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Author Topic: § Basketball World Events, Celebrations & Anniversaries • Celebraciones, Aniversarios y Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto  (Read 164750 times)
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« Reply #33 on: May 24, 2012, 03:43:28 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

Official Schedule for Olympic Basketball Tournaments Confirmed

The official schedule of competition for the Olympic Basketball Tournaments (for Men and Women) at the 2012 London Games has been confirmed.

The schedule reveals the order of play and all tip-off times for games in the Preliminary Round as well as the Final Round.

The men and women play their games on alternate days throughout the period of competition (28 July-12 August).

The Women's Olympic Basketball Tournament gets underway at 9am local time on Saturday 28 July with Asia champions China taking on a team that will have qualified through the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) for Women.

The USA, winners of the gold medal in the women's tournament at the last four Olympics, will open their title defense against a yet-to-be named opponent, who will be among the five teams to book a place for London via the OQT in Ankara, Turkey (25 June-1 July).

Great Britain's women will make their Olympic debut against the mighty Opals from Australia in the last game of the day, which tips off at 10:15pm.

On Sunday 29 July, African champions Tunisia get the Men's Olympic Tournament started when they take on one of the three qualifiers from the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) in Caracas, Venezuela (2-8 July).

At 2:30pm, the USA - gold medallists in Beijing in 2008 - kickstart their campaign with a clash against EuroBasket 2011 runner-ups France, who return to the Olympics for the first time in 12 years.

Great Britain's men face one of the other qualifiers from the OQT in their tournament opener at 8pm.

You can find the official schedule for the Olympic Basketball Tournaments for Men and Women here.

The full schedule of competition comes after the draw for the Olympic Basketball Tournaments for Men and Women took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as part of FIBA's Central Board at the end of April.

The qualified teams for both the Men and Women’s tournaments were divided into two groups of six teams each.

Both the men's and women's tournaments see teams play the five others in their respective groups in the Preliminary Round.

The top four classified teams from each group will then move on to the Quarter-Finals of a standard knock-out tournament.

Nine men’s national teams (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, Spain, Tunisia and USA) have already qualified for the Olympics. Click here for the Men's Preliminary Round groups. The last three teams will qualify via the 12-team OQT in Caracas.

Seven women’s national teams (Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, Russia and USA) have booked their places for London. Click here for the Women's Preliminary Round groups. The last five teams will secure their places via the 12-team OQT for Women in Ankara.

For more information about the Olympic Basketball Tournaments, go to the Olympic Basketball tab on


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« Reply #32 on: May 16, 2012, 04:45:30 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

Strengthening the weakest links

If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the chain of basketball around the world is growing more resilient every day as more athletes gravitate to the game, coaching progresses, and the level of play continues to improve.

This has been most evident via the shifting balance in the Olympic Games.

The USA Olympic Men’s Team dominated up to 1988 – yeah, I’m still holding a grudge about that 1972 thing where the refs gave the Russians more chances than a birthday boy at a piñata – when the Soviets soundly whipped the Yanks for real.

That ushered in, or should I say ushered out, the pretense of amateurism with the assault of the Dream Team in 1992. Athens proved that wasn’t invincible. London should be interesting.

Balance on the Paralympic side while improving is still much further behind on the growth curve.

This was quite evident at the Parapan American Games held last November in Guadalajara, Mexico where the gap between the top and bottom wheelchair basketball teams was vast. There were games with differentials of 50, 60, even 70 plus points.

Games like that are never fun for either team. But they have to be played because if they’re not, the gaps will never close.

If basketball is a niche sport for standing players, in competition against football, volleyball, baseball, and other games for athletes, imagine the problem for wheelchair basketball. Perhaps the biggest reason for the talent gap is the much smaller player pools to begin with in already small countries when it comes to athletes with a disability. The disparity for the women is even greater when it comes to disability sports.

In the Parapan Games, the minnows were the men and women of Guatemala and El Salvador and the women of Argentina and Peru. To put it in football terms, these teams are the Faroe Islands. No team from South or Central America has medaled in the Paralympic Games or World Championships.

