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Author Topic: § Basketball Youth Tournaments, Coaching & Training • Torneos, Conducción & Entrenamiento de Juveniles de Baloncesto  (Read 445469 times)
Karlovy 212
Sr. Member
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« Reply #18 on: Aug 19, 2010, 06:39:54 AM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

Basketball  stealing the show
at the 2010 Singapore Summer Youth Olympic Games

Situated in the heart of Singapore’s busy major shopping belt at Orchard Road, the *scape Youth Space is a two-hectare space of land that has been set aside as an iconic community space for youths.

And it is this futuristic looking venue that is quickly becoming the place to be at the 2010 Singapore Summer Youth Olympic Games.

The reason being is that this location is playing host to the basketball. Not basketball as you and I recognise it though because this basketball has revolutionary new and exciting format that you would expect at an inaugural Youth Olympics.

Rather than the usual 5-on-5 format you might be use to watching, it is 3-on-3 basketball debuting in Singapore. This is not the only exciting new move as in addition to this; the adrenaline-packed game is played on half a court with just one basketball hoop to aim, a system you would expect to use if you were playing basketball in the park with your mates.

With 14-18-year-olds going at it full throttle, some so talented that you can expect to see them in the NBA in the near future, the matches consist of just five minute sessions each. The first team to score 33 points - or the team leading the game after regular time - is the winner.

But it is not the changes made to induce fast-paced action that make this event so interesting. It is the brightly coloured stands that provide a view of the urban road outside as well as the court, the non-stop music blearing out from the loud speakers that seems to dictate the speed of the action and the young, screaming fans you might expect to be in attendance at a community space for youths that really bring this buzzing arena to life.

While the majority of the sports at these Youth Olympics are no different in structure to their counterparts at the senior Olympic Games, basketball has decided to be different.

Radical changes have been made to reflect the fact that were are actually at a Youth Games and basketball is reaping the rewards. Wherever you are in Singapore, the local people, particularly teenagers, are either talking about the action at the *scape Youth Space of flocking there in their droves to see it first hand for themselves.

The 3-on-3 games undoubtedly look great on television but when you are there in person, you really do feel the passion, energy and youth on display. When the Singapore teams are in action, these feelings only intensify as the home crowd are so deafening, your truly believe your eardrums are in real danger of imploding. Everyone is caught up in it though and even the "old guys" in the crowd - like London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe who was among the spectators today - can be seen rocking from side to side as the hip hop, R&B and dance music plays.

It is fun, it is fast and the five minute matches are so quick, that you will one by simply blinking.

Come to Singapore and this is where the party’s at.

On the court, the skills on show are everything you would expect from a high quality game of basketball only more high-octane due to the fact that these short games are sprints rather than marathons.

In perhaps the only similarity to basketball at the senior Olympic Games, the United States is the dominant force and look like early frontrunners for the gold medal in both the male and female discipline.

The men’s team in particular never seem to miss and their star player Sterling Gibbs is so outrageously talented, it looks like he could soon be earning the big bucks back home with the likes of Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

All-round, it’s a great Youth Olympic Games so far but the *scape Youth Space is in danger of stealing the show here.

Yes, the Opening Ceremony was spectacular and expect big stories to come from a variety of the sports in Singapore over the next two weeks, but when it is all said and done, basketball will be the will be the real winner of these Youth Olympics and others disciplines should take note of their brave approach to making their sport appeal to the young.

No risk, no reward.

Results of Day Four:

Russia -Vanuatu 33-5 (Kozochkina 11 points - Izono 4 points)
Angola - Singapore 20-14 (Afonso 9 - Tok 6)
Czech Republic -Thailand 28-26 (Vackova 9 - Buapa 10)
Italy - Australia 15-29 (C.Dotto 6 - Kaser 13)
Korea - Canada 6-20 (Lee 4 - Traore 7)
Belarus - Germany 13-15 (Baklaha 5 - Gohlisch 8 )
Brazil -China 24-28 (Isabela 12 - Jin 13)
Japan - Chile 24-17 (Nagaoka 9 - Vasquez 6)

India - Greece 20-33 (Goswan 9 - Tsiloulis 12)
Panama -Iran 21-29 (Archibold 9 - Sedighi 10)
USA - Singapore 31-21 (Gibbs 14- Su 9)
US Virgin Islands - Spain 11-17 (Swanston 4 - Costa 7)
Serbia - New Zealand 30-13 (Avramovic 12 - Ashby 7)
Argentina - Egypt 30-24 (Zanzottera 15 - Ibrahim 10)
Israel - Central African Republic 17-25 (Chernuvych 10 - Londoumon 12)
Philippines - Croatia 19-22 (Parks 7 - Ramljak 14)


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« Reply #17 on: Aug 18, 2010, 06:47:57 AM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

New 3on3 format lights up Youth Olympic Games:
FIBA33 basketball sold out in Singapore

On Sunday the 3on3 basketball tournament got underway at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore. The first day of the YOG Basketball tournament coincided with the launch of FIBA’s new half-court format of play in officially sanctioned competition.

