federations Embracing 3x3 to Promote the Discipline in their Respective Countries
Post by: mayoria131 on Apr 21, 2012, 04:20:42 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

National Federations embracing 3x3

With 3x3 going global this year, National Federations worldwide are stepping up efforts to promote and grow the discipline in their respective countries.

3x3 is enabling people everywhere, whether fans or players, to take part in the sport of basketball.

For a number of National Federations, this includes promoting the discipline thanks to a dedicated 3x3 staff member, something FIBA strongly encourages and believes will pay off both short and long term.

"It's such a fast paced game that also allows for the fans to be heavily engaged in the game", says Travis Johnson, 3x3 Basketball Program Director for USA Basketball.

One of the many aspects of 3x3 praised by those involved is that it allows everyone to participate and have a good time.

"3x3 is what is best in basketball, individual achievement, joy; just having fun and everyone can reach for the stars", said Rikard Aspegren 3x3 project manager for Swedish Basketball.

Many National Federations started with test tournaments in 2011 and now they look to officially launch their 3x3 campaign this year, as explains Marek Maliszewski, 3x3 project manager for the Polish Basketball Federation.

"2011 was a test year. We started in September with five qualifying tournaments and the final.

Now we continue our work with minimum eight official qualifying tournaments played in three categories.

Beside of Polish Championship Tour, several 3x3 events will be held as support events for Polish basketball competitions. "

USA Basketball has also been working with private promoters who have demonstrated know-how when it comes to organising 3x3 events.

"USA Basketball is working with domestic private 3x3 operators, such as Hoop It Up, Gus Macker and Nike 3x3 at L.A. Live.

We are working towards a partnership with them to include messaging in their advertising and marketing plans to get the 'word' out to other 3x3 participants, "added Johnson.

Beyond the incentive of a new catalyst discipline for the growth of basketball, Brazil has other reasons to get excited about 3x3, which aims to become an Olympic discipline by 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

"The Brazilian Federation has 27 Regional Federations and is encouraging them to organise 3x3 tournaments in their states", explains Paulo Villas Boas, 3x3 Director for the Brazilian Basketball Federation.

National Federations recognise the potential and are striving to do everything in their power to make this a reality.

Martin Ho Suie Sang, Manager Basketball Development for the Netherlands Basketball Federation, believes that the Olympics add extra incentive for everyone involved in 3x3.

"To be able to offer the Olympic dream to the participants through our activities will only stimulate the Federation and the players to push even harder to make 3x3 a success", he explains.

The slogan 'From the streets to the Olympics' fits perfectly to the plans of our Federation."

Canada Basketball shares the same view when it comes to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games.

"The possibility of 3x3 as a potential Olympic discipline will further help promote this game as it will show a clear pathway from the playground to the podium.

It will help drive the sport to new heights with its greater presence, leading to greater participation and development of more skilled basketball players, "described Ron Yeung 3x3 project manager for Canada Basketball.

Over the past few months other National Federations such as Denmark, Spain, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland and Lithuania have hired 3x3 dedicated staff members.

More Federations will follow as interest and related activities increase.

On the eve of the inaugural FIBA 3x3 World Tour and World Cup, those investing in the discipline believe that they can get one step ahead of this lightning fast game.

FIBA (http://htp://

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Title: 3x3 & Basketball Tournaments: FIBA - Calendar, System of Competition and 3x3 Tournament as Biggest Priorities
Post by: perel-muter32 on Apr 23, 2012, 09:18:32 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

FIBA - Mainini: calendar, system of competition and 3x3 our biggest priorities

FIBA will hold its first Central Board meeting of 2012 next weekend (28-29 April) in Rio de Janeiro and there will plenty up for discussion on the agenda.

For FIBA President Yvan Mainini, this will be his fourth time chairing the biannual meeting, which brings together the 23 members representing all stakeholders in international basketball.

Since being elected at the World Congress in Turkey in 2010, Mr Mainini has led the way in finding – and putting in application – answers to questions asked by his predecessor, Bob Elphinston and FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann: namely, what vision should FIBA have for itself and what direction must it take?

Mr Mainini took time to answers questions in an in-depth two-part interview.

In this first part, he sheds light on FIBA's current main projects, including the 3x3, the calendar of events and explains the idea of a new system of competition.

FIBA: What are the main projects FIBA is working on right now?
Mainini: We have several projects on the table that are quite substantial and important for the future of our sport. Two are particularly ground-breaking: we have launched 3x3 as a new discipline and we are studying the feasibility of a radical change in our calendar of competitions. I could even add a third project, which is literally ground-breaking and that is the construction of our new and final headquarters in Switzerland.

FIBA: Why are these projects so important?
Mainini: FIBA has been working on a strategic plan for quite some time now. At the beginning it all started with the discussion about the commercial value of our events and our ability to look for new resources to help develop basketball worldwide. Over the past 10 years we have focused on assisting the Zones (FIBA’s continental organisations) and we have been successful in generating the necessary resources for them. However, there is now a much clearer divide between well-developed and lesser-developed Zones and, at the same time, the National Federations have not necessarily benefitted directly from this growth. So we decided to review our commercial operations, but rapidly came to the conclusion that we needed to go much deeper in the exercise and analyse FIBA’s overall vision and strategy.

FIBA: Which of these main projects have priority at this moment in time?
Mainini: Right now, 3x3 and changing our calendar of competitions are the two projects that are of huge importance to us. With 3x3, we presented the conclusions of a one-year study on how to develop the discipline going forward at the World Congress in Istanbul in 2010. As for the calendar, it is something which I emphasized as a key priority during my term at my first intervention as President of FIBA at the Congress two years ago.

FIBA: Why these two in particular?
Mainini: These projects stem from two key strategic objectives that the Central Board has fully supported for several years now, and which it formalised in early 2011 in Lyon when it approved a fully revamped strategy for FIBA.

The first objective is related to strengthening the National Federations. A strong and regular national team programme is an essential tool in developing and strengthening National Federations. The second objective is related to the need to enlarge the worldwide pool of basketball players and lovers in order to prepare for a better future with new talents, new countries, more fans and more youngsters. The 3x3 is a good fit and opportunity for basketball.

While we are focused on 3x3 and our calendar and system of competition, we are of course working on a number of other important projects at the same time, including as I mentioned before the construction of our new headquarters on the outskirts of Geneva, but also working on our future governance and improving our relationship with the NBA.

FIBA: We already know quite a lot about the 3x3 project. However, less is known about the new calendar and system of competition. What are the reasons to have a new system?
Mainini: The competition between various sports is growing on a global scale. It’s not only about basketball. Everyone – whether it be football, handball, rugby or other – has more or less found the means to give national teams more exposure and visibility.

A few dozen national teams, out of our 213 members, have accounted for medals in FIBA’s international competitions and tomorrow we would like for a lot more countries to be competitive and be known and perceived as having a strong basketball programme.

FIBA is a Federation of National Federations and as I mentioned earlier, we have been concentrating – due to the amount of available resources – on strengthening our regional organisations over the past decade. They now have a healthy operational base to continue to work on. As a global organisation, however, we are only as strong as our weakest National Federations. While we have plenty of programmes that assist in transfer of know-how, coaching and referees clinics, our sport remains strong in traditional markets but has difficulty growing fast in others. Furthermore, the national teams programme in particular has not been extensively developed worldwide and the FIBA Basketball World Cup does not have the right positioning within our own competition structure. It is impossible to adjust these aspects unless we fully revisit the world calendar.

So we needed to re-think our whole system of competition. We have to provide national teams with official games in their countries, look at things globally, provide some coherence to the FIBA calendar – by creating clear pathways (Road to) to the FIBA Basketball World Cup and to the Continental Championships – and enhance the primacy of the World Cup overall. In essence, we need to get the base for our future long-term stability and sustainable growth.

FIBA: What is the main change under this new competition system?
Mainini: The main change is the potential number of official games played around the world that will make up the qualifying process for FIBA’s four-year cycle – from one FIBA Basketball World Cup to the next.

Under the new system of competition, there can be up to 1,600 games played by up to 130 national federations over a period of 18 to 24 months. This is double the number of national teams that are currently involved in the qualifying process for FIBA’s leading international tournaments. Most of these games will be played in a ‘home-and-away’ format but it could also be done within tournaments of proximity in places such as Africa. The same could apply to Zone Championships, thus creating a lean four-year plan.

These games should be played on a regular basis, throughout the year, giving national teams media exposure year-round.

This is the best way to give national federations the opportunity to grow and develop. This system should strengthen them in terms of revenues, organisation and promotion.

FIBA: Can you explain the format that will be brought into play under the new competition system?
Mainini: This new system of competition consists of a four-year period in which there will be a FIBA Basketball World Cup, the Olympic Games, one continental championship per FIBA Zone and one separate summer dedicated exclusively to Women’s Basketball.

This calendar takes into consideration the players: in any sport, they are the key value, the capital. If you give them too many games, it can lead to them getting injured and suffering exhaustion. We value quality over quantity and therefore players will have one summer of rest in every cycle.