The American men and women were dominant as expected, both winning gold. Canada, the other tower of power from the north was less than expected. The women won silver, no surprise there, but the men settled for bronze after losing to surprise silver medalists Colombia in the semis. That’s a big deal as it put the South American team in the Paralympic Games for the first time.

Leading Colombia were Nelson Jaime Sanz who averaged 16.5 points and 6ft 7in (2.01m) Rodney Hawkins, a Dwight Howard doppelganger who’s been playing in the United States for the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks. He was the only player to average a double-double with 13.2 points and 12.5 rebounds.

Colombia showed that teamwork built around a couple of standout players can have results. That’s an incentive to some of the women’s teams who are now developing some star players. The leading scorer on the women’s side was Mexico’s Floralia Estrada. Three of the top 10 scorers came from Brazil. Another to watch will be Guatemala’s Alva Yovadina Puac who averaged 13 points and 11.8 rebounds.

Cheers to the Guatemalas and El Salvadors of the world who step out onto the courts knowing that that they are going to get pasted but also understanding that what doesn’t kill them will only make them stronger.

The moral of this story though is that things can change.

When my sister played high school basketball at a relatively new school, I remember one game where they gave up close to a hundred points, two of which they scored themselves by mistake. That same school has now become a girls’ basketball powerhouse with numerous state championships.

And about that Faroe Islands comparison, there’s hope there as well. On any given day. That’s why we play the games.

In a Euro qualifier one day the Faroe Islanders stepped up and beat Austria. Colombia found their day against Canada.

Who will find theirs in London?
Perhaps Turkey. Like Colombia, Turkey’s men will make their inaugural Paralympics this summer and they are feeling good about it. If you believe the ongoing gold medal poll on the IWBF website, the Turks are favored to win by 32% of voters so far.

On my way out the door here, I'd like to give a shout out to German club RSV Lahn-Dill who bested Turkish side Galatasaray on their home turf to win their fifth Champions Cup, which ties the record set by the Dutch team BC Verkerk which won five times in the 1990s.  

RSV was led by a couple of North American players who will face off in London, playmaker Steve Serio of the USA and Canada’s big man Joey Johnson. It completed a triple for the team that had already captured the German league and cup titles. You can read more about it here.

Steve Goldberg from FIBA

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« Reply #31 on: May 06, 2012, 04:39:30 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

Reaction to men's draw

There isn't much pressure on a team that's making an Olympic bow like Tunisia.

The national team finished top of the podium at last year's Afrobasket, but remembering how they finished last the 24-team FIBA World Championship in 2010, expectations are tempered.

Maybe that's why coach Adel Tlatli sounded excited when told that his side would face the United States, the country that beat the Tunisians 92-57 the Preliminary Round of the World Championship.

Also in Group A, the Tunisians will also go up against Argentina and France, and the top two sides that come out of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Venezuela.

In Group B are Spain, China, Australia, Great Britain and Brazil, along with the third team to come out of the OQT.

When contacted by, Tlatli said: "Are we playing them [USA] again?"

"Well, it is always an honor face such a big team. What else can I say?

"They are the best team in world."

And it won't be any easier against two of the other known opponents.

"We have never played Argentina before," Tlatli said.

"They had invited us to play a friendly tournament with Brazil, but we opted to play the Stankovic Cup.

"With all their NBA players in the team they become very, very hard to play.

"Prior to the 2010 World Championship we played France and lost by 27 points.

"I don't know, perhaps things may have improved for our side, we'll see how we play this time.

"We know they are a good team."

France coach Vincent Collet had wanted to face the Americans.

"Playing the US in (the Preliminary Round) was desirable," Collet said, "so we can avoid them in the Quarter-Finals.

"We knew the draw would be complicated.

"The objective is to be as efficient as possible in the first round to qualify as best we can, but especially to qualify."

Collet says France fans shouldn't fret, however, if they have a hard time in Group A but still progress.

"Let's remember," he said, "that in 2000 France had to suffer to get out of the group but then we got to the Final."

The United States will be the favorites going into the Games.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski has steered the team to gold medals in Beijing and Turkey.