A large crowd of spectators attended the opening of play and remained glued to their seats throughout all 16 games. Curiosity and enthusiasm for this new format is such that all tickets for the eight days of competition have already sold out.

The two open-air half-courts – that include special flooring designed for tropical weather conditions – are set-up in downtown Singapore’s *scape shopping district in front of a grandstand that can hold up to 1,500 spectators.

Basketball at the YOG also features a skills contest, which consists of a number of challenges, including dunking and three-point contests.

FIBA Secretary General and IOC Member Patrick Baumann expressed his satisfaction after day 1: “It is really great to see how players and spectators have embraced FIBA33. The 10 second shot-clock has already made for some breathtaking action and I am sure that as the tournament progresses and the players get more familiar with 3on3, the courts will really be set alight.”

“We are all very excited about FIBA33, and in view of its popularity after just one day, it isn’t too far fetched to imagine it one day making it into the Olympics in its own right,” he added.

3on3 and YOG

3on3 basketball is inspired by several forms of streetball played all around the world. This exciting format, sanctioned by FIBA and played by National Teams for the first time, sees two teams of three players face off on a standard half-court, encouraging players to express themselves on court with displays of skill and trickery.

Games are to be played in two periods of five minutes, with the first team reaching 33 winning the game. If neither team has reached 33 points after the second period, the team with the highest score wins the game. The first-ever Youth Olympic Games, held in Singapore from 14th to 26th August, are a version of the Olympic Games, with a focus on young people between the ages of 14 and 18.

All 26 Olympic sports will be featured, but with a reduced number of events. Disciplines have been designed to be innovative and appealing to young people. Participating athletes are also encouraged to participate in the cultural and educational activities of the YOG.

Results of Day Three:

New Zealand -Puerto Rico 30-26 (Ashby 12 points - Medina 13 points)
Egypt - Lithuania 33-31 (El Gindy 16 - Narkevicius 11)
Central African Republic - Turkey 25-30 (Londoumon 15 - Yildizli 16)
Croatia - South Africa 33-4 (Krstanovic 12 - Festile 2)
Greece - Serbia 14-34 (Tsiloulis 10 - Radonjic 14)
Iran - Argentina 21-24 (Sedighi 13 - Benitez 11)
Singapore - Israel 14-27 (Low 4 - Mayor 10)
Spain - Philippines 27-25 (Medori 14 - Parks 15)

Canada - Ivory Coast 25-12 (Whyte 8 - Bamba 7)
Germany - USA 6-33 (Grasshoff 5 - Henson 14)
China - Mali 32-12 (Jin 14 - Guindo 5)
Chile - France 15-30 (Vasquez 5 - Sbahi 11)
Vanuatu - Korea 8-33 (Maliliu 4 -Jeong 12)
Singapore - Belarus 9-32 (Ng 5 - Bohdan 23)
Thailand - Brazil 9-31 (Maihom 7 - Isabela 14)
Australia - Japan 10-17 (Bontempelli 6 - Nagaoka 7)


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Valeri Coach
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« Reply #16 on: Aug 17, 2010, 01:32:23 AM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA kicks off 3-on-3 basketball at the Youth Olympics in Singapore

Basketball’s governing body launched its new 3-on-3 game into the wider sports world on Sunday at the Youth Olympics in Singapore.

Taking beach volleyball’s success as a model, the international federation FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball) hopes the smaller, quick-shooting version of hoops will grow up fast to join the Summer Olympics as soon as 2020.

“That is a fair dream,” FIBA secretary general Patrick Baumann told The Associated Press.

The format must first succeed as one of the most anticipated events at the inaugural youth games.

Called FIBA 33, it is played on a half-court with both teams scoring in one hoop over two, five-minute periods. Play is kept quick by a 10-second shot clock and no time-outs, while teams can win inside regulation by reaching 33 points.

On-court rules have been devised to ensure the talent load is spread across the four-player roster and avoid having one player dominate a match.

No dunking, please

Players cannot score on a defensive rebound, and must pass outside the three-point line to begin a new play. Teams must pass at least once before shooting and dunking is not allowed.

“The IOC (International Olympic Committee) is excited that we have tried to use the Youth Olympics to do something new,” Baumann said. “It gives us the opportunity to have a fresh look at the game and to learn a little bit from the more extreme sports on the streets.”

Singapore has become the central testing ground for FIBA 33, also hosting a medal event during the 2009 Asian Youth Games.

The gold was won by China where enthusiasm for the format is “beyond any imagination,” according to Baumann.

Asians love it

“There is a lot of excitement in Southeast Asia about 3-on-3. They love it and have tournaments almost every week,” he said.

However, the format was created on inner-city asphalt courts in the United States.