Because the qualification process will be continuous throughout the year, we expect national teams to use a larger pool of players, which means more players will get to represent their countries and we should, in the long-term, produce more talents.

It probably will be that players have to travel more, but at the same time they will require less preparation time as they will not be coming together with their national team just once a year as is the case right now. There will be more continuity with players and their national teams.

As I mentioned, the new competition system is based on home and away qualification games, so most countries will get to enjoy the right to play in front of their fans a lot more.

The second important change as part of this new competition system is that the FIBA Basketball World Cup will consist of 32 teams, thereby allowing for good representation for every continent. For example, you could have 12-14 European teams that qualify for FIBA’s flagship event.

Finally we will always play the FIBA Basketball World Cup a year after the football World Cup, starting in 2019 (instead of 2018). Today the rivalry between the two events is very detrimental to us in terms of exposure and partnerships. I don’t think we can go in that direction anymore.

FIBA: How does this change concern the women?
Mainini: I’ve always been of the opinion that we could very well do a different calendar for women than for men. This calendar is in fact an opportunity for women’s basketball as it allows bringing the World Championship for Women out of the shadow of the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

So for us to have the women's tournament stay put in 2018 is an interesting offer because it allows us to concentrate fully on this event and for it to have its own following.

Be sure to check out the second part of this in-depth interview on Monday 23 April as Mr Mainini explains the timing for the implementation of the new system of competition.

FIBA (http://htp://

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Title: 3x3 - Teams announced for Senior and U18 3x3 World Championships in Athens, Greece and Seville, Spain
Post by: americoach on May 26, 2012, 01:38:53 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Teams announced for Senior and U18 3x3 World Championships

The 3x3 World Championships and U18 3x3 World Championships will take place respectively in the historical cities of Athens, Greece (23-26 August) and Seville, Spain (27-30 September) this summer.

National Federations have shown an immense amount of interest as 161 teams from 52 different countries initially registered for these competitions. The teams that were selected by FIBA will now look to appoint four players to represent their respective countries.

The 3x3 World Championships will consist of 24 Men’s and 24 Women’s teams.

The participating teams will be:

MEN - Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, Estonia, France, Greece, Guam, Ivory Coast, Latvia, Lebanon, Nepal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and Venezuela.

WOMEN - Angola, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Jordan, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine and USA.

Meanwhile, there will be 32 Boys’ and 24 Girls’ teams playing in the U18 tournament.

The participating teams will be:

BOYS - Angola, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, USA and Venezuela.

GIRLS - Brazil, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, France, Guam, Hong Kong, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and USA.

Players at both championships will also have the chance to take part in different individual competitions and compete for medals.

All participating players must have played in at least one 3x3 event that is part of FIBA’s 3x3 Competition Network by the time of the Championships. They will then hold a position within the 3x3 Individual World Ranking.

The official websites for both events will be launched this summer, giving fans from all around the world the possibility to follow the World Championships closely.

For more information about 3x3 basketball, please visit, and or contact


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Title: 3x3 & Basketball Tournaments: FIBA 3x3 - A Supplement and Complement, Not a Replacement
Post by: arroyo10 on Jun 01, 2012, 01:35:42 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

FIBA 3x3 - A supplement and complement, not a replacement

The father of Modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, once said: "In order for 100 people to develop their bodies it is necessary for 50 to practice a sport, and in order for 50 to practice a sport it is necessary for 20 to specialise; but in order for 20 to specialise it is necessary for 5 to be capable of outstanding achievement."

This quote has gone on to become famously known as the Coubertin Pyramid, which when drawn as a parallel is exactly what FIBA 3x3 aims to achieve with the emphasis here on widening the base of players taking to the sport.

Participants at last week’s FIBA Asia 3x3 seminar laid out the plan for development and promotion of this latest initiative to take the sport to every nook and corner.

Nepal’s initiative and ideas stand as an example for FIBA 3x3’s targets and goals.

"In a small country like ours, we definitely lack the infrastructure and facilities to play the traditional format of the game. The 3x3 is a shot in the arm for us,” says Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) Secretary General Dinesh Thapa.

"We are already planning for a World Tour kind of an event in and around Kathmandu.

"We are planning a three-leg event with teams playing in the three Durbar Squares – in Kathmandu, Pathan and Bhaktapur," he added.

For the uninitiated, these Durbar Squares that Thapa refers to are courtyards of erstwhile palaces and are, to describe in modest terms, sprawling.

There are concerns among the purists if 3x3 will become a convenient way out for youngsters to skirt around the rigours of training for the traditional format.

Fadi Sabbah, a long-time administrator known for his erudite analysis of the game, countered such doubts and even allayed any fears.

"Well, doubts being raised when something new is launched is normal,” the Jordanian administrator says.

"But there is no need for any fears as long as we have a strong commitment to use the 3x3 as a supplement and complement.

"The key here is for administrators and coaches to be dedicated and look at 3x3 as a feeder route," he went on.

"Look, there are numerous occasions when a 3x3 situation occurs in all games. Even in training we use a lot of drills which are essentially 3x3. Now that we have the format being played on the competition level, I think it makes the job of the coaches to work their plans far more efficiently," Sabbah argued.

In 3x3, do we have a format which brings more participation into sport? Definitely. Is the new format a replacement for the traditional form? Definitely not.

Can the new format act as a solid support base in the larger scheme of things? Definitely more than an option.

So long…

S Mageshwaran ( from FIBA Asia (

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Title: 3x3 & Basketball Tournaments: FIBA Asia - Mid-Term Congress and 3x3 Seminar Outline New Vision for Asian Basketball
Post by: york_bb10 on Jun 06, 2012, 08:51:42 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

FIBA Asia - Mid-Term Congress
and 3x3 Seminar outline new vision for Asian basketball

The FIBA Asia Mid-Term Congress drew to a close on Monday seeing FIBA Asia unveil a Vision Document, outlining the organisation's philosophy and objectives for the development of basketball on the Asian continent.

With a strong emphasis on unity and solidarity, the document also includes more concrete objectives such as making basketball the number one sport in Asia as well as securing the continent's first podium finishes at the Olympics and FIBA Basketball World Cup, as of 2020.

The Congress followed a two-day seminar on 3x3 basketball attended by a large number of FIBA Asia officials and commission members as well as sub-zone representatives and included several presentations and a workshop, ending with a unanimous commitment to promote the new discipline.

Finally, the Mid-Term Congress saw the nomination of Dato’ Yeoh Choo Hock as FIBA Asia Secretary General Emeritus, following his stepping down from the position of Secretary General last month for health reasons.

In an emotional acceptance speech, Dato’ Yeoh said: "Basketball has been my religion all my life.

"I thank this gathering for your magnanimity to allow me to continue my involvement with this great sport as Secretary General-Emeritus.

"I do strongly believe that Hagop Khajirian, the new FIBA Asia Secretary General, is a man of great vision and ambition. I call upon of each one of you to provide him with the same, and times more, support as you always have."

FIBA President Yvan Mainini, also in attendance, paid tribute to the huge contributions to Asian and world basketball made by Dato’ Yeoh Choo Hock in his more than 30 years of involvement with the sport. Following the end of the Mid-Term Congress.

He said: "FIBA Asia's new vision, its enthusiasm to embrace the 3x3 project and, of course, the appointment of Hagop Khajirian as Secretary General of FIBA Asia have coincided to mark a new chapter in the history of Asian basketball. These projects can build on solid foundations, including those laid by Dato’ Yeoh. We all look forward to Asian basketball fulfilling its huge potential."


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Title: Basketball is Hands Down Considered as the National Sport in Lithuania and 3x3 is Added Proof of to that Known Fact
Post by: yoli212 on Jun 09, 2012, 03:27:04 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Lithuania season in full motion

Basketball is hands down considered as the national sport in Lithuania and 3x3 is added proof of to that known fact.

"Most people play basketball in Lithuania, "pointed out Linas Stankevicius, Snickers-Virus manager. He has been heavily involved with 3x3 over the years and continues to take Snickers-Virus to new heights.

The 3x3 Snickers-Virus Quest tournament was under way in the capital city of Vilnius early this month.

There was an amazing 146 teams that participated over five different age categories.

"Basketball in Lithuania is like a religion, "exclaimed Stankevicius. The country has had a long and lasting interest for 3x3 basketball and this is just the beginning of many future events.

"3x3 basketball has been played here for the past 15 years so this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone, "explained Linas.

The overall feedback was very good from the players and also from the spectators. Prizes were handed out but most importantly the players were more than ever motivated to win.

Only one side came out on top and that was team 'Panevezio balsas' which was composed of Tomas Taucius, Danas Magila, Laurynas Kochnauskas, Linas Kivyta.

They will have a chance to battle for the only open spot at the September 3x3 Istanbul World Tour event at a 3x3 Quest tour final in Palanga, Lithuania later this month.


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Title: 3x3 & Basketball Tournaments: The Netherlands Basketball Federation (NBB) takes 3x3 basketball very seriously
Post by: yamball on Jun 14, 2012, 06:19:45 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Amsterdam becomes 3x3 capital of Netherlands

The Netherlands Basketball Federation (NBB) takes 3x3 basketball very seriously. This is best demonstrated by the fact that, since 2009 they have organised tournaments all over the country.