The Americans haven't lost a game in international competition since their 101-95 defeat to Greece in the Semi-Finals of the 2006 FIBA World Championship.

"It appears that our Group, Group A, is going to be extremely competitive," Krzyzewski said.

"It's a tough draw with a former Olympic champion in Argentina.

"France is another powerful team, a veteran team that is extremely talented.

"Tunisia continues to improve, and then our group will add the top two teams from the FIBA World Qualifying Tournament."

Krzyzewski led the Americans to a perfect 8-0 mark in Beijing four years ago.

Jerry Colangelo, the USA Basketball chairman and managing director of the men's national team, added: "Only 12 countries compete in the Olympics and you've got to get through your pool as one of the top four teams in order to advance to the medal round.

"So the luck of the draw is what it is and as we have done in every competition since I took over the national team program in 2005, we're taking nothing for granted.

"We have great respect for each opponent and we look forward to competing against each and every team."

Great Britain will have a talented team.

Detroit Pistons guard Ben Gordon is in the squad this season along with Luol Deng and a host of other great players.

"There is no doubt this is a tough group," Gordon said of Group B.

"Now that we know who we are playing the players and coaches as well as all of our fans can sense the Olympics are just around the corner.

"I can't wait to get started."


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« Reply #30 on: May 03, 2012, 11:12:52 PM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

Olympic draw sets wheels in motion

The fun has already started with the 2012 Olympic basketball tournaments.

At the draw in Brazil on Monday, mouthwatering clashes in the Preliminary Round were assured.

The star-laden sides of the United States, France and Argentina are set to meet each other in a Group A that also includes African champions Tunisia and two teams that come out of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament (QOT).

In Group B with hosts Great Britain are heavyweights Spain, as well as Australia, Brazil, China and the other side to emerge from the OQT in Caracas, Venezuela.

The fans lucky enough to have tickets are going to watch the greatest players in the sport.

So which teams had a favorable draw and which teams did not?

There is no sure way of knowing.

Final squad selections have yet to be made, and some teams may or may not be in a good rhythm when the Games get underway.

In 2008, Yao Ming was battling back from a serious injury and wasn’t in 100% game shape when he and the Chinese took on the Americans in their opener.

There is the major issue of which sides will come out of the 12-team OQT.

In addition to OQT hosts Venezuela will be the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Russia, the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Lithuania, Greece, New Zealand, Angola, Nigeria, Korea and Jordan.

The three teams that do make it to London will have some form, yet the exertions in South America could catch up with the players by the time they reach Europe.

Favorites no matter what

In general, most experts will pick the United States to finish top of Group A and go undefeated in London.

That will be the case no matter which players show up for coach Mike Krzyzewski, the man who led the Americans to gold at the Beijing Games, and the FIBA World Championship in Turkey two years ago.

The USA haven’t lost in international competition since the Semi-Finals of the 2006 World Championship in Japan when Greece upset them, 101-95.

Even with the NBA’s best defensive player, 2008 Olympic gold medalist Dwight Howard of Orlando, and the reigning NBA MVP and 2010 World Champion Derrick Rose of Chicago, having been lost to injuries in the past couple of weeks, the Americans will be the team to beat.

Just four times in the 17 Olympic basketball tournaments dating back to the 1936 Games in Berlin have the United States not captured the gold medal.

Krzyzewski will be hoping he has a very strong squad that includes Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

Argentina v France

There may be a sense of relief for France coach Vincent Collet and Argentina boss Julio Lamas because if their sides progress to the Quarter-Finals from Group A, they are assured of avoiding the Americans (should the USA finish first).

The side that finishes second to the United States in the Preliminary Round group will know that another meeting with the Americans wouldn’t happen until the Final.

If the United States beat France on the opening day, the likely scenario is that Collet’s team will need to win its remaining four games to finish runners-up in Group A.

The second day of the men’s tournament (31 July) is definitely one to mark on the calendar because Argentina will meet France in a contest that could very well determine second place in the pool.