“In the US it was an easy way for kids in less developed areas to play the game,” Baumann said. “At some point in the late ’80s, early ’90s it has been used by big apparel companies to attract kids to basketball and sell shoes.”

FIBA hopes the United States will be well-matched in Singapore by lesser-ranked basketball nations attracted by a game that is cheaper and easier to organize and coach.

“I really hope it is a small country that wins. I am sure there will be some surprises,” Baumann said.

Only the host and the United States are represented in both 20-team tournaments.

The boys’ lineup includes Iran, the Philippines, Spain and the Virgin Islands. Girls’ teams from Angola, China, Thailand and Vanuatu will take part in their 10-day event.

The Philippines’ four-man squad to the 3-on-3 event comprises Jeron Teng, Michael Tolomia, Michael Pate and Bobby Ray Parks.

Baumann said the rules eventually would be modified without compromising the free spirit of street 3-on-3. The game also will be better structured to stop teenagers drifting away from organized basketball, and provide more career opportunities.

To create a world ranking system, FIBA is working with technology companies and statistics professors from a Swiss university.

The federation also is talking with counterparts in volleyball to understand how its beach version developed after debuting at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Half-billion players

Baumann believes the raw FIBA 33 product already is “telegenic, good for sponsors, good for spectators,” and can keep casual fans involved in the sport.

FIBA thinks that a half-billion people play basketball, but fewer than one-quarter participate in structured competitions.

“There is a whole population of basketball players out there that we don’t interact with,” Baumann said. “The challenge for FIBA is what happens the day after the Youth Olympics finish.”

Results of Day One:

Vanuatu - Canada 12-27 (Izono 10 - Kilpatrick 11)
Singapore - Germany 22-33 (Ng 7 - Hoffgen 20)
Thailand - China 13-34 (Buapa 6 - Ma 16)
Australia - Chile 18-9 (Bontempelli 18 - Vasquez 4)
Russia - Ivory Coast 16-6 (Antonenko 10 - Bamba 2)
Angola - USA 8-30 (Afonso 4 -Stokes 12)
Czech Republic - Mali 33-8 (Vackova 9 - Toure 6)
Italy - France 26-11 (C.Dotto 14 - Eduardo 4)

Greece - New Zealand 22-19 (Vlachos 8 points - Fraser 7 points)
Iran - Egypt 27-21 (Sedighi 10 - El Sadani 9)
Singapore - Central African Republic 17-25 (Su 9 - Gouzhy 12)
Spain - Croatia 27-29 (Motos 15 - Buovac 23)
India - Puerto Rico 15-33 (Sunder 10 - Medina 16)
Panama - Lithuania 14-33 (Grant 5 - Uzupis 18)
USA - Turkey 23-17 (Chol 10 - Yildizli 7)
US Virgin Islands - South Africa 28-12 (Swanston 10 - Mahlinza 6)

Results of Day Two:

Korea - Russia 22-18 (Jeong 14 points - Antonenko 8 points)
Belarus - Angola 35-11 (Baklaha 18 - Afonso 5)
Brazil - Czech Republic 30-26 (Joice 13 - Vojtkova 16)
Japan - Italy 17-26 (Nagaoka 12 - F. Dotto 12)
Ivory Coast - Vanuatu 22-19 (Ouattara 16 - Maliliu 10)
USA - Singapore 33-11 (Stokes 19 - Ng 9)
Mali - Thailand 23-18 (Konate 12 -Maihom 9)
France - Australia 15-21 (Sbahi 7 - Bontempelli 12)

Serbia - India 33-19 (Bezbradica 15 - Sunder 10)
Argentina - Panama 27-16 (Benitez 14 - Archibold 5)
Israel - USA 20-27 (Chernuvych 15 - Gibbs 12)
Philippines - Virgin Islands 28-34 (Teng 12 - Jones 16)
Puerto Rico - Greece 21-23 (Medina 9 - Panagiotaras 9)
Lithuania - Iran 29-18 (Narkevicius 11 - Sedighi 14)
Turkey - Singapore 28-24 (Yildizli 15 - Su 13)
South Africa - Spain 5-33 (Mahlinza 3 - Costa 12)


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« Reply #15 on: Jul 24, 2010, 06:06:04 AM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA U17 World Championship
for Friday’s Women quarter-finals preview

Exactly a week after the inaugural FIBA U17 World Championship for Women tipped off, the top eight teams are in Toulouse and ready to do battle in Friday’s quarter-finals.

Tournament favourites USA breezed through Group A of the Preliminary Round in Rodez, recording comfortable victories in all five of their games. They now go up against Spain, who finished fourth in Toulouse’s Group B. The Americans have been so dominant and unstoppable that it is hard to see the Spaniards being able to keep up with them, let alone beat them.