Last weekend, Amsterdam was the proud host of the Streetball Masters event. A total of 70 teams took to the court to battle for two spots at the Streetball Master Final in The Hague on 5 August.

The two qualifying teams were 'JR 4 Ball' and 'Team Heat', who believe in their chances of succeeding.

The winner will automatically qualify for the Amsterdam challenger and eye the Madrid 3x3 World Tour Masters in early September.

The promoters are very enthusiastic about organising another major 3x3 event in Amsterdam.

"We have very nice equipment and are located in the middle of the city', said Simone van den Biggelaar, a Streetball Masters employee.

When asked what the main challenge was, Simone responded: "Switching to FIBA's 3x3 rules required some adjustments for players who weren't used to playing with these rules. "

Last year, the NBB sent a boys and girls' team to the inaugural FIBA 3x3 Youth World Championship.

This year the Federation will send a women's and girls' team to both the FIBA 3x3 World Championship and FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championship.

"Our Federation strongly supports the development of 3x3 and we are eager to send teams to international tournaments, "Simone announced.

It promises to be an eventful summer for the ever-growing streetball nation.


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Title: 3x3 & Basketball Tournaments: FIBA launches revolutionary digital platform A Revolutionary Web Site !
Post by: babyball on Jun 19, 2012, 09:39:49 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

FIBA launches revolutionary digital platform

FIBA on Wednesday launched (, the revolutionary community website and individual worldwide ranking system for players and tournament organisers.

Once players have registered and created a personalised profile on, they can connect and communicate with other 3x3 users, find team mates and opponents, locate and sign up to a large number of available tournaments, collecting ranking points every time they play.

FIBA’s extensive 3x3 competition network – which already includes more than 300 tournaments in over 50 countries – is integrated into (

The simple endorsement process allows any tournament to become a part of the network, while tournament organisers can manage all aspects of their event thanks to the EventMaker competition management freeware.

A variety of different competition levels are available, from basic standalone tournaments to higher-rated 3x3 World Tour qualifying events, with the top flagship events being FIBA 3x3 World Tour and FIBA 3x3 World Championships.

In addition to and the 3x3planet EventMaker, FIBA is set to unveil the 3x3planet mobile App later this summer, allowing players to record results and score ranking points from pick-up games (informal or friendly games that do not belong to a formal tournament).

FIBA Secretary General and IOC Member Patrick Baumann said: “The launch of represents a major milestone in the development of 3x3 basketball. It makes organising and playing basketball more simple and accessible, giving millions of orphaned players the opportunity to be part of a worldwide community. is the Facebook of basketball and much more; it’s something every 3x3 player needs to be a part of.”

For an overview of, watch the “Join” ( video.

About FIBA and 3x3 basketball

Exciting, urban and innovative, 3x3 basketball is inspired by several forms of streetball played worldwide. Endorsed by FIBA, games see two teams of three players face off on a standard half-court.

It was played successfully for the first time in international competition at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore, while the first-ever FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships were held in Rimini, Italy in September 2011.

The FIBA 3x3 World Tour will see men’s teams from around the world qualify for Masters tournaments in some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities with the best teams qualifying for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final. FIBA 3x3 World Championships for Men, Women and U18s are national team competitions that determine the best 3x3 nation for each respective category.


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Title: 3x3 & Basketball Tournaments: 3x3 - International University Sports Federation (FISU) hosts 3x3 basketball in Serbia
Post by: ver_mouth on Jul 27, 2012, 05:13:16 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - FISU hosts 3x3 basketball in Serbia

This week will not only be remembered for the inaugural 3x3 World Tour opener in Sao Paulo but also as the first edition of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) 3x3 World University Basketball Championship in Kragujevac, Serbia.

FISU, who have chosen to use the 3x3 format for their basketball championships, were delighted with the outcome of the event in which a total of 22 teams took part, with Serbia and Italy winning the gold medals in the respective men and women's events.

"It's an inaugural event so we know we will have improvements to implement in the future, but our goal is to work closely alongside FIBA in order to be part of this 3x3 project and help develop it. We also hope that this opening edition will also help attract more countries for the next edition in Brazil," said Julien Buhajezuk, FISU's executive assistant.

Buhajezuk believes that the format, which will also be used for the FISU World University Championships, matches their needs perfectly.

"We are a federation oriented towards students and thus young people. It seems interesting for us to work as a lab and test new disciplines like 3x3," he added.

Beyond the success of the event in the city of Kragujevac - which incidentally has expressed interest in hosting future 3x3 events such as a 3x3 World Tour Challenger - FISU says that the 3x3 format has helped generate interest in organising the next editions of this event from several countries worldwide.

"We hope to be able to contribute to the development of 3x3. After Serbia, Brazil will organise the 2014 edition and we have already received interest especially from Africa for 2016."

"This hopefully promises a bright future for 3x3 within the FISU programme,"  Buhajezuk concluded.

3x3 - First round groups set for Vladivostok following draw

The 15 teams competing in this weekend's FIBA 3x3 World Tour in Vladivostok, Russia, found out their first round opponents.

The draw took place ahead of Saturday's event and the results are the following:

Group A: Primorsky Territory (RUS); Melbourne (AUS); Guangzhou (CHN); Tokyo (JPN); Singapore (SIN)
Group B: Vladivostok (RUS); Geelong (AUS); New Taipei City (TPE); Jakarta (INA); Sri Lanka (SRI)
Group C: Khabarovsk (RUS); New York (USA); Auckland (NZL); Fukushima (JPN); K amp Lintfort (GER)

The first round is played in a round robin format, meaning each team plays every other one in its group.

The two best teams from each group and the two best third-placed teams will progress to the Quarter-Finals. There the tournament continues in a standard knock-out format.

The teams that reach the title game will qualify for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final to be played in Miami, USA (22-23 September).

The action in Vladivostok gets underway at 11am local time on Quay Naberezhnaya.

FIBA (http://htp://

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Title: 3x3 & Basketball Tournaments: FIBA and the Czech Olympic Committee house hosts 3x3 basketball throughout Olympics
Post by: west-coach on Jul 30, 2012, 05:21:22 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Czech house hosts 3x3 basketball throughout Olympics

With London becoming the centre of the sporting universe over the next two weeks, FIBA and the Czech Olympic Committee have teamed up to bring 3x3 basketball to the British capital.

Curious passers-by and sports fans as well as Basketball players will be able to discover the fast-growing discipline, which is bidding for a place at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in just four years' time, at the 'Czech House' in London (52 Upper Street London - N1 OQH) between 28 July and 11 August.
Every day from 11 am to 7 pm (local time) people will be able to play pick-up games, open tournaments, follow high-level games as well as take part in a number of fun activities to help discover 3x3.

Demonstrations of the revolutionary community website and individual worldwide ranking system and its App will be provided by on-site staff, while players and spectators can win a wide range of prizes, with free give-aways - including 3x3 game jerseys - also up for grabs.

To make it an even more enjoyable experience, former athletes are expected to show-up and join in on the fun.

3x3 - Polish and Ukrainian champions add to Istanbul WT line-up

Two 3x3 championships were held, one was in Lodz Poland and the other in Kiev Ukraine.

The winners of these championships have been awarded a trip to Istanbul for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour stage that will take place on 1-2 September.

The Polish 3x3 championship was held in front of the 'Manufaktura', Poland's biggest shopping mall. There was a large audience and many by passers were able to discover and appreciate the winning team 'Druzyna Budextan Streetball 4' success.

Prior to the finals in Lodz, seven stages had taken place across the country, where many teams and players were able to showcase their talent and love for 3x3 basketball.

In Ukraine after a hard fought finals, team 'Avantazah-Politekhnik' came out on top by winning two of a best of three finals series.

The spectators were thrilled at seeing some spectacular plays, dunks and block shots during the course of the event.

Anna Sorokina, Director of the Department for Olympic Movement of Ukraine and 2000 Sydney Olympic synchronized diving Bronze medalist, was present and was more than impressed at the level of intensity that was being displayed at Pushkin Park in Kiev.

Both champions from Poland and Ukraine will take part in Istanbul's 3x3 World Tour stage.

3x3 - Vladivostok, Khabarovsk clinch Miami berths

Russian teams Vladivostok and Khabarovsk booked their places for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final in Miami, USA by finishing as winners and runners-up respectively at the Vladivostok event held on Saturday.

Playing in front of their home crowd and looking to successfully defend their 2011 Pacific Open title, the home team - which consisted of Eduard Sandler, Mikhail Sorokin, Anatolii Nikitin and Konstantin Bozhko - cruised to comfortable wins in the first round before holding off the challenges of Tokyo, New Taipei City and their fellow countrymen from Khabarovsk in the knock-out round.

With Sandler scoring almost at will and Sorokin proving an unstoppable force down in the post, Vladivostok were a tough proposition for all their opponents and, as an added bonus, had the fans cheering them on throughout.