The plot thickens when you consider France duo Tony Parker and Boris Diaw will take on their San Antonio Spurs teammate, Manu Ginobili of Argentina.

A second-place finish in Group A will be seen as a must for both Argentina and France, sides with medal aspirations.

Spain Reign

There will be some intriguing games in Group B, too, but Spain are a good bet to finish top with a perfect 5-0 record.

Injured point guard Ricky Rubio can’t help, but coach Sergio Scariolo still has Pau Gasol, EuroBasket 2011 MVP Juan Carlos Navarro and a host of other talents.

The priority for Spain will be to win Group B to give them their best chance of avoiding their nemesis, the USA, until the title game.

If the two-time defending champions of Europe are to have some difficulty in Group B, it might come against Brazil, a side that is back in the Olympics for the first time since 1996.

While Spain only lost to the USA in a tight gold-medal game in 2008, 118-107, Brazil nearly stunned Krzyzewski’s team in the Preliminary Round of the 2010 World Championship but lost, 70-68.

If a fourth-place finish is likely to ensure a Quarter-Final against the Americans, a fate that befell the Aussies in 2008, it’s imperative for teams with medal aspirations to at least finish among the top three in Group B.

Australia will have to hit the ground running. They open against Brazil and go up against Spain next.

Great Britain do not have experience at this level but with a home crowd behind them and Luol Deng, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Ben Gordon and Joel Freeland available for coach Chris Finch, the Brits can dream of a place in the Quarters.

The unpredictability factor allows for anything to happen, so a first-place finish for Spain could end up being exactly what they don’t need.

In 2004, Gasol was the leading scorer at the Athens Games as the Spanish went undefeated in the Preliminary Round.

An out-of-sync USA advanced to the Quarters as the fourth-place team from their group, though, and got a team record 31 points from Stephon Marbury and beat Spain, 102-94. The United States then fell to Argentina in the semis, and the South Americans defeated Italy in the gold-medal game.


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« Reply #29 on: May 01, 2012, 05:31:02 AM »

Basketball World Events • Eventos Mundiales del Baloncesto

Draw results for the London 2012 Olympic Basketball Tournaments

The draw for the Olympic Basketball Tournaments for Men and Women at this summer’s London Games was held on Monday.

The qualified teams for both the Men and Women’s tournaments were divided into two groups of six teams each.

The two Olympic Basketball Tournaments will then see teams play the five other teams in their respective groups during the Preliminary Round.

The top four classified teams from each group will then move on to the Quarter-Finals of a standard knock-out tournament.

The Olympic Basketball Tournaments will take place from 28 July until 12 August at the Olympic Basketball Arena and the North Greenwich Arena.

The results of the draw are:

Men’s Olympic Basketball Tournament

Group A: Argentina, France, Tunisia, USA, OQT 1, OQT 2

Group B: Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, Spain, OQT 3

So far nine men’s national teams (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, Spain, Tunisia and USA) have already qualified.

The last three teams will qualify via the 12-team FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) for Men taking place in Caracas, Venezuela, 2-8 July. The OQT (Men) teams are: Angola, Dominican Republic, FYROM, Greece, Jordan, Korea, Lithuania, New Zealand, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Russia and hosts Venezuela.

Women’s Olympic Basketball Tournament

Group A: Angola, China, USA, OQT 1, OQT 2, OQT 4

Group B: Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, Russia, OQT 3, OQT 5

To date, seven women’s national teams (Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, Russia and USA) have already qualified.
The last five teams will secure their places via the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT) for Women in Ankara, Turkey, 25 June - 01 July. The OQT (Women) teams are: Argentina, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Japan, Korea, Mali, Mozambique, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and hosts Turkey.

Following the draw, FIBA Secretary General and IOC Member Patrick Baumann said: "For every major Championship, the draw is a major milestone. Players begin picturing themselves on the court and thinking about match-ups. Fans start imagining the atmosphere...

"The 2008 Men's Final between the USA and Spain was one of the greatest Olympic moments. It showed the huge strides international basketball had made in becoming more and more competitive. I expect this year's Olympic Basketball Tournaments will be a great and memorable spectacle for all."

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