Belgium lost to Argentina last Saturday in one of the surprise results of the tournament so far. However, Daniel Goethals’s girls used that shock defeat as a wake-up call and dispatched Spain, China and Australia to top Group B. They are set for a quarter-final encounter with Japan, who surprised many by beating Canada and Turkey and almost claimed France as another scalp. What Hayashi Shinichiro’s girls lack in height they make up for by playing at a very fast-pace. Belgium have a good amount of height and quickness and their ability to play different styles should see them reach the semi-finals.

China suffered their only defeat of the Preliminary Round against Belgium and head coach Wang Guizhi blamed that result on their lack of familiarity with European teams and the way they play. That theory will be put to the test against Russia in Friday’s first quarter-final. The Russians have played pretty inconsistently and got out of the Preliminary Round by the skin of their teeth. In order to be a threat against China, they must forget their sub-par performance against Turkey on Wednesday.

Hosts France face Australia in the last quarter-final. Arnaud Guppillotte’s girls certainly went about reaching the last eight in an interesting manner. After losing to the USA and Turkey, they won their last three games, edging out Russia, then surviving a late rally by Japan to avoid wasting an 18-point lead and finishing the Preliminary Round off with a more straightforward win over Canada. The Aussies have made it through thanks to the fine play of Gretel Tippett and Tayla Roberts down low and it will be imperative for the French to keep both of them in check to stand a chance of winning.

Friday’s quarter-final schedule (all times CET)
12:30: China v Russia
15:00: USA v Spain
17:30: Belgium v Japan
20:30: France v Australia

Meanwhile, in Rodez, the Classification Round will get under way with Turkey taking on Mali (17:30) before Argentina face Canada (20:30).

from FIBA Today

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« Reply #14 on: Jul 22, 2010, 07:05:36 PM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA congratulate French Federation and LOC on successful staging of U17 event

On Tuesday evening, FIBA President Bob Elphinston and Secretary General and member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Patrick Baumann congratulated the French Basketball Federation and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) on the success of the first-ever FIBA U17 World Championship for Women.

At a press conference in Rodez in the company of FFBB President Yvan Mainini, Mr Elphinston said everything he had seen in his time in Toulouse and Rodez had been of high standards.

"I'm pleased to have the opportunity to attend the first FIBA U17 World Championship for Women," he said. "I went to Germany a couple of weeks ago (for the FIBA U17 World Championship for Men in Hamburg) and it was a great success, very well organised. I was happy about that.

"I have been here a few days and I must say it's been an outstanding success too. The French Federation has done a very good job in selecting Toulouse and Rodez as the two venues for this championship. These cities are of excellent quality to welcome girls in this age group. The internal organisation is of high quality too.

"I would like to thank the cities and the French Federation for their excellent organisation and I look forward to the final on Sunday."

Mr Baumann said this tournament would go a long way to help promote women's basketball.

"In France, 40 percent of players with a license are women and girls, which shows that they are very successful," he explained. "It's very promising for the future and maybe there will be a senior World Championship in France soon."

"It's interesting to see the technical and mental level at this age," he said. "Of course the Americans are very strong physically but it's in their culture, they are very talented. But there are other very good teams, like China and Belgium have done very well in Toulouse."

Mr Mainini expressed his gratitude to those working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this tournament possible and, so far, a success by all accounts.

"Mr Vincent Bonnefous, president of the local basketball club of Rodez and all the local authorities worked together to give birth to this project," he said. "It was not easy to organise, it was a beautiful challenge and they've done it, with success. Well done to them."

Mr Elphinston also paid tribute to the innovative thinking behind the tournament, in particular its bid to help and respect the environment as well as its activities to get kids involved.

"I would like to congratulate athe Federation and the city authorities for the approach taken. They gave the emphasis on the eco-label "Agenda 21", as well as the Basket village, which are excellent initiatives for young athletes."

from FIBA Today

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« Reply #13 on: Jul 18, 2010, 09:51:54 PM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA U17 World Championship for Women
more than a sports competition for Turkish team

All eyes will be on Turkey later this summer when the country hosts the 2010 FIBA World Championship, the biggest sporting event ever held in the country.

There is great hope and anticipation that the tournament will help in promoting the game of basketball and strike a chord with the teenage population.

And while they look forward to seeing the premiere international men's basketball competition take over their country in just over a month's time, for now Turkey's U17 women's national team is focused on a tournament of their own as they compete in the first-ever FIBA U17 World Championship for Women.

"This world championship is very important for us. It is an honour for our players to be here and it's a chance to meet with other players from different countries," said team manager Gigdem Oktay.

Turkey qualified for this event by virtue of finishing fifth in last year's U16 European Championship. Not a bad result for a country where basketball is mainly played by men and boys.

"There are 70,000 basketball players in Turkey, but only 8,000 are women. The practice of basketball in our country is often done by men," Oktay stated.

But the Turks hope a good performance by their team in Rodez and Toulouse can change that.

"This competition is a very good opportunity to develop basketball and to prepare the future of our national team. So this is not just a sports competition for us, it's more than that," Oktay added.