As well as securing their place in Miami, Vladivostok also took home the winners' check of $12,000.

Reaching the title game was quite an achievement for Khaborovsk, who put on an outside shooting exhibition to come from behind to beat the third Russian team in the tournament, Amur, in the second Semi-Final.

Meanwhile, in the individual competitions, Eamon Larman-Ripon of Geelong won the dunk contest thanks to an impressive two-handed reverse slam off of an alley-oop pass, while Chine Taipei's Chun-An Yu edged out Melbourne's Simon Hughes to win the Samsung Shoot Contest.

The next stop on the FIBA 3x3 World Tour will be New York, USA on 18-19 August.

FIBA (http://htpp://

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Title: 3x3 - Draw results for the inaugural FIBA 3x3 World Championship for Men and Women in Athens, Greece
Post by: lucienne_131 on Aug 02, 2012, 04:33:32 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Draw results for the inaugural FIBA 3x3 World Championship

The draw for the inaugural FIBA 3x3 World Championship for men and women in Athens, Greece has taken place.

The 24 men's and 24 women's teams were each divided into four groups of six teams as follows:

Group A: Estonia - Sri Lanka - Greece - Russia - Ivory Coast - Brazil

Group B: Nepal - Czech Republic - Spain - Serbia - Latvia - Slovenia

Group C: Guam - Ukraine - Argentina - France - Dominican Republic - Venezuela

Group D: Romania - Egypt - USA - Turkey  - England - Lebanon


Group A: Ukraine- Brazil - Mexico - Australia - Estonia - Chinese Taipei

Group B: Hungary - France - Slovakia - Czech Republic - Nepal - Greece

Group C: Jordan - Spain - England - England - Slovenia - Turkey

Group D: Sri Lanka - Argentina - Germany - USA - Netherlands - Angola


During the four day tournament, that will take place from 26 to 29 August in downtown Athens' Zapion Park, each team will face the five others in their respective group, with the top four teams progressing to the Eighth Finals of a standard knock-out round.

The FIBA 3x3 World Championships also include individual skills challenges for participating players as well as numerous side-events and entertainment for attending fans.

Meanwhile, the second edition of the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championship will be held in Alcobendas-Madrid, Spain from 28 to 30 September (moved from its original location of Seville).

The draw for the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championship will be held in Madrid during the FIBA 3x3 World Tour, to be played on 7-8 September.

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Title: 3x3 - Riga to Provide Unique Venue the Latvian 3x3 Championship, which will take place on 11-12 August
Post by: wall-ter on Aug 09, 2012, 04:33:14 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Riga to provide unique venue for 3x3 championship

The mayor of Latvia's capital Riga has granted the right to use the city's most famous site for the Latvian 3x3 Championship, which will take place on 11-12 August.

The Freedom Monument - which honours soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence (1918-1920) - will be the place to be on that weekend. The site holds many public gatherings and official ceremonies throughout the year.

Last month, at a press conference held at the venue, Latvian Basketball Union President Valdis Voins, Mayor of Riga Nils Usakovs and Latvian 3x3 Championship Director Arnis Ozols were on hand to explain why this specific spot was chosen to demonstrate the fun game of 3x3.

"We are really glad that the 3x3 championship organisers are able to put this event together in Riga," said Usakovs.

"I hope that this particular competition will help popularise this sport to the general public and also encourage people to have a more active lifestyle."

The Latvian 3x3 Championship will also serve as a qualifying event for players who will represent Latvia at the FIBA 3x3 World Championship  in Athens, Greece (23-26 August) and the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championship in Madrid, Spain a month later (28-30 September).


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Title: 3x3 - JR4 BALL Dutch team books place for Madrid Masters at the 3x3 World Tour Challenger held in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Post by: The Dutch King on Aug 23, 2012, 03:09:33 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Dutch team books place for Madrid Masters

JR 4 BALL from The Hague won the 3x3 World Tour Challenger held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Saturday to clinch the berth on offer for the Madrid Masters.

JR 4 Ball beat another team from The Hague, ST4R Ballers, 18-12 in the final of the 3x3 tournament that was held as part of the "Basketball Experience", a side event at the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship for Women.

The team that will represent The Hague in the Spanish capital on 7-8 September consists of Rafael Haas, Gideon Nicastia, Ferdy Luydens and Chip Jones.

"It means a lot to win this and go to Madrid," said Haas.

"Several times we were champions of the NBB Streetball Masters but we haven't won the last two years so we wanted some revenge. Now we got it and we're going to Madrid.

"It means a lot that we got an invitation from the NBB and FIBA to participate in this tournament and win it.

"This was a really good and high-intensity competition. There were only eight teams but they were eight great teams. So it was perfect."

Haas talked about what makes his team special.

"We've got good diversity: we have an inside-outside game, we've got strength and quickness and shooting. Today our shots were off but we did it off of determination."

Looking ahead to Madrid, JR 4 BALL's captain has just one thought in mind.

"We have to get in shape again and we're going for it," he said.

The two finalists at the Madrid Master will qualify for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final taking place in Miami, USA on 22-23 September.


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Title: 3x3 - Great start to inaugural FIBA World Championship: Baking Sun, Full Bleacher & Great Basketball were in Abundance !
Post by: The Marker on Aug 25, 2012, 09:10:49 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Great start to inaugural FIBA World Championship

Baking sun, full bleacher and great basketball were in aAbundance on the first day of the FIBA 3x3 World Championship in front of the Zappeion in Athens.

With a total of 60 games played there was a little bit of everything.

Early defeats by Greece's men's and women's teams did nothing to dissipate a growing crowd, that spilled beyond the centre-court bleachers throughout the evening.

The centre-court crowd, watching Greece's men will have missed the first upset of the tournament as Spain, who arguably boast the most famous player of all 192 present in Jorge Garbajosa, fell early to Serbia, led by their 3x3 specialist Dusun Bulut.

Bulut expressed his delight not only at the win, but also the whole atmosphere.

"It's very interesting because there are people from all around the world," he said.

"It's very nice to see all these different people in the same place who all share this passion of streetball."

Spain and Garbajosa recovered to clock-up two wins, including by the narrowest of margins.

Trailing 14-15 with less than a second to go, Garbajosa was fouled on what was generously judged to be a shot from long range. He would score both to for the win.

Another highlight of the day was France Karim Souchou's beating Argentina on the buzzer from long range.

Sitting unbeaten with three wins are Australia and France in the women's, and Slovenia and Russia in the men's, while a large number of teams are unbeaten with a pair of wins.

Even in defeat players and teams found enjoyment, as was the case for Angola's Artemis Alphonso.

"For me I am having a really good day," she said.

"We lost only by two to Bulgaria, the second game, we played the USA and we lost like you know...

"We keep fighting, we want to make good results, to have fun and play good basketball.


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Title: 3x3 – Semi-Finals set for FIBA 3x3 World Championship: USA, Bulgaria, Serbia, France, Israel, Germany, Russia. Greece..
Post by: 3x3reporter on Aug 27, 2012, 05:13:19 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 – Semi-Finals set for FIBA 3x3 World Championship

Fans planning to attend the last day of the FIBA 3x3 World Championship are in for a treat, with the third day of competition having set up an exciting climax, with the Finals of all six competitions scheduled to take place on Sunday.

Saturday started with the conclusion of the first round group games. Egypt's men's team won a nail-biting do-or-die battle with Turkey, while Bulgaria won a straight playoff against Estonia, condemning the Baltic nation to an early exit.

If Bulgaria squeezed through to the knock-out round, their place looked very much deserved as the pushed the USA all the way to overtime in the pick of the men’s Eight-Finals.

“I’m proud of my team," said Bulgaria's Vaselin Vaselinov afterwards.

"They are only 20 years and under.

We are a wildcard here and only found out we were going to play on Monday.”

What the Bulgarians failed to do, the Serbians pulled off in the quarters.

Coming out the faster, Serbia built an early lead. Trailing 7-14 the Americans went on a crazy run, which included a massive dunk by Adesanya Adetayo followed by an alley-opp by Ira Brown. But the Serbians held on.

“We knew they would do that,” said Serbia’s Dusan Bulut about those two big plays.

“But we said it’s just one point; just after we scored for two.”

“We also were a bit lucky on one.”

Ironically, after the Bulgaria game, Adetayo had pointed out that playing the USA usually raised opponents game.

“We always get everybody’s best game, we have noticed that,” he had said.

Ukraine, having upset neighbours Russia will face the French, while Israel, after blowing out Venezuela, play France.

The french emerged victorious over Greece having held steady for a narrow 16-15 win.

In the women's tournament, Germany beat Angola in overtime in another straight head-to-head for a place in Eight-Finals, while with the same at stake, Greece demolished Slovakia 16-3.

Next up for the Greek girls were Russia. Trailing by one with seconds to play, the Greeks won the defensive rebound and passed it out to Afroditi Kosma. Completely open, she steadied before nailing an inch-perfect buzzer-beater from beyond the arc to bring the scores to 16-15.

