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Author Topic: • Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions • Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres  (Read 371243 times)
Posts: 78

« Reply #5 on: Sep 24, 2006, 12:42:59 PM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions • Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

Perhaps it will help you! See what I find between the locked, deleted and banned threads at the thunderbird forum:

Hi !
This time I gave you a week.. or 7 days... or 168 hours.. or 10,080 minutes.... or 604,800 seconds and no answers.... added to the former waiting time before my last post on 2th. of September..... no answers, no help, no support.....

See here my original post:

This thread is very good rated in Google and is discussed in the email clients forums.... good ! They UNDERSTAND MY ENGLISH, WAOOOO!
But here, in Thunderbird, Shakespeare's English is spoken, which I don't know.... it's a pity.... in Argentine we speak "ONLY" daily English...

I AM ASKING FOR HELP FOR A MONTH (exactly from August 3rd. 2006.....):

"Definition of Help in Shakespeare's English for ......, ...... and the moderator ......:


• verb 1 - make it easier for (someone) to do something. 2 improve (a situation or problem). 3 (help someone to) serve someone with (food or drink). 4 (help oneself) take something without permission. 5 (can/could not help) cannot or could not refrain from.

• noun 1 - assistance or a source of assistance. 2 a domestic servant or employee."

(from the Compact Oxford English Dictionary of Current English.... it will be a good dictionary for Thunderbird ?.... I don't know.....)


I close the original thread, but there are many persons at the forums interested in my conclusions and problems records about my error when trying Thunderbird because my great experience with Firefox... and here are my old conclusions and a two new ones.....:

Conclusions 1:

The real pain in this thread's situation with Thunderbird, WITHOUT ANY HELP NOR SUPPORT, is the difficulty to export mails and address books to outlook (or export in general).


Conclusions 2:

Nobody here....
Apparently this is REALLY Thunderbird:
if your are having a REAL problem
and THEY don't know how to solve it...


Conclusions 3:

Thunderbird IS NOT a "user-friendly application"....
nor the support team indeed....
See the forum, read the questions, read the answers,
you must be a medium-high level high-tech expert to use Thunderbird....

(to be continued)

Conclusions 3:

Daphne said "your English is quite bad and it is very hard to make sense of what you write"

Is my English really incomprehensible...

(to be continued)

PS: Without answers, help nor support from the Thunderbird Team ( but with a lot of offenses about my proficiency in English..... by the way.... how many language errors I did today, .........? ), and without any other alternatives.... I ESCAPED FROM THUNDERBIRD AND RETURNED TO OUTLOOK....

A new member of this forum (.........., thanks you!) gave me the way for exporting the mails here:

I'll find the solution in order to export my "8 minutes waiting for" address book.... instead of this forum's coordinator answer - see here:

which deleted my original Outlook Address Book........

Wait for more conclusions....."

Hope it will help you....

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Camilo 007
Jr. Member
Posts: 201

« Reply #4 on: Sep 21, 2006, 10:07:59 AM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions • Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

(English Below) Entiendo a regis007, estoy en la misma situación... El verdadero problema con Thunderbird es la dificultad de exportar mails a outlook o en general !
Tal vez los programadores lo están haciendo a propósito para forzarnos a quedarnos con Thunderbird una vez que nos pasamos ?

(sigue mi traducción, con perdón de los errores)

I understand regis007, I am in the same situation.... The real problem with Thunderbird is the difficulty to export mails to Outlook or export mails in general !
Perhaps the developers are doing this deliberately to force you to stay with Thunderbird once you have switched

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Coach David Q
Sr. Member
Posts: 551

« Reply #3 on: Sep 20, 2006, 07:40:51 AM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions • Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

(English Below) Estoy teniendo repetidos problemas con las contraseñas en Thunderbird, y recibo mensajes de error cuando trato de conectarme con mi ISP por medio del servidor SMTP.

Me pide una y otra vez la contraseña cuando trato de enviar mail, y lo pero de todo es que el foro de soporte no te ayuda, mira aquí la cantidad de preguntas sin contestación......

Espero haberte ayudado, Thunderbird no es para nosotros...

( Te lo traduzco al Inglés /  I'll translate this to English )

I am having repeated problems with Thunderbird's Password Manager, and getting error messages whenever I try to connect to my ISP's SMTP outgoing server.

It's prompting for my password over, and over and over again whenever I try to send outgoing mail, and the worse thing is that the support forum doesn't helps you.... see here how much questions without answers.....

I hope I helped you, Thunderbird is not fur us...

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Posts: 68

« Reply #2 on: Sep 16, 2006, 04:57:56 AM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions • Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

STOP THUNDERBIRD ! and return to Outlook !

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Regis 007
Sr. Member
Posts: 601

« Reply #1 on: Sep 13, 2006, 10:01:17 AM »

Free Comments, Discussions, Controversies & Opinions • Discusiones, Controversias, Opiniones y Comentarios Libres

(Spanish below) Some things which are bugging me in the decision:

Outlook seems to catch more spam: Thunderbird's spam filter isn't any better than Outlook's junk mail filter;
In my default view emails are grouped by date. Outlook provides more ways to sort and organize email, which is very helpful.
Outlook gives me a way to look at all unread mail in one place, which is useful if you use a lot of filters.
Outlook has an integrated calendar, of course.
It is possible to create a follow-up reminder that will prompt be on a specific date and time to get back to a particular message.

( personally translated / traduzco personalmente )

Algunas de las cosas que me están perturbando en la decisión:
Outlook parece parar más spam: el filtro de spam del Thunderbird no es mejor que el filtro de spam del Outlook;
En mi correo los email están agrupados por fecha. Outlook provee más maneras de organizar y clasificar el correo, lo cuál es muy útil.
Outlook me permite ver todo el correo no leído en un solo lugar, lo cual es útil si se usan muchos filtros.
Outlook tiene un calendario integrado, por supuesto.
En OE es posible de crear recordatorios que en determinadas fechas y horarios te permitan retornar a un mensaje determinado.

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