Quick facts about Turkey
Turkey has a population of 72.5 million people.
People aged 15 to 64 account for 67 percent of the total population.
Turkey played host to the 2001 EuroBasket and the 2005 EuroBasket Women.

from FIBA Today

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Coach Youth
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« Reply #12 on: Jul 14, 2010, 07:19:27 PM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA World Championships U17 Were Great for Basketball Betting

World Championships U17 are now over with the USA as the basketball betting victors. Two years running, the USA team have shown all that they have, and after rising quickly to the finals, the USA team beat Poland with a score of 111-80 following most European basketball odds.

We saw an incredible sense of athleticism, defense and lighting fast reflexes, as the Americans managed to steal the ball 15 times, and even at the halftime, the United States had a 17 point lead.

Brad Beal was hot with 19 points for the final and averaging 18.3 points per game and making 31 shots from beyond the arc, thus earning him MVP of the tournament.

Teammates James McAdoo grabbed 20 points with 7 rebounds and 2 blocks and Michael Gilchrist had 16 points and four rebounds to impress European basketball odds.

McAdoo, has already committed to the University of North Carolina, while Beal has committed to Florida; both teams are popular in basketball betting, with UNC having won 5 College Championships in 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, and 2009.

Do you have players? Contact us, we can handle them for you.

Tomasz Gielo led Poland with 21 points for the game, one of the tournament’s most productive tall men, Przemyslaw Marcin Karnowski, 6-foot-11 was effectively held back by the Americans to just three points and six rebounds for fans of Polish basketball betting.

Although close, Canada managed to beat Lithuania 83-81, for a bronze medal. The Canadians had been beat out by the USA in the semi finals 103-83, but still relished in their third place basketball betting win.

“This game is another historic win for Canada,” said CMNT Head Coach Roy Rana. “There has only been one or two times that Canada has medalled at the worlds…and for these young kids to do this in the beginning of their career will only raise all of our expectations in a good way for these guys to have that self confidence to play internationally.”

“This was a team willing to make sacrifices for each other in order to be successful,” added Rana. “From Matt Willms (Leamington, Ont.), our twelfth man who understood the long term goal, to our captains Pangos, Bennett and Notice, this is a selfless group, and we are all focused on the same goal.”

Final standings:
1. United States
2. Poland
3. Canada
4. Lithuania
5. Serbia
6. Australia
7. China
8. Germany
9. Argentina
10. Spain
11. Egypt
12. South Korea

from FIBA Today

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Claude Bball
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« Reply #11 on: Jul 10, 2010, 06:45:22 PM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA U17 World Championship most followed youth Championship ever

The FIBA U17 World Championship received half a million visits during the first round of competition, a record for a FIBA youth tournament.

This unexpected level of coverage - to date there have been more than 1.5 million page views - places ahead of the previous record holder - the event website for last year's FIBA U19 World Championship - by 15%. In spite of this Championship concerning players of a younger age category, and most of the players unknown to basketball followers, the event website has been a resounding success.

FIBA President Bob Elphinston, who has been ever present during this first edition of the FIBA U17 World Championship expressed his satisfaction at these figures: "We knew this event would be popular and we also knew our couverage of the event was solid, but we could not have expected so many people to actively follow us online. I am happy because I believe that this reflects the growth of basketball and the level of interest in it, especially among the young."FIBA

With a regular interviews, features and news items, the event website also features a game report for each game, comprehensive statistical data, while the day in review and the quotes of the day sections are among the sites most popular pages.

With camera crews having arrived to cover the remaining three days of exciting competition, is hoping to get as close as possible to the magic figure of one million visits.

FU17 World Championship results are pusblished on the FIBA Twitter and Facebook page.

All final round games will be streamed live on

from FIBA

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Channel One UK
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« Reply #10 on: Jul 09, 2010, 02:23:56 AM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA U17 World Championship quarter-finals preview

In little less than a week, the Hamburg Sporthalle has seen some breathtaking basketball action played by an extremely talented pool of players. Yesterday, the preliminary round came to a climax as Owen Odigie netted a last second buzzer beater to propell Australia into the quarter final round at the expense of an excellent but underachieving Spain team.

And as the buzzer sounded just before 11:00pm, Friday's quarter final line-up was finally known. Now things really hot up, as the quarter-final round gets underway.

Canada, who have shown their quality in all areas of play face off against a Chinese team who have deservedely been praised by crowd and coaches alike. The key to this tie will be the battle between the two teams charismatic guards Kevin Pangus (CAN) - who masterfully controls the pace of the game - and Ailun Guo (CHN) - who tops the scoring chart and lies second in number of assists.

The second quarter-final opposes a seemingly unstoppable USA, who are undefeated and in spite of some outstanding talend (Girlchrist, Mc Adoo, Beal) are impressive above all in their team play, and Australia, who have gained momentum following a slow start to the Championship and who will go into this round following their best performance to date, with David and Goliath - Daniel Hill and Andrija Domovic - playing on one and the same team.