The packed bleachers went wild.

In the Quarter-Finals, Australia dismissed Czech Republic to set up a Semi with the USA, winners over Hungary.

Ukraine beat Greece, meaning they are - with the French who brushed aside Chinese Taipei and whom they will face - the only country remaining with teams in the men’s, women’s and mixed competitions.

"We are very happy," said Lyubov Alyochkina.

"Our boys won like we did. Now we are going to rest and prepare fro the next game.

"We are still in all three competitions," she grinned.

Adesanya Adetayo (USA), Deivi Añanguren (Venezuela), Georgi Bojanov (Bulgaria) and Omotayo Ogedengbe (England) qualified for the Dunk Contest Final.



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Title: 3x3 - Madrid last 3x3 World Tour stop before Miami Final: On Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September, 15 teams from Europe
Post by: Cambodia 69 on Sep 07, 2012, 04:38:15 AM
3x3 Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto 3x3

3x3 - Madrid last 3x3 World Tour stop before Miami Final

Tomorrow Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September, 15 teams from all around Europe will do battle at Madrid’s famous Plaza de Toros to book the two places on offer for the Miami Final of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour.

Following stops in Sao Paulo, Vladivostok, New York and Istanbul, the 3x3 World Tour moves on to Spain’s capital, where all the action will take place in front of the iconic Las Ventas bullring.

With the teams drawn into three pools of five, the first round will see each team play the four others in their respective pool, with the top two from each pool going through to the Quarter-Finals alongside the two best third-placed finishers.

On Friday, 26 pool games will be played as well as the Dunk Contest qualifier. The action gets underway at 15:00 local time (CET), lasting until 20:00.

Things will also tip off at 15:00 on Saturday, with the last remaining pool games taking place. The Quarter-Finals will be followed by the Samsung Shoot-Out Contest, the Semi-Finals, the Dunk Contest Final and the Final Game (19:30 CET).

Spectators, who can enter for free, will get to see some of the best 3x3 players from across the continent, with 14 teams having qualified through 3x3 FIBA Endorsed tournaments as well as an all-star Madrid wildcard team.

The Madrid team is composed of 1999 EuroBasket silver medallist trio Ivan Corrales, Roger Esteller and Iñaki De Miguel, as well as former Real Madrid player Roberto Nuñez.

Spanish legend Jorge Garbajosa will also make a guest appearance, chairing the jury of the Dunk Contest.

FIBA (http://htp://

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Title: FIBA VIDEO 3x3: Who said cheerleaders can only dance and cheer ? It's dunk or die for "Slash" !
Post by: Canciller on Sep 12, 2012, 05:53:58 AM
FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3

It's dunk or die for "Slash" !

Who said cheerleaders can only dance and cheer? Well think again, as those girls can also seriously pray.

Or at least that's what it looked like when Emil Olszewski, aka "Slash", the winner of Madrid's dunk contest, jumped over them.

But they had nothing to fear, as it turns out, as Slash showed his impressive jumping skills and acrobatics.

When asked if he has a special life insurance, he confirmed he didn't and said that he followed a simple "dunk or die" philosophy.

Well, things must be going really well for him, as he looked pretty healthy and will hopefully continue to wow the crowds with his sick slams !

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Insane dunk contest winner Emil "Slash" Olszewski explains that he has no
 life insurance to cover the risks he tales. His life motto? "Dunk or Die."

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Title: 3x3 - 2nd. Edition of the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships Set to Tip Off TODAY, Close First 3x3 Season
Post by: Carran Za on Sep 29, 2012, 10:30:20 AM
FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments • Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3

3x3 - U18 World Championships set to tip off, close first 3x3 season

The second edition of the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships got underway TODAY, Friday 28th, just outside the Spanish capital city of Madrid.

A total of 224 players making up 56 teams from 40 different countries will take part in the three-day (28-30 September) tournament where 18 medals and six world titles are at stake.

The Boys' 3x3 tournament will be disputed by 32 teams, while 24 will contest the Girls' 3x3 tournament.

New Zealand and Spain, respectively, are the defending champions having triumphed at the first-ever FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships held in Rimini, Italy, last year.

A new addition to the tournament is a Mixed tournament which consists of eight different national sides that sees boys and girls from a same country join forces.

As well as the teams competitions, there are also contests for players to individually showcase their skills: the Samsung Shootout, the Nike Dunk Contest and the 2 Ball Contest.

"This is certain to be a breathtaking weekend of 3x3 basketball as Alcobendas becomes the internationa basketball capital," said FIBA Secretary General and IOC member Patrick Baumann.

"We would like to thank the Municipality of Alcobendas for their hospitality and their long-standing support for basketball.

"Our thanks also go to the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) who are organising their second international 3x3 event with us (FIBA) following the successful 3x3 World Tour stop held in Madrid's Plaza de Toros.

"This event has a very special significance as it concludes our first full season of elite 3x3 basketball and also it was the first-ever international 3x3 tournament organised by FIBA."

FEB President Jose Luis Saez explained that the tournament was one for all to enjoy.

"The FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships in Alcobendas is made possible by the interest and excitement we ahve for this project, which we want to be for everyone," he said.

"This is why we're going to make the three days of competition a real party on and off the courts."

The choice of Alcobendas as a venue for the 3x3 tournament is an inspired one as the city famously was the site of the Pedro Ferrandiz Foundation, named after the most successful Spanish coach.

The building that housed the Foundation is now known as "Espacio 2014" and serves as the headquarters for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup to be held in Spain.

"The 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be played in six cities: Granada, Sevilla, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Madrid and Barcelona. The seventh will be Alcobendas," said Mr Saez.

"This is where we have our headquarters. Starting in October and all the way through the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, people will be able to come and see the history of Spanish basketball here."

The FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships got underway TODAY at 13:00 local time (GMT +2).

For more information, go to the event website (

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Title: FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championship: Serbia, USA & France follow in senior teams' footsteps, Thomas and Jurtom put on show
Post by: CARrillon on Oct 03, 2012, 03:24:44 AM
FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments & News • Noticias & Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3

3x3 - Serbia, USA and France follow in senior ' footsteps,
Thomas and Jurtom put on show

There was an air of deja vu as the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships, presented by Nike, came to a close on Sunday in Alcobendas, Spain.

Serbia won the Boys tournament, the USA ended Spain's reign in the Girls event and France came out on top in the Mixed competition.

This was very similar to what transpired in Athens, Greece at last month's FIBA 3x3 World Championships when the Serbians claimed the Men's gold medal, the Americans prevailed in the Women's Final and France made history in winning the first-ever FIBA Mixed competition.

After the first two days of competition were played in the Amaya Valdemoro Pavilion because of bad weather, the sun finally shone bright and allowed for the teams to take to the courts in the José Caballero sports centre.

The great weather was only one of the reasons why the last day of the FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships finished in spectacular fashion.

No better climax

The tournament could not have finished with a better climax than what was offered in the Boys Final.

Serbia led 16-12, but the USA came back to tie the game at 19 all on Rondae Hollis-Jefferson's lay-up as time ran out in regulation.

The extra session got off to a great start with Hollis-Jefferson driving the lane for a thundering left-hand dunk that made it 20-19.

However, Serbia had the last word as Mihaljo Andric launched a shot from way beyond the arc that hit off the square on the backboard and the ball then rolled in for a winning score of 21-20. In 3x3 rules, the game finishes when one of the teams scores two points in the overtime.

The Girls Final meanwhile saw the USA beat defending champions Spain 21-13.

The Americans were in the ascendency but couldn't quite pull away as the hosts got within 16-11 on Ariadna Pujol's lay-up.

However, it was pretty much all USA thereafter as Kaela Davis - who played in the inaugural FIBA 3x3 U18 World Championships in Rimini, Italy in 2011 - caught fire to scoring inside and then hitting a clutch pair of shots from beyond the arc to put the game out of reach.

The first-ever Mixed Tournament Final pitted European neighbours France and Switzerland.

With Damien Inglis leading by example, the France prevailed 21-12 to become the first champions of the new and exciting event.

Inglis almost scored at will inside, throwing down some vicious dunks, while team-mate Charly Pontens overcame a slow start to find his rhythm and score key baskets.

The Swiss fell behind 14-8 when Pontens converted a shot and made the free-throw.

Through some spectacular drives by Cyril Baechler, Switzerland got within 15-10 but France just had too much offensive firepower down the stretch.

Thomas and Jurtom put on a show

Sunday also saw the culmination of the individual competitions and the excitement was at its peak for the much-anticipated Nike Dunk Contest.

The fans certainly weren't let down as Terry Thomas of Germany and Estonia's Martin Jurtom put on a show, with the former coming out on top.

Thomas had several impressive dunks. One had him jump over a crouched team-mate and pass the ball between his legs before throwing it down.

He also jumped from just inside the free-throw line and then replicated a dunk he did in the qualifying round, when he skied above an advertising board and windmilled the ball through the hoop.

Jurtom showed off his originality with a baseline reverse two-handed dunk, before jumping over two team-mates for a tomahawk slam. Perhaps his finest effort was the one that saw him switch the ball from his right hand to his left hand in mid-air and finish with a powerful windmill jam.