The third quarter-final sees hosts Germany take on Lithuania. The Germans have played Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in their first five games, which included a brutal 33-79 defeat to Poland and an exquisite defeat of an excellent Canada. The Lithunainians have also struggles for consistency. Lithuania's Mantas Mockevicius, whose power driving for the basket is as good as any other player in the Championship, will yet again be Lithuania's key man. As for Germany,head coach Frank Menz has already stated the importance of Besnik Bekteshi whose form dictates that of his team.

The last remaining quarter-final berths belong to Serbia and Poland. Serbia's key so far has been their physical power and controlled aggressivity. They first quarter against the USA, which closed with the Europeans in the lead, showed that Serbia is a team not to be taken lightly, in spite of them narrowly avoiding an early exit. Leading the rebounding stats for Serbia is the powerful Nemanja Bezbradica. Poland, who remain undefeated, are the surprise package of the tournament. Mateusz Ponitka lies second in the scoring charts, while their captain Michal Michalak has done everything that could have been expected of him. And then there's their 212cm monster Przemyslaw Karnowski, who stands supreme as the Championship's best rebounder.

Quarter finals / Classification round, Friday 9th July 2010

Game 31: 10:00 Argentina v Korea (classification round)
Game 32: 12:15 Spain v Egypt (classification round)
Game 33: 14:30 Canada v China
Game 34: 16:45 USA v Australia
Game 35: 19:00 Lithuania v Germany
Game 36: 21:15 Poland v Serbia

U17 World Championship results are pusblished on the FIBA twitter page.

All final round games will be streamed live on

from FIBA Today

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« Reply #9 on: Jul 02, 2010, 10:02:05 PM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA U17 World Championship preview – full  schedule, groups and key games

With the inaugural edition of the FIBA U17 World Championship for men set to get underway tomorrow, all the teams are looking sharp ahead of their openers.

The city’s Sporthalle, where all the games will be played and which has a truly World Championship feel to it, got treated to its first squeaks and drops of sweat as all 12 participating teams completed their preparations in front of the soon to be filled 4,300 blue seats that overlook the court.

The 12 teams have been split into two very tough looking groups, with most of the top nations of world basketball having qualified for the tournament, as they booked their tickets thanks to last year’s Continental U16 Championships.

Vying for the four quarter final places in group A are pre-tournament favourites USA, alongside top hoops nations such as Serbia, Lithuania and Argentina, while China and Egypt are unknown quantities and could well produce a surprise of two.

Group B, which many see as wide open, is made up of FIBA Europe U16 Champions Spain, hosts Germany, Australia, Canada, Korea and Poland.

The Championship tips off as China face Lithuania at 9:00 CET, while game three already sees USA take on Argentina at 13:30 CET in a battle between the top two FIBA ranked countries.

By the time hosts Germany play Canada at 19:00 CET the Championship will be in full swing.

Other key first round games include Saturday’s clash between Germany and Spain (3rd July,19:00 CET), Monday’s showdown between the USA and China (5th July, 16:45) , while Wednesday’s game between Australia and Spain brings the first round to a close (7th July, 21:15).

Following a day’s rest, the knock-out round begins on Friday (9th July), which is when things really get serious.

The semi-finals played on Saturday 10th July, while the final will take place on Sunday at 16:00 CET, which will result in the first ever FIBA U17 World Champion lifting the brand new trophy.

Friday 2 July 2010 (Times: GMT +3)
Preliminary Round
1	A	Lithuania	China	        85 - 72	Hamburg
2	A	Serbia	Egypt	        99 - 67	Hamburg
3	A	Argentina	USA	        13h30	Hamburg

1	B	Australia	Poland	15h45	Hamburg
2	B	Germany	Canada	19h00	Hamburg
3	B	Korea	        Spain	        21h15	Hamburg

Saturday 3 July 2010
Preliminary Round
4	A	Egypt	       Argentina	10h00	Hamburg
5	A	USA	       Lithuania	12h15	Hamburg

4	B	Canada	Australia	14h30	Hamburg
5	B	Poland	Korea	        16h45	Hamburg

6	B	Spain	        Germany	19h00	Hamburg
6	A	China	        Serbia	21h15	Hamburg
Monday 5 July 2010
Preliminary Round
7	B	Spain	       Canada	10h00	Hamburg
8	B	Korea	       Australia	12h15	Hamburg

7	A	Argentina	Serbia	14h30	Hamburg
8	A	USA	        China	        16h45	Hamburg

9	B	Germany	Poland	19h00	Hamburg
9	A	Lithuania	Egypt         21h15	Hamburg

Tuesday 6 July 2010
Preliminary Round
10	B	Canada	Korea	        10h00	Hamburg
10	A	China	        Argentina	12h15	Hamburg