The USA's Hollis-Jefferson and Baechler of Switzerland finished in a tie for third.

Hollis-Jefferson had the crowd going wild in the first of the two-round Final as he caught the ball off a lob thrown by USA Girls team member Davis from the stands and threw it down ferociously with the left hand. He later took another pass by Davis and dunked over a team-mate standing in front of the basket.

In the Final of the Samsung Shootout, Moses Tree-Vanne of Belize got the better of his three opponents to take home a latest generation Samsung digital camera.

Tree-Vanne had the hot hand as he scored 8 points in the Final, twice as much as the 4 managed by second-place Monika Naczk from Poland.

Lithuania's Justinas Gecas finished third with 3 points and Elisa Penna of Italy rounded out the field.

Finally, Germany were the winners of the inaugural 2 Ball Contest.

The team consisting of Robert Zinn and Terry Thomas scored 5 points in 49 seconds.

It was enough to deny the home favourites of Borja Mendia and Ariadna Pujol who scored 4 points in 47 seconds.


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Title: Steve Goldberg’s Wheel World: Three’s a charm ! One of the magnificent things about basketball is its simplicity !
Post by: Charles Friend on Dec 02, 2012, 05:39:47 AM
FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments & News • Noticias & Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3

Three’s a charm

One of the magnificent things about basketball is its simplicity. In so many of the photos in the book Basketball is Everywhere - published this summer to celebrate FIBA’s 80th anniversary - that was abundantly clear.

A boy, a basket and a ball - my apology to the ladies but I was going for alliteration there - is all you need. Add another person and you’ve got a game. Even odd numbers like 2 v 1 or 3 v 2 can work, straight up or in games like 21. Basketball is perhaps the only game that truly lends itself to any combination of participants.

One of the enduring renditions is 3x3, the perfect small-sized game. Its popularity is documented. Played in organized competitions across the USA like the Gus Macker tournament, which was born on a Michigan driveway in 1974, it went corporate when Foot Locker shoe stores began sponsoring events across the USA and in Puerto Rico in the early 1980s and grown through events like Hoop It Up since then.

In 2008, an entrepreneur announced plans for the 3BA, a professional 3 on 3 circuit, which spurred exhibitions and interest but that has yet to reach fruition.

As with everything else in the game, save for slam dunk events, 3on3 has long been part of the wheelchair game. The Texas International Shootout Tournament has been played for 21 years. The Turning Point DK 3 on 3, launched eight years ago by USA Women’s coach David Kiley, is a unique basketball event that teams are put together by the organizers, men and women together, including national teamers, National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) and collegiate champions. He promoted a tournament in California before he moved to North Carolina 16 years ago.

Now, as beach volleyball has become a staple of the global dig, set and spike game, the next big thing in hoops could be world class 3x3. It has become a major initiative of FIBA who want to see it in the Olympic Games as well as the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) which is rolling out both half- and full-court versions of the game for wheelchair players around the world.

As proven with the emergence, codification and success of beach volleyball, the engagement of 3x3 basketball by FIBA and the IWBF is a sensible broadening of the game.

IWBF President and Secretary-General Maureen Orchard could hardly contain her enthusiasm when talking about it during the London Paralympics.

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She and others like FIBA Europe executive and IWBF Europe President Jan Berteling believe 3x3 is a fertile gateway to bringing new players and countries into the game.

USA Women's Wheelchair Basketball Head coach David Kiley

USA Women's Wheelchair Basketball Head Coach David Kiley

“Here’s the difference in what it means to wheelchair basketball,” says Orchard, “Small countries can be competitive in 3x3; for women you can have 12 or 14 women and now you have three or four teams instead of one team.”

There is a great logic to what Orchard and Berteling tout as it makes the game more, if you’ll excuse the term, accessible for countries and areas where the population of potential wheelchair players and/or access to proper equipment may be more limited.

Whereas FIBA is pushing the traditional half-court 3x3, the IWBF is promoting a full court version as well.

“For wheelchair basketball, 3x3 (with) one basket is not exciting,” said Orchard, who followed up with an explanation.

“3x3 the way FIBA plays it - you can call it streetball which is what I’m used to - is a great fun game, a great way to experience above the rim and all the rest of it. In 3x3 wheelchair basketball, because they can’t move laterally, four chairs in the key with nobody having to get out, is just not that exciting. And the tallest guy in wheelchair basketball is going to take the shot.”

While many who play the half-court game may disagree, Orchard’s point is that the two-basket game forces players to move up and down the court, which is closer to the 5 v 5 game in terms of team play and spacing, and is a better development tool for both men and women in countries new to the game or with less resources.

“For us, 3x3 full-court allows us to demonstrate the excitement of wheelchair basketball in a way 3x3 one basket doesn’t,” said Orchard.

“It teaches them the skills, the proper way to play the game. To quote (current University of Illinois and former Canada coach) Mike Frogley, as a coach he’s excited about it because the players have to learn to play the whole court.”

She asked Frogley to incorporate full-court 3x3 into his basketball camps and says, “The kids absolutely loved it.”

Orchard feels an important factor towards growth is the cost of buying five basketball wheelchairs versus the cost of buying 12 chairs to complete a team. There was another benefit discovered as well.

“The good thing for me is that while three kids are playing, two kids watch rather than five kids playing and seven kids watching,” she pointed out.

While emphasis will be on a full-court game, Orchard added that the IWBF plan is two-fold with the federation approving both versions of the game.

And you’ll see it soon at an IWBF event near you. 3x3 will be played in the Parapan American Youth Games by women in 2013 as well as the Central American Games, and will be played by both men and women at the Asia Youth Games.

It probably won’t be on the schedule for Rio in 2016 but scaled-down games are already in Paralympic play. Football in the Paralympics is competed in five-a-side (visually impaired) and seven-a-side (cerebral palsy) competitions.

The details regarding classification points on the floor (8.5) and timing (7 minutes running time) are being finalized. Court size is another issue as Berteling notes that the American style of two smaller full courts set up crosswise on each half of a regulation full length court, are far less common in Europe and other places.

I’ve talked to several players who love the half-court, one-basket game but the possibilities of the full-court game are intriguing. Personally, I think the regulation court will prove too big but let them play and see how it works out.

 Steve Goldberg ( from FIBA (

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Title: FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments & News: E-learning programme for FIBA 3x3 launched
Post by: HBC Brian Denver on Nov 15, 2014, 06:32:34 AM
FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments & News
Noticias & Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3

E-learning programme for FIBA 3x3 launched

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) on Friday announced the launch of its new 3x3 basketball specific education initiative, the 3x3 e-learning programme (

This innovative education tool developed by the FIBA Academy with the FIBA 3x3 team is now available to FIBA's 214 member National Federations and the 3x3 community worldwide.

The programme brings together the various components of 3x3 to explain the used nomenclature, the rules of the game, the competition structure, player rankings and the digital platforms required to organise, manage and participate in the fast-rising discipline.

One major factor to come from the 3x3 e-learning programme is that the 3x3 Federation Ranking points will be doubled for National Federations that have at least one staff member or administrator successfully complete the programme.

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This is an incentive for all national federations to participate in the programme and raise their knowledge of 3x3.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) on Friday announced the launch of its new 3x3 basketball specific education initiative, the 3x3 e-learning programme  In this photograph from FIBA presented by eBA Stats Basketball Statistics Analysis .

Photograph: FIBA

The 3x3 Federation Ranking is the criteria used to identify the teams qualified to FIBA 3x3 World Championships (men, women, U18 men, U18 women) and the Youth Olympic Games.

The programme is set to provide an important stepping stone for National Federations and 3x3 Organisers to further improve their knowledge and to develop 3x3 as a whole.

On 12 December, the FIBA 3x3 All Stars will conclude an exceptional season for 3x3 that saw the dynamic discipline make a second successful appearance at the Youth Olympic Games and continue to expand with a growing number of events – including the national-team FIBA 3x3 World Championships and the city-based FIBA 3x3 World Tour – and players around the world.

About FIBA and 3x3 basketball

Exciting, urban and innovative, 3x3 basketball is inspired by several forms of streetball played worldwide. Steered by FIBA, games see two teams of three players face off on a basketball half-court.

It was played successfully for the first time in international competition at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore and since then has benefitted from the launch of a yearly city-based 3x3 World Tour ( and national-team world championships.

For further information about the FIBA 3x3 World Tour and 3x3 basketball, visit, and or contact

About the FIBA Academy

The FIBA Academy is the educational division of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and is managed by its foundation, the International Basketball Foundation (IBF). It was established in 2008 to deliver 'Best Practice' academic programmes, in order to ensure that ...

... FIBA athletes, managers, and event organisers from across the globe have access to the highest quality education and is a partnership programme with the World Academy of Sport.

 from FIBA (

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Title: FIBA 3x3 Basketball World Tour: The number one 3x3 players for 2014 from all around the world
Post by: WBC Dbora Volger on Jan 10, 2015, 05:28:56 AM
FIBA 3x3 World Tour Basketball Tournaments & News
Noticias & Competencias de Baloncesto Gira Mundial FIBA 3x3

Weekend eBA #Basketball Magazine

The number one 3x3 players for 2014 from all around the world

Dejan Majstorovic, the number one 3x3 player in Serbia and the entire world, headlines the list of players (men and women) who finished 2014 and started 2015 as the best 3x3 players in their respective countries and territories.

Among them are some familiar faces such as the reigning FIBA 3x3 World Champion with Qatar (and former FIBA U19 World Championship top scorer) Yaseen Musa and NCAA superstar with Notre Dame and FIBA 3x3 World Champion with USA, Jewell Loyd.

The new generation is taking over with 23-year-old Terrence Bill Romeo on top of the men's rankings in the Philippines and 19-year-old rising star Hind Ben Abdelkader jumping to number one 3x3 women's player in Belgium (and in the rest of the world).

Full list of number one men and women 3x3 players:

Albania: #1 men: Klaudio Ndoja
Algeria: #1 men (tied): AbdElHamid Sofiane Djahnit, Fayed Ahmeol Zaiol, Ishak Boukhalfa and Ahchene Bouoline; #1 women (tied): Aicha Benaouda, Lynda Kernoua, Rili Nesrine, Lylia Tlemsani
Andorra: #1 men: Oriol Fernandez; #1 women: Nàdia Mun
Angola: #1 men (tied): Gerson Domingos, Jerson Goncalves, Alexandre Joao Jungo, Simao Lutonda; #1 women (tied): Joana Antonio, Christiana Correia, Erica Guilherme, Emanuela Nateus
Antigua and Barbuda: #1 men (tied): Mario Davis, Kareem Edwards, Kwame Payne; #1 women: Nenye Okafor
Argentina: #1 men: Cristian Maestra; #1 women: Natacha Perez
Armenia: #1 men (tied): Konstantin Mirzoyants, Artyom Shahnazarov
Australia: #1 men (tied): Petar Cvjeticanin, Vlado Jankovic, Nemanja Kovacina, Ivan Popovic; #1 women (tied): Claire Campbell, Paris Murray, Jess Smith
Austria: #1 men (tied) Jürgen Brandner, Jasmin Marevac, Georg Rülling; #1 women: Agi Horti
Azerbaijan: #1 men: Rolandas Alijevas; #1 women: Tatyana Deniskina

Bahamas: #1 men: Torrington Cox; #1 women: Tatiana Fontes
Bahrain: #1 men (tied): Younes Hassan Kuwayed, Ahmed Ismaeil, Mohamed    Kuwayed
Bangladesh: #1 men (tied): Md Khaled Mahmud Akash, Md Tareq Aziz, Mithun Kumar Biswas, Md. Shamsuzzaman Khan Soyab
Belarus: #1 men (tied): Victor Kravstov, Nikita Selevich, Valery Salauyou, Yura    Shalima
Belgium: #1 men: Nick Celis; #1 women: Hind Ben Abdelkader
Benin: #1 men: Rael Gbonou
Bhutan: #1 men (tied): Chophel Galden, Wangchuk Kezang, Dorji Rinchen, Penjor Tshering
Bolivia: #1 men: José Luis Cadencia
Bosnia and Herzegovina: #1 men: Slobodan Todorovic
Botswana: #1 men (tied): Bushe Ramabu, Eric Sentongo-Lukwago, Bathusi Utlwatsang Tirelo, Phenyo Tsheko; #1 women: Lerato Molefhe, Gamu Nkobodo, Motshidisi Ramoshebi, Monica Tlou
Brazil: #1 men: Juninho Mariano Jr, #1 women: Flavia Santos
Bulgaria: #1 men: Cvetan Stoilov; #1 women: Angelina Nikolova

Cameroon: #1 men: Wafo Fotso Yves Bertrand
Canada: #1 men: Michael Linklater; #1 women (tied): Haley England, Robin Eyer, Alyssa Grant, Jessa Ivicak, Tia Ruddock
Chile: #1 men: Francisco Granados; #1 women (tied): Ignacia Gatica, Consuelo Peters, Antonia Zapata
China: #1 men: Cong Wang; #1 women: Huang Yinting
Chinese Taipei: #1 men: Han-Sheng Li; #1 women (tied): Jou Chen Huang, Pin Lo, Yi-Ching Su
Colombia: #1 men: Jhon Edward Klinger Delgado; #1 women (tied): Wuildrey Katherien Aguilera García, Norma Constanza Ortiz Rodríguez
Cook Islands: #1 men: Teo Akania
Croatia: #1 men: Duje Kaliterna; #1 women: Marijana Kovacic
Cuba: #1 men (tied): Luis Orlando Acosta Gonzalez, Nicolas Collazo, Osmel Lopez Gonzalez, Yuri Martinez Gonzalez, Roberto Monzon Gonzalez, Raul Murabi, Nelson Padron Romero, Abdul Rahman, Yoendy Raveiro Ruviera, Richiu Richarson, Bright Sargo, Osvaldo C. Vergara Castañeda; #1 women: Maypù  Peralta
Cyprus: #1 men: Savvas Mavrommatis; #1 women (tied): Tonie Andreou, Elena Antoniou, Caterina Demetriou, Stephanie Foukaris
Czech Republic: #1 men: Jan Stehlík; #1 women: Petra Reisingerová

Democratic Republic of the Congo: #1 men: Emmanuel Christ Kangudia; #1 women: Diane Massamba
Denmark: #1 men (tied): Marius Hansen, Jens Erik Nielsen; #1 women: Naqwa    Brown
Dominica: #1 men: Tonio Ettienne
Dominican Republic: #1 men: Bryant Inoa Piantini

Ecuador: #1 men: Vilo Peralvo, #1 women (tied): Domenica Camila Astudillo Benavides, Natalia Campos, Camila Illescas, Andrea Pesantez, Maria Pia Tola
Egypt: #1 men: Ahmed Tripis, #1 women: Sarah Nady
El Salvador: #1 men (tied): Carlos Chavez, Jose Erazo, Daniel Romero; #1 women: Odalis Calderon
England: #1 men: Jordan Russel; #1 women (tied): Katie Bayliss, Victoria Hind, Esme Kinghorn
Equatorial Guinea: #1 men: Bowy Greg Bohó
Eritrea: #1 men: Merron Estifanos
Estonia: #1 men: Ardi Oja, #1 women: Annika Köster
Ethiopia: #1 men: Dilebo Ephrem Temesgen

Fiji: #1 men: William Bilitaki, #1 women: Leba Korovou
Finland: #1 men: Justice Graham
France: #1 men: Thomas Laurent, #1 women: Hhadydia Minté
F.Y.R. of Macedonia (MKD): #1 men: Ivan Jovanov

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Gabon: #1 men: Lionel Mintsa
Gambia: #1 men: Babou Carr
Georgia: #1 men: Zurab Maisuradze, #1 women: Nestan Mikeladze
Germany: #1 men: Marc Rass, #1 women: Anni Danckert
Ghana: #1 men (tied): Ishmael Ayiwole, Gideon Nana Boakye Jnr; #1 women: Mamata Yussif
Greece: #1 men: Nikos Konstantinakos; #1 women: Aikaterini Spatharou
Guam: #1 men: Bruce Merrill; #1 women: Destiny Castro
Guatemala: #1 men (tied): Brandon Raul Barrios Rosales, Jose Alejandro Samayoa Sanchez; #1 women: Maya Evelyn Lisset Glinz Velásquez
Guinea: #1 men: Yacouba Sylla
Guinea-Bissau: #1 men: Antigana Pereira Da Silva
Guyana: #1 men: Aylwin Baleshar

Dejan Majstorovic (left) starts 2015 as the number one 3x3 player in Serbia and in the entire world while Jan Stehlik (right) tops the rankings in Czech Republic.
In this Photograph from FIBA presented by eBA Stats Basketball Statistics Analysis Photograph: FIBA

Haiti: #1 men: Steeve Louissaint
Honduras: #1 men (tied): Edmer Flores, Danilo Lobo, Roger Enrique Pizzati Chevez, Virgilio Alberto Quiroz Barahona; #1 women (tied): Alison Christell Bonilla Aguilar, Karla Rosario Contretas Fuentes, Katherine Michell Jimenez Berrios, Maeshell Xiomara Montero Montalvan
Hong Kong: #1 men: Derek Sin; #1 women (tied): Yee Kwan Ng, Yik Lam Tse
Hungary: #1 men: Gergő Szollár; #1 women: Vivien Mészáros

India: #1 men (tied): Vishesh Bhriguvanshi, Amritpal Singh, Pratham Singh, Yadwinder Singh; #1 women (tied): Kavita Kavita, Jeena Palanilkumkalayil, Rajapriyadharshini Rajaganapathi
Indonesia: #1 men: Fandi Andika Ramadhani; #1 women: Yoshida Ratu Moetia
Iran: #1 men (tied): Amir Fakher Eftekhari, Danial Eskandari, Behrooz  Razeghin, Shara Zadoorian; #1 women: Negar Taatizadeh
Iraq: #1 women: Hanine Issa
Ireland: #1 men: Jermaine Turner; #1 women: Grainne Dwyer
Israel: #1 men: Amit Simhon; #1 women: Maya Isseroff
Italy: #1 men: Andrea Bassani; #1 women: Alice Quarta
Ivory Coast: #1 men: Yohann N'Dri