11	B	Poland	Spain	        14h30	Hamburg
11	A	Egypt   	USA	16h45	Hamburg

12	B	Australia	Germany	19h00	Hamburg
12	A	Serbia	Lithuania	21h15	Hamburg

Wednesday 7 July 2010
Preliminary Round
13	B	Poland	Canada	10h00	Hamburg
13	A	Egypt	        China	        12h15	Hamburg

14	A	USA	        Serbia	14h30	Hamburg
15	A	Lithuania	Argentina	16h45	Hamburg

14	B	Germany	Korea	        19h00	Hamburg
15	B	Spain	        Australia	21h15	Hamburg

Friday 9 July 2010
Quarter Finals
A	31	PR/A/[5]	PR/B/[6]	10h00	Hamburg
A	32	PR/B/[5]	PR/A/[6]	12h15	Hamburg
A	33	PR/B/[2]	PR/A/[3]	14h30	Hamburg
A	34	PR/A/[1]	PR/B/[4]	16h45	Hamburg
A	35	PR/A/[2]	PR/B/[3]	19h00	Hamburg
A	36	PR/B/[1]	PR/A/[4]	21h15	Hamburg

Saturday 10 July 2010
A	37	QF/31/[2]	QF/32/[2]	10h00	Hamburg
A	38	QF/31/[1]	QF/32/[1]	12h15	Hamburg
A	39	QF/33/[2]	QF/34/[2]	14h30	Hamburg
A	40	QF/35/[2]	QF/36/[2]	16h45	Hamburg
A	41	QF/33/[1]	QF/34/[1]	19h00	Hamburg
A	42	QF/35/[1]	QF/36/[1]	21h15	Hamburg

Sunday 11 July 2010
A	43	SF/39/[2]	SF/40/[2]	09h00	Hamburg
A	44	SF/39/[1]	SF/40/[1]	11h15	Hamburg
A	45	SF/41/[2]	SF/42/[2]	13h30	Hamburg
A	46	SF/41/[1]	SF/42/[1]	16h00	Hamburg

from FIBA

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« Reply #8 on: Jun 24, 2010, 01:42:02 AM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

The 2010 FIBA-Americas U18 Championship for Men games
will have live video stream

The 20 games of the 2010 FIBA-Americas U18 Championship for Men will be broadcasted live via video streaming on the Internet at

Each day of competition will have four games, starting at 1:00 pm local time and the last one at 7:00 pm and each one will be broadcasted live on the Internet and also each game will have live stats on our website.

“The current technology allows us to offer our National Federations the possibility to have access to the tournament information and because of their characteristics; some of them don't have coverage in the media. Some years ago we started to put the information on our website and we have live stats and information for most of the events, men or women, and even had a great audience in the participating countries. The parents, family members, the clubs or schools where they came from visited our webpage to know the results of the competition," said the FIBA-Americas Secretary General, Alberto Garcia.

"Today we make a step forward and we will make a test in the FIBA-Americas U18 Championship for Men in San Antonio and now not only the details can be known but also the images of the games can be seen," added Garcia.

Meanwhile FIBA-Americas President, Horacio Muratore, said: “This is a great tool that we have to use and any investment done to elevate the interest in the youth tournaments will never be enough. Our program in the next couple of years will have characteristics directed to the Youth Tournaments who are the future of basketball in our continent and I am very happy for it."

The 2010 FIBA-Americas U18 Championship for Men will be played from June 26-30 at Bill Greehey Arena of San Antonio, Texas with the participation of eight countries that were divided in two groups of four teams each. Group A has Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. Group B has Argentina, Mexico, USA and the US Virgin Islands. The top four teams will qualify for the 2011 FIBA U19 World Championship for Men.

from FIBA Américas

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Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

18th edition of International Youth Basketball in Fougères, France

This year the international youth basketball competition in Fougères has been reserved for the U17 age group.

France will be joined by Belgium, Mali and Turkey in a tournament that brings together four nations that have qualified for the first ever FIBA World Championship Women U17.

Arnauld Guppillotte the head coach for France started his selection process in March by looking at players outside the CFBB structure.

Cathy Melain and France U16 at Basket and the City 2009 © womensbasketball-in-france.comHe eliminated some of the players from the first training camp and added players from the CFBB structure and previous internationals to make up the official U17 training roster.

The 16 players are: Justine Barthelemy, Romane Bernies, Sara Chevaugeon, Jodie Cornelie, Lola De Angelis, Christelle Diallo, Rudiane Eduardo, Olivia Epoupa, Margaux Galliou-Loko, Anaëlle Le Bruche, Marie Bernadette Mbuyamba-Tshimanga, Laure Mercia, Alice Nayo, Ester Niamke-Moisan, Caroline Plust and Claire Stievenard.

The second training camp started on 24 May and ended on 9 June in Bourges.

The Fougères tournament will give the coaching staff an opportunity to test the players in similar conditions to the World Championship with 3 matches in 3 days between 10 - 12 June 2010.