Jamaica: #1 men: Robert Williams
Japan: #1 men: Tomoya Ochiai; #1 women (tied): Oono Ayumi, Namie Sugai, Saori Tsuchida
Jordan: #1 men: Omar Jundi

Kazakhstan: #1 men (tied): Maxim Chernyak, Adilzhan Shuinshaliev, Timur Zhigmitov; #1 women: Yelena Ponkrashkina
Kenya: #1 men: John Akoko
Kiribati: #1 men (tied): Tewaieta Bangke, Raurenti Beeta, Timote Kaireiti, Karakaua Tiaon
Kuwait: #1 men: Yousef Almutiri; #1 women: Fatma Barkallah

Laos: #1 men (tied): Phimmasone Phannolath, Johnly Phanthady, Sonesack    Phonsavanh, Chaleunphon Sounthala
Latvia: #1 men: Raimonds Elbakjans; #1 women: Laura Audere
Lebanon: #1 men: Alaa El Din Arnaout; #1 women: Lea Abi Ghosn, Nour Choucair, Leila Fares
Lesotho: #1 men (tied): Ntlama Hlasoa, Nqosa Lehloenya, Khotso Maseela,  Phakoa Moiloa
Libya: #1 men: Mohamed Eledrisi
Lithuania: #1 men: Ovidijus Varanauskas; #1 women: Kristina Alminaite
Luxembourg: #1 men: Matthias Van Hove

Macao: #1 men (tied): HipSang Cheong, Ho Fai Chong, Zhong Chun Wu; #1 women (tied): Wengsan Cheong, Mannga Hon, Man I Wong
Malaysia: #1 men: Sean Yeoh; #1 women: Jia Xin How
Maldives: #1 men (tied): Noor Ahmed, Sirfaan Rushdhee; #1 women (tied): Nashfa Amira, Aishath Azal, Zulaikha Ibrahim, Hawwa Michaela, Shizna Rasheedh, Aishath Shamma, Aminath Shiura, Aishath Zana
Mali: #1 men: Vanni Jay Candungag; #1 women (tied): Mariam Alou Coulibaly, Awa Keita, Djeneba N'Diaye, Assitan Traore
Mauritius: #1 women (tied): Samirah Andine, Marie Jhabeemissur
Mexico: #1 men: Bernardo Williams; #1 women: Alejandra Ugalde Rojas
Moldova: #1 men: Nicu Boitan
Mongolia: #1 men (tied): Delgernyam Davaasambuu, Jambaldorj Munkh-Erdene, Sergelen Otgonbaatar, Batyamba Sainbayar, Sedbazar Shinen; #1 women (tied): Solongo Bayasgalan, Ganzul Davaasuren, Bayartsetseg Ganbat, Munkhsuvd Janchivdorj
Montenegro: #1 men: Ivan Maras
Morocco: #1 men: Mohammed Aboud
Mozambique: #1 women (tied): Stefania Chiziane, Clitan De Sousa, Neidy Ocuane, Vilma Palmira

Nepal: #1 men: Rohit Karki; #1 women: Malla Anusha, Sneha Shrestha, Lunniva Singh, Preeti Tulachan
Netherlands: #1 men: Niels Plieger; #1 women: Karen Heinen
New Zealand: #1 men: Patrich Bolstad; #1 women: Emma Bryant
Nicaragua: #1 men (tied): Roger Hernandez, Jose Rios
Nigeria: #1 men: Hycenth Nwoke

Oman: #1 men (tied): Mazin Amber Zaher Al Hadidi, Ahmed Rashid Mohammed  Al Haloali, Ali Saud Nasser Mattar Al Sabahi, Mahmood Ali Rashid Al Souli; #1 women: Mzoan Al Habisy

Pakistan: #1 men: Salman Manzur
Palestinian Territory: #1 men: Ahmed Ahmed; #1 women: Yusef Odeh
Panama: #1 men: Alejandro Grant
Paraguay: #1 men: Bernardo Pereyra Rolon; #1 women: Luciana Belén Vergara Romero
Peru: #1 men: Diego Alonso Moller-Hergt
Philippines: #1 men: Terrence Bill Romeo; #1 women (tied): Maria Lalaine Flormata, Mary Joy Galicia, Melissa Jacob, Denise Patricia Tui
Poland: #1 men: Przemysław Lewandowski; #1 women: Klaudia Sosnowska
Portugal: #1 men (tied): Rui Campos, Miguel Correia, Jose Marques, Edivino    Miranda; #1 women (tied): Marta Costa, Rita Flor, Liliana Gonçalves, Ana Luisa Morais
Puerto Rico: #1 men: Jose Lopez; #1 women: Miriam Maria Sanchez

Qatar: #1 men: Yaseen Musa; #1 women (tied): Zeina Ezzat; Dana Suleiman; Mona Suleiman

Republic of the Congo: #1 men: Benito Kiniali; #1 women (tied): Amanda Lusamba Kabantu, Betthy Sarah Lwambo, Deborah Moto
Romania: #1 men: Angel Santana; #1 women: Andra Haas
Russia: #1 men: Alexandr Pavlov; #1 women: Anastasia Logunova
Rwanda: #1 women (tied): Umutoni Better, UMUHOZA Martine Umuhoza, Nadine Rutagengwa, Odette Jordan Umuhoza

Samoa: #1 men: Josiah Williams  
Saudi Arabia: #1 men: Faisal Aldawsari  
Senegal: #1 men: Ousseynou Karbala Gueye; #1 women: Olivia Marian Badji
Serbia: #1 men: Dejan Majstorovic; #1 women: Jelena Krsmanovic
Singapore: #1 men: Zhao Hui Chong; #1 women (tied): Nur Aqidah Abdul Latiff, Emiliati Ibrahim, Nur Adlina Ismail, Putri Nursyazwani
Slovakia: #1 men (tied): Jaroslav Ciho, Miroslav Ciho, Richard Hanacek; #1 women: Alexandra Riecka
Slovenia: #1 men: Simon Finzgar; #1 women: Maša Piršič
Somalia: #1 men: Hoessein Adow
South Africa: #1 men (tied): Thapelo Lerotholi, Sandile Zitha; #1 women (tied): Wendy Khabo, Buhle Mahlangu, Sive Somhlahlo, Zodwa Steleki
South Korea: #1 men: Kisung Hong; #1 women: Eun A Yang
Spain: #1 men: Juan Vasco Trabado; #1 women: Amaya Gastaminza
Sri Lanka: #1 men (tied): Mithila Abeysekera, Sandeepa Ratnayake, Kasun   Uyangoda; #1 women (tied): Swairie Fernando, Jeanelle Senaratne
Sudan: #1 men: Ayob Ayob
Sweden: #1 men (tied): William Ahlberg, Kevin Okot; #1 women: Cecile Makakala
Switzerland: #1 men: Jean-Claude Porte; #1 women: Caroline Turin
Syria: #1 men: Yaser Hasan; #1 women (tied): Caroline Abo Ltef, Kinaz Akil, Dima Al Aysami

Thailand: #1 men: Wutipong Dasom; #1 women: Juthathip Mathuros
Tonga: #1 men: Joel Vaiangina; #1 women: Seini Schaumkel
Tunisia: #1 men: Slim Bousetta; #1 women: Houda Hamrouni
Turkey: #1 men: Gürcan Cüceloğlu; #1 women: Nihan Demirkol
Turkmenistan: #1 men (tied): Timur Allanurov, Toyly Bayriyev, Igor Mazuroz, Aleksandr Pashkov; #1 women (tied): Ayna Gokova, Mahrijemal Jumageldiyeva, Irina Kasparova, Nigyara Nagiyeva

Uganda: #1 men: Kassim Nagwere; #1 women: Judith Nansobya
Ukraine: #1 men (tied): Serghei Fraseniuc, Yurii Fraseniuc; #1 women: Alina Iagupova
United Arab Emirates: #1 men: Adham A; #1 women: Kris Belen
United States: #1 men: Willie Murdaugh; #1 women: Jewell Loyd
Uruguay: #1 men: Fernando Gutierrez; #1 women: Victoria Pereyra

Venezuela: #1 men: Carlos Rodriguez; #1 women: Laury Garcia
Vietnam: #1 men: Vo Binh An; #1 women: Tracy Nguyen

Wales: #1 men (tied): Jared Adams, Damian Cope; #1 women: Laura Shanahan

Yemen: #1 men: Ameen Bahartha

Zambia: #1 men: Masauso Mas
Zimbabwe: #1 men: Allen Danga; #1 women (tied): Mary Chawayipira, Tracey Makovere, Petra Mukondo, Christelle Nyauchi

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