France open up with a match against Mali on the first day. On the second day they play Turkey before closing on Saturday with the final game against Belgium.

from FIBA

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« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2010, 12:24:42 AM »

Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

FIBA U17: An exceptional and exemplary World Championship

The first ever FIBA U17 World Championship for Women  will be held in Toulouse and Rodez, France from 16th to 25th July 2010.

The draw for the competition took place on 12th February and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) used the occasion to outline its strong commitment to the sustainability of the event.

While the 12 best teams in the world in that age category are expected to produce ahigh level of play on the court, the tournament will also be notable because of the outstanding commitment to the community.

FIBA called on the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) to organise the event in conjunction with the LOC and they were awarded the label Agenda 21 - Sport and Sustainable Development from the French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF). It is the first time that the label has been attributed to a team sporting event.

The label is testament to the fact that the tournament leads by example from an environmental standpoint as well as economic and social ones. This is based on three areas: the satisfaction of practitioners, setting out and meeting environmental requirements and having sustained and positive economic and social benefits.

LOC Co-President and Chairperson of the Midi-Pyrénées Basketball League Cathy Giscou said: “Beyond the sporting aspect, obtaining this label must be an exemplary springboard for the policy of our league and the organisation of future events. This great human adventure will be beneficial from all points of view.”
A sporting and exemplary educational event
In order to obtain this label of excellence, the event in its entirety was considered, designed and organised with sustainability in mind. The issue of transport is a perfect example of that. A number of solutions will be put in place, from the use of electric cars – hybrids and/or ones with low CO2 emissions – to availing of public transport tickets offered in partnership with Tisséo, the public transport network for the city of Toulouse. Additionally, the Midi-Pyrénées region, in collaboration with the French National Railways (SNCF), is offering free tickets to travel between the two host cities.

The LOC also wishes to develop a civic and educational dimension through “sustainable” theme days over the course of the event: basketball-citizen, women in sport, sport and disability, health and nutrition are a few of the themes.

Similarly, a partnership with humanitarian organisation Secours Populaire plans to invite children to attend games.

All these activities will take place within the basketball village.

The event’s mascot symbolises this sporting and durable dynamic. “Naturally” is a green character shaped as a 12-leaf clover (representing the 12 countries taking part in the competition) and will provide entertainment at the André Brouat Palais des Sports of Toulouse as well as the Amphitheatre of Rodez.

Make a note then of 16th July, the opening day of a tournament with a strong emphasis on ecological sustainability.

from FIBA

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Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

Three on three basketball to be added to  
Youth Olympic Summer Games

A slimmed down three-a-side version of basketball could be on the Olympic program as early as the 2020 Summer Games, the secretary general of the sport's governing body told Reuters on Wednesday.

Three-on-three, which is played over three periods on half a court with one hoop, will make its debut at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in August.

"It's not an alternative but it's an add-on and we will have it at the Olympics in 2020/2024," the International Basketball Federation's (FIBA) Patrick Baumann said.

"Three on three will develop. The Youth Olympic Games is the first step then we will have probably have a World Cup and Masters series starting in two years then you create a generation of professional players."

FIBA hopes the format will appeal to those who play the sport for fun.

"It's a product that the kids and the youth play out there for their pleasure and which hasn't really been part of anything," said Baumann who added that three times as many people played basketball as soccer.

"It's a free game, you go when you want, you play with who you want...and it's already out there. What it is not, it's not part of a worldwide community of three-on-three basketball players. That's where I think we have an amazing opportunity to just create a tsunami of basketball players."

from FIBA

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Basketball Youth Tournaments • Torneos Juveniles de Baloncesto

Accreditation for FIBA U17 World Championship for Women

With the inaugural edition of the FIBA U17 World Championship for Women - held in Toulouse and Rodez from 16th to 25th July 2010 - less than three months away, the application process for media accreditation has now been launched.

All media wishing to attend the Championship are required to complete the accreditation application form and return it by e-mail or post to Sylvain Bourdois Chupin, Press Officer of the Local Organising Committee (LOC):

Sylvain Bourdois Chupin
Communications Office - French Basketball Federation
117 rue du Chateau des Rentiers, 75013 Paris, FRANCE

The application deadline is 6th July 2010. We would like to remind you that this is an application form only and accordingly does not guarantee accreditation to the event.
Official media hotels with preferential rates will be made available to interested media representatives. Please note that the deadline for room bookings in the official media hotels is 22nd May 2010. However, every effort will be made to ensure that media representatives are offered a room in the media hotel beyond this deadline. Please contact the LOC at the following e-mail address for further information:

FIBA and the Local Organising Committee will inform all applicants of the success of their requests no later than 10th July 2010.
For more information, please contact the LOC Press Officer Sylvain Bourdois Chupin.

Extensive information about the FIBA U17 World Championship for Men is available on the event website

We also would like to remind the interested media that the accreditation process for the 2010 FIBA World Championships for Men and Women and the FIBA U17 World Championship for Men are already underway.

To apply for accreditation for the 2010 FIBA World Championships click here: FIBA

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